Chapter 16. Logging


The Red Hat JBoss Fuse runtime uses OPS4j Pax Logging as its logging mechanism. It is easily configured using the standard OSGi Admin mechanism and can be easily integrated with applications deployed in a container. The command console provides commands to manage the logs.

16.1. Logging Overview

Red Hat JBoss Fuse uses the OPS4j Pax Logging system. Pax Logging is an open source OSGi logging service that extends the standard OSGi logging service to make it more appropriate for use in enterprise applications. It uses Apache Log4j as the back-end logging service. Pax Logging has its own API, but it also supports the following APIs:
  • Apache Log4j
  • Apache Commons Logging
  • SLF4J
  • Java Util Logging
For more information on OPS4j Pax Logging see