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18.2. WS-Addressing Interceptors


In Apache CXF, WS-Addressing functionality is implemented as interceptors. The Apache CXF runtime uses interceptors to intercept and work with the raw messages that are being sent and received. When a transport receives a message, it creates a message object and sends that message through an interceptor chain. If the WS-Addressing interceptors are added to the application's interceptor chain, any WS-Addressing information included with a message is processed.

WS-Addressing Interceptors

The WS-Addressing implementation consists of two interceptors, as described in Table 18.1, “WS-Addressing Interceptors”.

Table 18.1. WS-Addressing Interceptors

InterceptorDescription A logical interceptor responsible for aggregating the Message Addressing Properties (MAPs) for outgoing messages. A protocol-specific interceptor responsible for encoding and decoding the Message Addressing Properties (MAPs) as SOAP headers.