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Chapter 14. Bindy

Bindy Component

The camel-bindy component enables the parsing and binding of non-structured data via Java Beans. These Java Beans consists of binding mappings defined with annotations.
@CsvRecord(separator = ",")
public class Customer {

    @DataField(pos = 1)
    private String firstName;

    @DataField(pos = 2)
    private String lastName;
For example, You can also provide the data format BindyCsvDataFormat unmarshall CSV data to the domain model.
camelctx.addRoutes(new RouteBuilder() {
    public void configure() throws Exception {
        .unmarshal(new BindyCsvDataFormat(Customer.class))

Camel on EAP deployment

This component is supported by the Camel on EAP (Wildfly Camel) framework, which offers a simplified deployment model on the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) container. For details of this model, see chapter "Apache Camel on JBoss EAP" in "Deploying into a Web Server".