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Version 6.3
27 Oct 2020


These notes provide an overview of the changes between each release of Red Hat JBoss Fuse.

Chapter 1. What's New


This section describes the main features and changes in version 6.3.

1.1. New Features

The main new features in version 6.3 are:

1.2. Important Notes

Oracle JDK 1.7 is incompatible with Maven central repository

Due to recent changes in the security requirements for connecting to the Maven central repository, Oracle JDK 1.7 is no longer compatible with Maven central and is unable to download Maven artifacts. We recommend that you upgrade to Oracle JDK 1.8 to avoid this issue. See Section 4.2, “List of Known Issues” for more details.

New Maven repository

Since JBoss Fuse 6.3, the JBoss Fuse Maven artifacts are available only from the following Maven repositories:
Hence for JBoss Fuse 6.3, you need to edit your Maven settings.xml file, replacing the old repository URLs (at and with the new Maven repository URLs.
Older versions of JBoss Fuse (prior to 6.3) continue to use the old Maven repositories.

ActiveMQ runtime can now be wired to JMS 2.0 API bundle in OSGi

In JBoss Fuse 6.3, the ActiveMQ runtime has been modified so that it is compatible with and can be wired to the JMS 2.0 API bundle. This does not imply that ActiveMQ supports JMS 2.0. In fact, ActiveMQ still supports JMS 1.1 only. This change does mean, however, that it is now possible to deploy an ActiveMQ broker (which is a JMS 1.1 application) alongside a JMS 2.0 compliant application in the same OSGi container. This can be useful, for example, if you want to deploy two different messaging products in the same Apache Karaf container.

Upgraded Jetty from 8.1.x to 9

In the Apache Karaf container, Jetty (which provides the default HTTP servlet container for Karaf) has been upgraded from Jetty 8.1.x to Jetty 9. This has a significant impact on the Jetty container configuration, affecting settings in the etc/org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg file, in the etc/jetty.xml file, and in the Camel Jetty endpoint. For more details, see chapter "Securing the Jetty HTTP Server" in "Security Guide" and chapter "Securing the Camel Jetty Component" in "Security Guide".

Apache Karaf package name changed from jboss-fuse-full to jboss-fuse-karaf

The package name for the Apache Karaf distribution of JBoss Fuse has changed from to in this release.

CXF security changes

Note the following important changes to CXF security in this release:
  • The STS (Security Token Service) now issues tokens using the RSA-SHA256 signature algorithm by default (previously RSA-SHA1), and the SHA-256 digest algorithm (previously SHA-1).
  • The SAML/XACML functionality previously available in the cxf-rt-security module is now in the cxf-rt-security-saml module.

New interceptor required for transactional RFC SAP endpoints

A new interceptor object is provided in JBoss Fuse 6.3, which is needed to configure transactional RFC destinations properly for the Camel SAP component. For details, see section "Interceptor for tRFC and qRFC destinations" in "Apache Camel Component Reference".

Make Quickstart Examples Available

In previous releases, profiles for quickstart example were available by default. The new default behavior is that profiles for quickstart examples are not available in a new fabric. To create a fabric in which you can run the quickstart examples, edit the $FUSE_HOME/fabric/ file by uncommenting the line that starts with the following:
# importProfileURLs =
If you create a fabric without doing this and you want to run the quickstart examples, follow these steps to make them available:
  1. Edit the $FUSE_HOME/quickstarts/pom.xml file to add a fabric I/O plugin, for example:
  2. In the $FUSE_HOME/quickstarts directory, change to the directory for the quickstart example you want to run, for example:
    cd beginner
  3. In that directory, execute the following command:
    mvn fabric8:deploy
    You would need to run this command in each directory that contains a quickstart example that you want to run.

Chapter 2. Deprecated and Removed Features


After recent planning activities for JBoss Fuse 7.0, additional features have been deprecated for 7.0, as listed under Section 2.2, “April 2017 6.3 Addendum”.
If you need any assistance or have any questions about the upcoming changes in Fuse 7, please contact

2.1. Cumulative List of Deprecated 6.x Features

A complete list of the features that are deprecated from the JBoss Fuse 6.x family of products (including those from previous minor releases) is given in the knowledge base article, JBoss Fuse 6.x Deprecated and Removed Features.

