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15.4. OSGi Integration

Auto-configured OSGi integration

The Camel context beans are automatically adapted by Camel CDI so that they are registered as OSGi services and the various resolvers (like ComponentResolver and DataFormatResolver) integrate with the OSGi registry. That means that the Karaf Camel commands can be used to operate the Camel contexts auto-configured by Camel CDI, for example:
karaf@root()> camel:context-list
 Context        Status              Total #       Failed #     Inflight #   Uptime        
 -------        ------              -------       --------     ----------   ------        
 camel-cdi      Started                   1              0              0   1 minute
See the camel-example-cdi-osgi example, available in the list of camel examples for a working example of the Camel CDI OSGi integration.