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41.6. Initializing a Handler


When the runtime creates an instance of a handler, it creates all of the resources the hander needs to process messages. While you can place all of the logic for doing this in the handler's constructor, it may not be the most appropriate place. The handler framework performs a number of optional steps when it instantiates a handler. You can add resource injection and other initialization logic that will be executed during the optional steps.
You do not have to provide any initialization methods for a handler.

Order of initialization

The Apache CXF runtime initializes a handler in the following manner:
  1. The handler's constructor is called.
  2. Any resources that are specified by the @Resource annotation are injected.
  3. The method decorated with @PostConstruct annotation, if it is present, is called.
    Methods decorated with the @PostConstruct annotation must have a void return type and have no parameters.
  4. The handler is place in the Ready state.