2.2. April 2017 6.3 Addendum

Features that were deprecated in the context of planning for the next major release, 7.0, of JBoss Fuse.

Embedded ActiveMQ broker will be removed in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, JBoss Fuse on Karaf will no longer provide an embedded ActiveMQ Broker. Customers should connect to a supported remote broker directly. For more information on our supported brokers please refer to the messaging lifecycle.

Geronimo transaction manager will be replaced in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, the Geronimo transaction manager in the Karaf container will be replaced by Narayana.

JBoss Fuse integration pack will be removed in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, support for running rules and processes will be provided by components shipped with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and Red Hat JBoss BRMS.

Jetty container will be replaced in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, the Jetty container will be replaced by Undertow. Initially, this change applies only to internal use of the Jetty container (for example, in the Karaf container). Other Jetty components will be removed in a future release

Karaf console commands for child container administration will be removed in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, the Karaf console commands for child container administration (commands prefixed by admin:, such as admin:create, admin:list, and so on) will be removed.

SwitchYard will be removed in 7.0

In JBoss Fuse 7.0, SwitchYard will be removed, and you should use Apache Camel directly instead. For more detailed information, see the knowledge base article, SwitchYard Support Plan After Releasing JBoss Fuse 7.

2.3. October 2016 GA

Features that were deprecated or removed at the time of the JBoss Fuse release in October 2016.

Support for Fabric8 1.x will be removed in the next major release of JBoss Fuse

In the next major release of JBoss Fuse (planned as JBoss Fuse 7.0), Fabric8 v1 will be replaced by Fuse Integration Services (FIS), which includes components of Fabric8 v2 technology. FIS provides a set of tools and Docker-formatted images that enable development, deployment, and management of integration microservices within OpenShift.
Although FIS has a different architecture, it fulfills the same provisioning, automation, central configuration and management requirements that Fabric8 v1 provides. For more information, please see Red Hat JBoss Fuse Integration Services 2.0 for OpenShift.
Please contact Fuse Support with any questions or concerns.

bin/deletefabric8 script has been removed

The bin/deletefabric8 script has been removed in this release.

Camel components for Google App Engine are deprecated

The GAE components for Apache Camel are deprecated in JBoss Fuse 6.3 and will be removed from a future release of JBoss Fuse.

Camel Netty component is deprecated

The Camel Netty component and the SwitchYard Camel Netty component are both deprecated in JBoss Fuse 6.3 and will be removed in a future release of JBoss Fuse. It is recommended that you use the Camel Netty4 component instead.

Camel jBPM component is deprecated

The Camel jBPM component (camel-jbpm) is deprecated in JBoss Fuse 6.3 and will be removed in a future release of JBoss Fuse.

Camel LevelDB component is deprecated on all operating systems except for Linux

Since JBoss Fuse 6.3, the Camel LevelDB (camel-leveldb) component is deprecated on all operating systems except for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In future, the Camel LevelDB component will be supported only on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Tanuki based wrapper for installing JBoss Fuse as a service is deprecated

The Tanuki based wrapper scripts—generated using the wrapper:install Karaf console command—for installing JBoss Fuse as a service are deprecated since JBoss Fuse 6.3 and will be removed in a future release of JBoss Fuse. To install the Apache Karaf container as a service, it is recommended that you use the new karaf-service-*.sh scripts from the bin/contrib directory instead.

Smooks is deprecated

Since JBoss Fuse 6.3, the Smooks component for SwitchYard is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of JBoss Fuse.

BPEL is deprecated

BPEL (based on the Riftsaw project) is no longer being actively developed and will be removed from a future release of JBoss Fuse. If you are currently using BPEL, it is recommended that you consider migrating to the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (which is supported through the JBoss Fuse Integration Package).

Design Time Governance is deprecated

The Design Time Governance component is deprecated since 6.2.1 and not included with the product.

Runtime Governance is deprecated.

Since JBoss Fuse 6.3, the Runtime Governance (RTGov) component is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of JBoss Fuse.

