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41.2. Implementing a Logical Handler


Logical handlers implement the interface. The LogicalHandler interface, shown in Example 41.1, “LogicalHandler Synopsis” passes a LogicalMessageContext object to the handleMessage() method and the handleFault() method. The context object provides access to the body of the message and to any properties set into the message exchange's context.

Example 41.1. LogicalHandler Synopsis

public interface LogicalHandler extends Handler
  boolean handleMessage(LogicalMessageContext context);
  boolean handleFault(LogicalMessageContext context);
  void close(LogicalMessageContext context);


To implement a logical hander you do the following:
  1. Implement any initialization logic required by the handler.
  2. Implement the message handling logic.
  3. Implement the fault handling logic.
  4. Implement the logic for closing the handler when it is finished.
  5. Implement any logic for cleaning up the handler's resources before it is destroyed.