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Chapter 19. Applying Patches


Red Hat JBoss Fuse supports incremental patching. FuseSource will supply you with easy to install patches that only make targeted changes to a deployed container.

19.1. Patching Overview

Patching enables you apply fixes to a broker without needing to reinstall an updated version of Red Hat JBoss Fuse. It also allows you to back out the patch, if it causes problems with your deployed applications.
Patches are ZIP files that contain the artifacts needed to update a targeted set of bundles in a container. The artifacts are typically one or more bundles. They can, however, include configuration files and feature descriptors.
You get a patch file in one of the following ways:
  • Customer Support sends you a patch.
  • Customer Support sends you a link to download a patch.
  • Download a patch directly from the Red Hat customer portal.
The process of applying a patch to a container depends on how the container is deployed:
  • Standalone (standard process)—using commands from the Karaf console's patch shell. This approach is non-destructive and reversible.
  • Fabric—patching a fabric requires applying the patch to a profile and then applying the profile to a container.