S-RAMP is deprecated

The SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP) component is deprecated since 6.2.1 and will be removed from a future release.

bin/patch script is deprecated

The bin/patch script (bin\patch.bat on Windows O/S) is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring-DM) is deprecated

Spring-DM (which integrates Spring XML with the OSGi service layer) is deprecated since 6.2.1 and you should use the Blueprint framework instead. Using Blueprint does not prevent you from using the Java libraries from the Spring framework: the latest version of Spring is compatible with Blueprint.

Apache OpenJPA is deprecated

The Apache OpenJPA implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA) is deprecated since 6.2.1. It is recommended that you use the Hibernate implementation instead.

Chapter 3. Unsupported Features

Apache Aries Blueprint Web module is unsupported

The Apache Aries Blueprint Web module is not supported in JBoss Fuse. The presence of an example featuring Blueprint Web in the community edition of Apache Camel (provided in extras/ does not imply that this feature is supported in JBoss Fuse.

The PHP scripting language is not supported in Apache Camel on Apache Karaf

The PHP scripting language is not supported in Camel applications on the Apache Karaf container, because there is no OSGi bundle available for PHP. The PHP scripting language is deprecated in Camel applications on the JBoss EAP container and on the Spring Boot container.

The Python scripting language is not supported in Apache Camel on Apache Karaf

The Python scripting language is not supported in Camel applications on the Apache Karaf container, because there is no OSGi bundle available for Python. The Python scripting language is deprecated in Camel applications on the JBoss EAP container and on the Spring Boot container.

The Integration Pack is not supported in Fabric deployments

The Integration Pack is not supported in Fabric and cannot be installed in a fabric container. For more details, see ENTESB-5796.

Chapter 4. Known Issues

4.1. CVE Security Vulnerabilities

As a middleware integration platform, JBoss Fuse can potentially be integrated with a large number of third-party components. It is not always possible to exclude the possibility that some third-party dependencies of JBoss Fuse could have security vulnerabilities. This section documents known security vulnerabilities affecting third-party dependencies of JBoss Fuse 6.3.
[CVE-2017-12629] Multiple CVEs related to jackson-databind security vulnerability
Applications that that use the FasterXML jackson-databind library to instantiate Java objects by deserializing JSON content are potentially vulnerable to a remote code execution attack. The vulnerability is not automatic, however, and it can be avoided if you take the appropriate mitigation steps.
At a minimum, the following prerequisites must all be satisfied before an attack becomes possible:
  1. You have enabled polymorphic type handling for deserialization of JSON content in jackson-databind. There are two alternative ways of enabling polymorphic type handling in Jackson JSON:
    1. Using a combination of the @JsonTypeInfo and @JsonSubTypes annotations.
    2. By calling the ObjectMapper.enableDefaultTyping() method. This option is particularly dangerous, as it effectively enables polymorphic typing globally.
  2. There are one or more gadget classes in your Java classpath, which have not yet been blacklisted by the current version of jackson-databind. A gadget class is defined as any class that performs a sensitive (potentially exploitable) operation as a side effect of executing a constructor or a setter method (which are the methods that can be called during a deserialization). The gadget blacklist maintained by the Jackson JSON library is the last line of defence against the remote code execution vulnerability.
It is the existence of a large number of gadget classes which explains why there are many individual CVEs related to the jackson-databind vulnerability. There are different CVEs related to different kinds of gadget class.
If you do need to use the jackson-databind library in your application, the most important measure you can take to mitigate the risk is this: avoid polymorphic type handling in Jackson JSON and on no account should you call the ObjectMapper.enableDefaultTyping() method.
[CVE-2020-11972] CVE-2020-11972 camel-rabbitmq: camel: RabbitMQ enables Java deserialization by default which could lead to remote code execution [fuse-6.3.0]
In the version of Apache Camel provided with Fuse 6.3 (which is Camel 2.17), the Camel RabbitMQ component enables java deserialization, by default, without any means of disabling which can lead to arbitrary code being executed. To avoid this security vulnerability, we recommend that you do not use the Camel RabbitMQ component in Fuse 6.3.

