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Chapter 10. AWS

10.1. Introduction to the AWS Components

Camel Components for Amazon Web Services

The Camel Components for Amazon Web Services provide connectivity to AWS services from Camel.
AWS service Camel component Camel Version Component description
Simple Queue Service (SQS) AWS-SQS 2.6 Supports sending and receiving messages using SQS
Simple Notification Service (SNS) AWS-SNS 2.8 Supports sending messages using SNS
Simple Storage Service (S3) AWS-S3 2.8 Supports storing and retrieving of objects using S3
Simple Email Service (SES) AWS-SES 2.8.4 Supports sending emails using SES
SimpleDB AWS-SDB 2.8.4 Supports storing retrieving data to/from SDB
DynamoDB AWS-DDB 2.10.0 Supports storing retrieving data to/from DDB
CloudWatch AWS-CW 2.10.3 Supports sending metrics to CloudWatch
Simple Workflow AWS-SWF 2.13.0 Supports managing workflows with SWF
EC2 AWS-EC2 2.16.0 Supports sending messages to AWS EC2 platform to create, run, start, stop, describe and terminate EC2 instances
Kinesis Streams AWS-Kinesis 2.17.0 Supports receiving from AWS Kinesis
DynamoDB Streams AWS-DDBSTREAM 2.17.0 Supports receiving from DynamoDB Streams