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Appendix C. Profile Property Resolvers


When defining properties for a profile, you can use a variable substitution mechanism, which has the general syntax ${ResourceReference}. This variable substitution mechanism can be used in any profile resource, including the agent properties, PID properties, and other resources—for example, the mq-base profile's broker.xml resource references the ${} and ${data} variables.

C.1. Substituting system properties


System properties can be substituted in a profile resource, using the following syntax:
Where PropName can be the name of any Java system property. In particular, Java system properties can be defined in the following locations:
  • The etc/ file, relative to the container's home directory.
  • System property settings in the profile's agent properties.
Some of the more useful system properties defined in the etc/ file are, as follows:

Table C.1. System Properties

System PropertyDescription
${karaf.home}The directory where Red Hat JBoss Fuse is installed.
${}Location of the current container's data directory, which is usually ${karaf.home}/data for a main container or ${karaf.home}/instances/InstanceName/data for a child container.
${}The name of the current container.