4.2. List of Known Issues

The following list describes known issues in version 6.3:
[ENTESB-13343] Maven resolution of remote repository artifacts are broken on Oracle JDK7 [and IBM JDK7]
Due to recent changes in the security requirements for connecting to the Maven central repository, Oracle JDK 1.7 and IBM JDK7 is no longer compatible with Maven central and is unable to download Maven artifacts. Specifically, Maven resolution through the internal Fuse Maven proxy from HTTPS secured repositories is broken on Oracle JDK7 and IBM JDK7. We recommend that you upgrade to Oracle JDK 1.8 to avoid this issue.
[ENTESB-11757] [QUICKSTART] camel-linkedin quickstart is not working
In Fuse 6.3, the Camel LinkedIn component is no longer able to communicate with the LinkedIn server, because it is implemented using the LinkedIn Version 1.0 API, which is no longer supported by LinkedIn. The Camel LinkedIn component will be updated to use the Version 2 API in a future patch release of Fuse 6.3.
[SWITCHYARD-2936] Add support for Integration Pack with Kie 6.4.0
For SwitchYard projects in JBoss Fuse 6.3, and in the associated Integration Pack, there is no longer a backward compatibility layer, so we have added support for the Integration Pack BPM & Rules components (Fuse-specific) as well as the SwitchYard ones (more basic components for community releases). When you specify an Integration Pack and Kie version for your SwitchYard project, the appropriate components are selected. There is a known issue, however, if you select both varieties of BPM or Rules components and don't have Integration Pack versions specified. If you accidentally check both of them and are not using the Integration Pack, simply uncheck the (Integration Pack) version on the Capabilities page. Other supported components are not affected.
[ENTESB-6038] Error loading situations when using Postgres
RTGov 6.2.1 and 6.3 configured with Postgres for the OverlordRTGov datasource fails to load situations in the RT-Gov UI. You can work around this problem by modifying the standalone-full.xml configuration file as follows:
   <configuration name="overlord-rtgov">

           <!-- ADD THIS -->
          <property name="hibernate.transaction.factory_class" value="org.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory"/>
          <property name="hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class" value="org.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup"/>

          <!-- REMOVE/COMMENT THIS -->
          <!--property name="JpaStore.jtaPlatform" value="org.hibernate.service.jta.platform.internal.JBossAppServerJtaPlatform"/-->

          <!-- ... other properties -->
[ENTESB-6079] The domain-camel.xml in Fuse on EAP doesn't work OOTB
The domain-camel.xml domain configuration file in Fuse on EAP does not work at the earlier patch levels of JBoss EAP 6.4. You need to use JBoss EAP 6.4.7 or later for this configuration file to work.
[ENTESB-4995] Classloader leak in wildfly-camel ContextCreateHandlerRegistryService
JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP with a small metaspace can lead to OutOfMemoryError. SwitchYard is unaffected by this.
[ENTESB-6033] Qpid jms client hangs when used in camel route
The Camel AMQP component, which is based on the Qpid JMS client, freezes when it is used in a Camel route. This is because the associated camel-amqp Karaf feature depends on the wrong version of the Qpid Proton-J library. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
[ENTESB-4850] No bean could be found in the registry for: ConnectionFactory of type: javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
In certain circumstances, when deploying multiple Camel JMS endpoints into a JBoss EAP container, the following error can be thrown:
org.apache.camel.NoSuchBeanException: No bean could be found in the registry for: ConnectionFactory of type: javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
This error can occur either in a SwitchYard application or in a Camel on EAP (Wildfly Camel) application. There are two known workarounds for this issue:

Workaround 1: Use the org.jboss.server.bootstrap.maxThreads system property

If you face this issue, you can start JBoss EAP with the org.jboss.server.bootstrap.maxThreads system property with a value less than or equal to 3 to resolve the issue, as follows:

$ ./bin/ -c standalone-full.xml -Dorg.jboss.server.bootstrap.maxThreads=3
Note that the default value of org.jboss.server.bootstrap.maxThreads is (number of processors)*2 and setting it to a value lower than the default may slow the startup time of JBoss EAP.

Workaround 2: Use the org.switchyard.deployment.disableAutoStartup SwitchYard domain property

If the first workaround does not work for you, you can then disable auto start-up of SwitchYard bindings by setting the org.switchyard.deployment.disableAutoStartup domain property to true to resolve the issue.

