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18.4. Configuring WS-Addressing Attributes


The Apache CXF WS-Addressing feature element is defined in the namespace It supports the two attributes described in Table 18.2, “WS-Addressing Attributes”.

Table 18.2. WS-Addressing Attributes

Attribute NameValue
allowDuplicates A boolean that determines if duplicate MessageIDs are tolerated. The default setting is true.
usingAddressingAdvisory A boolean that indicates if the presence of the UsingAddressing element in the WSDL is advisory only; that is, its absence does not prevent the encoding of WS-Addressing headers.

Configuring WS-Addressing attributes

Configure WS-Addressing attributes by adding the attribute and the value you want to set it to the WS-Addressing feature in your server or client configuration file. For example, the following configuration extract sets the allowDublicates attribute to false on the server endpoint:
<beans ... xmlns:wsa="" ...>
    <jaxws:endpoint ...>
            <wsa:addressing allowDuplicates="false"/>

Using a WS-Policy assertion embedded in a feature

In Example 18.3, “Using the Policies to Configure WS-Addressing” an addressing policy assertion to enable non-anonymous responses is embedded in the policies element.

Example 18.3. Using the Policies to Configure WS-Addressing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

    <jaxws:endpoint name="{}GreeterPort"
                <wsp:Policy xmlns:wsam="">