19.5. Patching a Custom Assembly


Red Hat does not provide patches specifically for a custom assembly. Nevertheless, it is possible to generate a patched custom assembly by following the instructions in this section.

Custom assembly

A custom assembly is a custom distribution of the Karaf container based on JBoss Fuse, which can be generated using the quickstart/custom template. The custom assembly deploys a customized set of Karaf features and can be used to cut down the size of a JBoss Fuse deployment.

Inverting the patching procedure

Red Hat does not release patches for specific custom assemblies. Because there is an endless variety of possible custom assemblies, it is not practical to release patches for specific custom assemblies. Nevertheless, it is possible to produce a patched custom assembly. The trick is to invert the procedure for producing a patch: instead of starting with a custom assembly and attempting to apply a rollup patch to this assembly, what you must do is start with the rollup patch (which is also a product distribution) and follow the procedure for generating a custom assembly in the unpacked rollup patch.

A rollup patch is a JBoss Fuse distribution

It is crucial to understand that a rollup patch is also a JBoss Fuse distribution (under the new patching system). In other words, if you unpack a rollup patch archive file, you will discover that it has the identical directory layout to a full release. Not only that, but it has all of the files you would expect to find in a full release. In other words, the rollup patch is equivalent to a pre-patched container.

Generating a patched custom assembly

To generate a patched custom assembly, you need the latest rollup patch from the Red Hat Customer Portal (for details of how to find the right patch, see Section 19.2, “Finding the Right Patches to Apply”). Follow the steps for generating a patched custom assembly, as described in appendix "Generating a Custom Assembly or an Offline Repository" in "Installation on Apache Karaf".