<switchyard xmlns="urn:switchyard-config:switchyard:1.0" xmlns:sca="" [...]>
      <property name="org.switchyard.deployment.disableAutoStartup" value="${org.switchyard.deployment.disableAutoStartup:true}"/>
Note that if you disabled auto start-up of SwitchYard bindings, you need to manually start the bindings after the applications are deployed.
[ENTESB-5653] Profile-import fails on Windows paths (with backslashes)
When using the profile-import Karaf console command with Windows paths (using backslashes), the command fails, because the backslashes are left out. The workaround is to use forward slashes instead. For example:
JBossFuse:karaf@root> profile-import file:C:/jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-xxx/
[ENTESB-5231] PHP script language does not work
The PHP scripting language is not supported in Camel applications on the Apache Karaf container, because there is no OSGi bundle available for PHP.
[ENTESB-5232] Python language does not work
The Python scripting language is not supported in Camel applications on the Apache Karaf container, because there is no OSGi bundle available for Python.
[ENTESB-5911] bpel-jms-binding is not working on solaris11sparc
The bpel-jms-binding example from Apache Karaf quickstarts/switchyard does not work on the Solaris 11 operating system.
[ENTESB-5892] Jetty - Applications: Links in the list are wrong
In the Fuse Management Console (Hawtio console) on the Apache Karaf container, when you navigate to the Jetty menu tab, the URL links for the Jetty applications shown on this page are incorrect.
[ENTESB-5117] [patching] Add patch feature by default to admin:create child containers
By default, child containers created using the admin:create Karaf console command do not support the new JBoss Fuse patching mechanism, because the requisite patch feature is not available. You can work around this limitation by creating a child container using the following command:
admin:create --featureURL mvn:io.fabric8.patch/patch-features/1.2.0.redhat-630xxx/xml/features --feature patch test
Where 1.2.0.redhat-630xxx might need to be replaced by whatever version of fabric8 you are using in your container.
[ENTESB-5911] bpel-jms-binding is not working on solaris11sparc
The bpel-jms-binding quickstart for SwitchYard on Apache Karaf (in the quickstarts/switchyard/bpel-jms-binding directory) does not work on Solaris 11, due to a ClassNotFound error.
[ENTESB-5892] Jetty - Applications: Links in the list are wrong
If you click on the Jetty tab of the Fuse Management Console (Hawtio), the links appearing in the Url column of this page are incorrect.
[ENTESB-4291] Conflict in Saxon implementations (switchyard-bpel, camel-saxon)
In the Apache Karaf container, the switchyard-bpel feature and the camel-saxon feature cannot both be installed at the same time, because they use conflicting versions of the Saxon parsing library. In testing we have seen classpath issues such as the following when both features are installed together:
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: net.sf.saxon.Controller.setMessageEmitter(net.sf.saxon.event.Receiver)
	at java.lang.Class.getMethod(
	at org.apache.camel.builder.xml.XsltBuilder.doStart(
	... 42 more
[ENTESB-5447] Cannot add openjpa, camel-hbase, or camel-hdfs features to featuresBoot
If you add any of the features, openjpa, camel-hbase, or camel-hdfs, to featuresBoot in the etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg file, this will result in an OSGi wiring error. All of these features are deprecated in any case.
[CAMEL-10237] Problem setting JMSX JMS properties on OracleAQ
The Camel JMS component is affected by a regression error that can cause problems integrating with Oracle AQ. This issue has already been fixed in the Apache Camel community project and the fix will be made available in a patch for JBoss Fuse 6.3.
[ENTESB-3982] If changing the BPEL data source, you may need to restart EAP
If you install a new data source for BPEL in JBoss EAP, it might be necessary to restart the JBoss EAP container—instead of simply executing :reload—in order for the data source to be recognized.
[ENTESB-4408] Patching functionality in Fuse Management Console (Hawtio) temporarily disabled
The patching functionality in the Fuse Management Console (Hawtio) has been disabled since JBoss Fuse 6.2.1. This is because the Hawtio UI has not been updated to use the new patching mechanism. To install Fabric patches, use the Karaf console instead. This issue will be fixed in a future release.
[ENTESB-3938] JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 takes a long time to start up on OpenStack
When a JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 container is deployed on RHEL Openstack Platform, it can take a long time (several minutes) for the container to start up. A workaround is to add the following option to the JVM that starts the container (for example, by setting the JAVA_OPTS environment variable):
The extra dot in the pathname, as in /./, is required.
The effect of the workaround is to replace the default /dev/random by /dev/urandom. The alternative is faster, but less random than /dev/random. This has an impact on any security packages that depend on this device to generate entropy and random numbers.
[ENTESB-4390] Some quickstarts using SAAJ API fail on IBM JAVA
When using the Apache Karaf container with IBM Java version 1.7.0, the following quickstarts can fail:
  • bean-service
  • soap-attachment
With the following error:
