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9.4. Purging the ZooKeeper Snapshot and Transaction Logs


The ZooKeeper Data Directory contains snapshot and transactional log files which are persistent copy of the znodes stored by an ensemble. Any changes to znodes are appended to transaction log and when the log file size increases, a snapshot of the current state of znodes is written to the filesystem. ZooKeeper tracks a fuzzy state of its own data tree within the snapshot files. This data tree is constantly evolving.
To clean up and purge the snapshot and transaction logs from ZooKeeper, you can invoke the ZooKeeper autopurge functionality using the --zookeeper-purge-interval and --zookeeper-snap-retain-count parameters on the fabric:create command.

fabric:create Parameters for Zookeeper autopurge

Table 9.1. Zookeeper autopurge Parameters

--zookeeper-purge-intervalSet the interval in hours between triggers of the autopurge task. Must be set to a positive integer (1 and above). The default is 0.
--zookeeper-snap-retain-countDefine the number of recent Snapshots and corresponding transaction logs in the dataDir and dataLogDir to retain on autopurge. The minimum number is 3.