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9.5. ZooKeeper Retry and Retry Interval


This section covers two Zookeeper client concepts, Retry and Retry interval and their properties. When an ensemble server is running, all containers that are part of fabric environment need to connect to this ensemble. The configadmin PID configuration for this process is io.fabric8.zookeeper and it is configured by the default fabric profile.
The etc/io.fabric8.zookeeper.cfg file must be removed.

Properties for configuring the retry interval

The zookeeper.url and zookeeper.password properties are configured by default. The other properties that can be configured in io.fabric8.zookeeper PID are:

Table 9.2. Zookeeper properties

Property NameDescriptionDefault Value
zookeeper.retry.maxNumber of trials to establish the connection.3
zookeeper.retry.intervalNumber of milliseconds to sleep between the connection attempts.500
zookeeper.connection.time.out or zookeeper.connection.timeout Timeout while establishing the connection.15000
zookeeper.session.timeoutOnce connection is established and the server session is created on server side. Client sends the session timeout and server checks the timeout.60000
To edit the properties, modify the default profile as:

profile-edit --pid io.fabric8.zookeeper/<propertyName>=<propertyValue> default [version]