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Class com/sun/org/apache/xerces/internal/dom/ElementImpl illegally accessing "package private" member of class com/sun/org/apache/xerces/internal/dom/CoreDocumentImpl
This appears to be a problem with the IBM JDK. You can work around the problem as follows:
  1. Remove saaj-api from endorsed libraries:
    rm lib/endorsed/org.apache.servicemix.specs.saaj-api-1.3-2.5.0.jar
  2. Before invoking the ./bin/fuse script:, set the JAVA_OPTS environment variable as follows:
[AESH-324] Don't require special chars within arguments to be escaped
The S-RAMP query language currently requires you to escape special characters in a function argument. For example, in the following query you must escape the single quotes around 'submit.*' using the backslash character:
[ENTESB-3980] ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pg_type_typname_nsp_index"
After a clean installation of S-RAMP to to JBoss EAP 6.4.0 with a PostgreSQL database and after first navigation to the Artifacts | Dashboard page, the following exception is thrown.
Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pg_type_typname_nsp_index"
  Detail: Key (typname, typnamespace)=(artificerartifact, 136381) already exists.
	at org.postgresql.core.v3.QueryExecutorImpl.receiveErrorResponse(
This error has no effect on the S-RAMP functionality, however, and can safely be ignored.
[FABRIC-963] Cannot create a fabric on a Windows 7 operating system with Java 7
To connect to the ZooKeeper server, you must change the connectivity type from IPv6 to IPv4. For the detailed solution, see the following Customer Portal article: Cannot create fabric in JBoss Fuse 6.1 Beta on Windows 7
[ENTESB-2443] Google Mail API - Sending of messages and drafts is not synchronous
When you send a message or draft, the response contains a Message object with an ID. It may not be possible to immediately get this message via another call to the API. You may have to wait and retry the call.
[ENTESB-2458] Google Mail Component - Import of message throws sometimes SocketTimeoutException
Importing a message may throw a if the send operation was called before. Workaround: After a send call wait for few moments before calling import.
[ENTESB-2365] Google Drive API bug - Response of permission insert operation mostly does not contain emailAddress property
Response of permission insert operation sometimes does not return emailAddress property even if the value of request property type was set to user. Nevertheless the permission is successfully inserted.
[ENTESB-2332] Google Drive API JSON reponse for changes returns bad count of items for the first page
Google Drive API JSON reponse for changes returns bad count of items for the first page. Setting maxResults for a list operation may not return all the results in the first page. You may have to go through several pages to get the complete list (that is by setting pageToken on new requests).
[ENTESB-3039] [HTTP Gateway] apis mapping rules don't work right after deployment
If the zooKeeperPath property in the is changed, a gateway node restart will be required.
[ENTESB-2929] can't install features camel-avro camel-hbase camel-hdfs2
camel-avro, camel-hbase, camel-hdfs2 are not supported on Solaris / AIX. The camel-hdfs2 feature can only run if you have libsnappyjava.dylib in java.library.path. You must manually setup libsnappyjava.dylib in Red Hat JBoss Fuse before installing these features.
JBossFuse:karaf@root> features:info camel-hdfs2
		Description of camel-hdfs2 2.15.0.redhat-620133 feature
[ENTESB-2924] Insight - Elasticsearch: JsonPretty error: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference (:7999:6)
Insight Elasticsearch page is not supported in IE. The error occurs when clicking rectangles with numbers at Insight - Elasticsearch page.
[ENTESB-2773] [platform AIX HPUX] camel-leveldb missing native library
The camel-leveldb feature is not supported on IBM AIX, HP-UX, and Oracle Solaris operating systems.
[ENTESB-2513] OSE Fuse JVM sometimes dies with SIGABRT
RHEL customers need to upgrade openjdk to java-1.7.0-openjdk- or later which will fix the SIGABRT.
[ENTESB-2069] Container which is created from Hawtio can not start if restarting openshift node
After restarting OpenShift, containers created from Hawtio cannot be started. This happens because the containers started before the ZooKeeper starts running will fail to start. The workaround is to wait for the start and keep restarting until we get connected to ZooKeeper.
[ENTESB-4490] Integration Pack Maven Repository is missing some CXF artifacts
For users intending to use the Integration Pack with Maven, the Integration Pack pom.xml files do not consistently define the versions for the camel-cxf and cxf Maven artifacts. For an explantion of how to set up the Maven dependencies in this case, see chapter "Configuring Maven Dependencies" in "Integration Guide".
[FUSEDOC-1716] The examples/samples projects is missing from apache-camel-2.17.0.redhat-630187/
JBoss Fuse 6.3 does not provide a code sample for how to deploy an Apache CXF web service endpoint. Documentation for an unsupported example has been removed from the end of the JBoss Fuse 6.3 document, "Deploying into a Web Server".
There is an Apache Camel CXF JAX-WS example that is available from the upstream Wildfly Camel project. This example requires the Undertow servlet container, which is not supported in JBoss Fuse 6.3. Red Hat expects to provide a supported sample in a future release.

