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Chapter 38. Developing Asynchronous Applications


JAX-WS provides an easy mechanism for accessing services asynchronously. The SEI can specify additional methods that can be used to access a service asynchronously. The Apache CXF code generators generate the extra methods for you. You simply add the business logic.

38.1. Types of Asynchronous Invocation

In addition to the usual synchronous mode of invocation, Apache CXF supports two forms of asynchronous invocation:
  • Polling approach — To invoke the remote operation using the polling approach, you call a method that has no output parameters, but returns a object. The Response object (which inherits from the javax.util.concurrency.Future interface) can be polled to check whether or not a response message has arrived.
  • Callback approach — To invoke the remote operation using the callback approach, you call a method that takes a reference to a callback object (of type) as one of its parameters. When the response message arrives at the client, the runtime calls back on the AsyncHandler object, and gives it the contents of the response message.