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Chapter 16. Braintree

Braintree Component

Available as of Camel 2.17
The Braintree component provides access to Braintree Payments services which support the following payment methods:
In order to use camel-braintree, you need to provide some API credentials, which you can obtain from your account (Sandbox or Production).
Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component:
    <!-- use the same version as your Camel core version -->

URI format

Endpoint prefix can be one of:
  • addOn
  • address
  • clientToken
  • creditCardverification
  • customer
  • discount
  • merchantAccount
  • paymentmethod
  • paymentmethodNonce
  • plan
  • settlementBatchSummary
  • subscription
  • transaction
  • webhookNotification


The Braintree Component can be configured with the options below. These options can be provided using the component's bean property configuration of type org.apache.camel.component.braintree.BraintreeConfiguration.
environment String value that specifies where requests should be directed – sandbox or production
merchantId String a unique identifier for your gateway account, which is different than your merchant account ID
publicKey String user-specific public identifier
privateKey String user-specific secure identifier that should not be shared – even with us!
httpLogLevel java.util.logging.Level camel 2.17.1 Logging level for HTTP calls
httpLogName String camel 2.17.1 Log category to use to log http calls, default "Braintree"
httpReadTimeout Integer camel 2.17.1 Read timeout for HTTP calls
All the options above are provided by Braintree Payments

Producer Endpoints:

Producer endpoints can use endpoint prefixes followed by endpoint names and associated options described next. A shorthand alias can be used for some endpoints. The endpoint URI MUST contain a prefix.
Endpoint options that are not mandatory are denoted by []. When there are no mandatory options for an endpoint, one of the set of [] options MUST be provided. Producer endpoints can also use a special option inBody that in turn should contain the name of the endpoint option whose value will be contained in the Camel Exchange In message.
Any of the endpoint options can be provided in either the endpoint URI, or dynamically in a message header. The message header name must be of the format CamelBraintree.<option>. Note that the inBody option overrides message header, i.e. the endpoint option inBody=option would override a CamelBraintree.option header.
For more information on the endpoints and options see Braintree references at

Endpoint prefix addOn

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix addOn as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
all List<com.braintreegateway.Addon>

Endpoint prefix address

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix address as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
create customerId, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Address>
delete customerId, id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Address>
find customerId, id com.braintreegateway.Address
update customerId, id, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Address>

Table 16.1. URI Options for address

customerId String
request com.braintreegateway.AddressRequest
id String

Endpoint prefix clientToken

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix clientToken as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
generate request String

Table 16.2. URI Options for clientToken

request com.braintreegateway.ClientTokenrequest

Endpoint prefix creditCardVerification

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix creditCardverification as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
find id com.braintreegateway.CreditCardVerification
search query com.braintreegateway.ResourceCollection<com.braintreegateway.CreditCardVerification>

Table 16.3. URI Options for creditCardVerification

id String
query com.braintreegateway.CreditCardVerificationSearchRequest

Endpoint prefix customer

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix customer as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
create request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Customer>
delete id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Customer>
find id com.braintreegateway.Customer
search query com.braintreegateway.ResourceCollection<com.braintreegateway.Customer>
update id, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Customer>

Table 16.4. URI Options for customer

id String
request com.braintreegateway.CustomerRequest
query com.braintreegateway.CustomerSearchRequest

Endpoint prefix discount

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix discount as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
all List<com.braintreegateway.Discount>

Endpoint prefix merchantAccount

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix merchantAccount as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
create request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.MerchantAccount>
find id com.braintreegateway.MerchantAccount
update id, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.MerchantAccount>

Table 16.5. URI Options for merchantAccount

id String
request com.braintreegateway.MerchantAccountRequest

Endpoint prefix paymentMethod

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix paymentMethod as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
create request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethod>
delete token com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethod>
find token com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethod
update token, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethod>

Table 16.6. URI Options for paymentMethod

token String
request com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethodRequest

Endpoint prefix paymentMethodNonce

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix paymentMethodNonce as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
create paymentMethodToken com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethodNonce>
find paymentMethodNonce com.braintreegateway.PaymentMethodNonce

Table 16.7. URI Options for paymentMethodNonce

paymentMethodToken String
paymentMethodNonce String

Endpoint prefix plan

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix plan as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
all List<com.braintreegateway.Plan>

Endpoint prefix settlementBatchSummary

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix settlementBatchSummary as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
generate request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.SettlementBatchSummary>

Table 16.8. URI Options for settlementBatchSummary

settlementDate Calendar
groupByCustomField String

Endpoint prefix subscription

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix subscription as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
cancel id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Subscription>
create request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Subscription>
delete customerId, id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Subscription>
find id com.braintreegateway.Subscription
retryCharge subscriptionId, amount com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
search searchRequest com.braintreegateway.ResourceCollection<com.braintreegateway.Subscription>
update id, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Subscription>

Table 16.9. URI Options for subscription

id String
request com.braintreegateway.SubscriptionRequest
customerId String
subscriptionId String
amount BigDecimal
searchRequest com.braintreegateway.SubscriptionSearchRequest.

Endpoint prefix transaction

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix transaction as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
cancelRelease id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
cloneTransaction id, cloneRequest com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
credit request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
find id com.braintreegateway.Transaction
holdInEscrow id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
releaseFromEscrow id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
refund id, amount com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
sale request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
search query com.braintreegateway.ResourceCollection<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
submitForPartialSettlement id, amount com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
submitForSettlement id, amount, request com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>
voidTransaction id com.braintreegateway.Result<com.braintreegateway.Transaction>

Table 16.10. URI Options for transaction

id String
request com.braintreegateway.TransactionCloneRequest
cloneRequest com.braintreegateway.TransactionCloneRequest
amount BigDecimal
query com.braintreegateway.TransactionSearchRequest

Endpoint prefix webhookNotification

The following endpoints can be invoked with the prefix webhookNotification as follows:
EndpointShorthand AliasOptionsResult Body Type
parse signature, payload com.braintreegateway.WebhookNotification
verify challenge String

Table 16.11. URI Options for webhookNotification

signature String
payload String
challenge String

Consumer Endpoints

Any of the producer endpoints can be used as a consumer endpoint. Consumer endpoints can use Scheduled Poll Consumer Options with a consumer. prefix to schedule endpoint invocation. By default Consumer endpoints that return an array or collection will generate one exchange per element, and their routes will be executed once for each exchange. To change this behavior use the property consumer.splitResults=true to return a single exchange for the entire list or array.

Message Headers

Any URI option can be provided in a message header for producer endpoints with a CamelBraintree. prefix.

Message body

All result message bodies utilize objects provided by the Braintree Java SDK. Producer endpoints can specify the option name for incoming message body in the inBody endpoint parameter.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<blueprint xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

    <cm:property-placeholder id="placeholder" persistent-id="camel.braintree">

    <bean id="braintree" class="org.apache.camel.component.braintree.BraintreeComponent">
        <property name="configuration">
            <bean class="org.apache.camel.component.braintree.BraintreeConfiguration">
                <property name="environment" value="${environment}"/>
                <property name="merchantId" value="${merchantId}"/>
                <property name="publicKey" value="${publicKey}"/>
                <property name="privateKey" value="${privateKey}"/>

    <camelContext trace="true" xmlns="" id="braintree-example-context">
        <route id="braintree-example-route">
            <from uri="direct:generateClientToken"/>
            <to uri="braintree://clientToken/generate"/>
            <to uri="stream:out"/>