Chapter 5. Resolved Issues

5.1. General - 6.3.0

Table 5.1, “General Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.1. General Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
ENTESB-1769"Error in initialization script: Command not found: shell:if" after fabric:create on fuse with P2
ENTESB-3546Cannot access LinkedIn API with camel-linkedin
ENTESB-3939fuse EsbProfileRedeployTest fails consistently
ENTESB-4160BPEL - Domain mode - Deployment throws MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException
ENTESB-4415Multiple Error messages while updating JBoss A-MQ using new patch mechanism
ENTESB-4435Fix hardcoded link to activemq nms zip
ENTESB-4480[Patch mechanism] Missing startup bundles when migrating container joined via fabric:join command
ENTESB-4495Hibernate and Bundle ClassLoaders out of sync on Bundle Refresh
ENTESB-4622Please update file name from jboss-fuse-full to jboss-fuse-karaf
ENTESB-4711[JBoss A-MQ distro, Fabric, offline] A-MQ distro will not create a fabric when no access to internet
ENTESB-4732JBoss Fuse 6.2.1 quickstarts/custom readme should be updated to indicate jboss fuse zip needs to be added to local repo
ENTESB-4770fix swagger dependencies in Fuse BOM
ENTESB-4773Corrupted Screenshots in camel-sap-binding quickstart
ENTESB-4786Fuse quickstart builds fail with missing pom
ENTESB-4804Corrupt war file in (GA)
ENTESB-4875Update dependencies for CXF secure-soap quickstart
ENTESB-4876CXF features fails to install on
ENTESB-4903[Solaris 11] local: not found when starting fuse
ENTESB-4925don't start camel-jetty8 in fuse by default
ENTESB-4961Fuse and A-MQ both have the amq:(esb:)check-for-user and amq:(esb:)create-admin-user
ENTESB-5003[Win+Karaf-service] Can't run .exe on win server 2012r2
ENTESB-5105Some profiles in fabric doesn't work out of the box in Fuse running in offline env
ENTESB-5140Verify that quickstarts do not refer to SNAPSHOT versions
ENTESB-5172Unable to install cxf-secure-rest quickstart
ENTESB-5213Bump licence headers to 2016
ENTESB-5484security-propagation-jms connector.jks needs to be copied differently
ENTESB-5630container-list on child fails with illegal state exception in 630085 build
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5669Quickstarts pom has duplicates in pluginRepositories in 6.3.0.redhat-095 build
ENTESB-5687camel-sap quickstart can't be build
ENTESB-5751Fuse 6.3 Jenkins build has 6 test failures
ENTESB-5774Fabric8 profiles for Camel quickstarts
ENTESB-5781Can't install camel-amq quickstart on build jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-131
ENTESB-5786rest and secure-rest quickstarts are missing changes from fabric8
ENTESB-5799All .jpgs in switchyard quickstarts are corrupted
ENTESB-5833quickstarts/custom assembly cannot be started without modification
ENTESB-5844Should enable fork option in codegen plug-in for quickstarts/cxf/camel-cxf-contract-first
ENTESB-5893secure-soap quickstart doesn't work on fabric
ENTESB-5926rest and secure-rest quickstarts do not work on fabric contains empty quickstart folders
ENTESB-5951Shell SCR bundle redeploy loop with camel-amq quickstart
ENTMQ-1447Unable to apply patch to JBoss AM-Q 6.2.0 SSH-containers
ENTMQ-1517The does not startup properly
ENTMQ-1548Duplicate entries in etc/ shipped with A-MQ 6.2
ENTMQ-1774A-MQ 6.2.1 R2 errors on startup without Internet access

