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Appendix B. Verify Your Red Hat JBoss Fuse Installation

After you complete the JBoss Fuse installation, you can verify if the product has been installed successfully.
If no error was reported, you can verify the installation by performing the following steps:
  1. Start the JBoss EAP server by running command
  2. Open the server.log file to check if any error messages have been logged and that SwitchYard (and other component subsystems) have loaded correctly
  3. Open the Fuse Management Console (http://localhost:8080/hawtio) in a browser. Sign in using the administrative user that you set up on the JBoss EAP installer. If the Fuse Management Console runs and you can log in then the installation has been successful.

Add a User ID to Fuse on JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP

To add further administrative userids to JBoss EAP, use the add-user utility script provided with JBoss EAP.
  1. Navigate to $EAP_HOME/bin.
  2. Run the add-user utility script.
  3. Press ENTER to select the default option a to add a management user. All the defaults can be selected by pressing ENTER.
  4. Enter a User ID and password. Repeat the password.
  5. Enter yes to indicate that you want to add the new userid to the Management Realm.
  6. Enter no to indicate that the new userid is not for a remote connection of any kind.
[userid@localhost bin] $ ./

What type of user do you wish to add?
 a) Management User (
 b) Application User (

Enter the details of the new user to add.
Realm (ManagementRealm) :
Username : manageuser
Password requirements are listed below. To modify these restrictions edit the configuration file.
 - The password must not be one of the following restricted values {root, admin, administrator}
 - The password must contain at least 8 characters, 1 alphabetic character(s), 1 digit(s), 1 non-alphanumeric symbol(s)
 - The password must be different from the username
Password :
Re-enter Password :
What groups do you want this user to belong to? (Please enter a comma separated list, or leave blank for none)[  ]:
About to add user 'manageuser' for realm 'ManagementRealm'
Is this correct yes/no? yes
Added user 'manageuser' to file '$EAP_HOME/standalone/configuration/'
Added user 'manageuser' to file '$EAP_HOME/domain/configuration/'
Added user 'manageuser' with groups  to file '$EAP_HOME/standalone/configuration/'
Added user 'manageuser' with groups  to file '$EAP_HOME/domain/configuration/'
Is this new user going to be used for one AS process to connect to another AS process?
e.g. for a slave host controller connecting to the master or for a Remoting connection for server to server EJB calls.
yes/no? no
For more information about creating users on JBoss EAP see Adding a Management User in the JBoss EAP Administration and Configuration Guide.