5.2. Messaging - 6.3.0

Table 5.2, “Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.2. Messaging Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
AMQ-5854Duplicate messages when failover is done during prepare phase of two phase commit.
AMQ-5856allowLinkStealing option is not working when using mqtt over websocket
AMQ-5857Message content stored twice while sending
AMQ-5865Enable "getRemoteAddress()" method in WebSocket Requests
AMQ-5870Lazy create if MQTTProtocolConverter in the WebSocket transport needs to be thread safe
AMQ-5875Removing a destination when using mKahaDB can cause an IllegalStateException
AMQ-5890AMQP: possible NPE when handling disposition with Modified state
AMQ-5891AMQP: update to proton-j 0.10
AMQ-5895FilteredDestinations do not work when loaded by runtimeConfigurationPlugin
AMQ-5903Message headers are lost when using the Broker Component for Camel
AMQ-5914Pull consumer hang when message expires in flight.
AMQ-5933NullPointerException in SelectorAwareVirtualTopicInterceptor
AMQ-5972Policy entries not applied in correct order
AMQ-6000Pause/resume feature of ActiveMQ not resuming properly
AMQ-6005Slave broker startup corrupts shared PList storage
AMQ-6013Restrict classes that can be serialized in ObjectMessages
AMQ-6014Offline Durable Topic Subscription exceeds memory limits
AMQ-6029wss transport don't work with certificate authentication properly
AMQ-6031AMQP: use System.nanoTime() when deriving time to tick the transport with for idle-timeout handling
AMQ-6046Concurrent access to a Transport from WebSocket client can deadlock
AMQ-6055SASL PLAIN auth with AMQP doesn't take authzid into account
AMQ-6059DLQ message lost after broker restarts
AMQ-6060"Will message" retain property is not respected
AMQ-6065Allow selective use of broker systemExitOnShutdown from DefaultIOExceptionHandler
AMQ-6066Performance issue in OrderedPendingList
AMQ-6068RAR - cannot reset clientId on pooled managed connection
AMQ-6069Purging a Queue can lead to OOM error with prioritized messages
AMQ-6070originalDestination property of advisory messages set to message id in error
AMQ-6071Log info about corrupted journal records at WARN level
AMQ-6073WebSockets no longer working on most browers
AMQ-6074AMQ4126Test#testOpenwireNIOSSLWithCertificate fails with JDK8
AMQ-6083Broker starts on corrupted kahadb despite checkForCorruptJournalFiles="true" and ignoreMissingJournalfiles="false"
AMQ-6086Broker stop and start are not at all thread safe - we can do better
AMQ-6088Runtime configuration does not properly apply policy updates
AMQ-6094Memory Leak with abnormal disconnecting consumers
AMQ-6102JMX SubscriptionViewMBean reset statistics method doesn't reset
AMQ-6113Add the X-Frame-Options" header for the WebConsole
AMQ-6121Messages can continually expire from DLQ and back
AMQ-6122Potential Deadlock when a duplicate message is read from the store for the DLQ destination
AMQ-6124failover backup transports do not update the brokerInfo leaving stale org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection#getBrokerName
AMQ-6125Potential NPE in session rollback if no default redlivery policy configured
AMQ-6128browsing priority queue can return messages in different order than they will be consumed
AMQ-6131Durable subscription rewrote in journal can be to agressive and cause message loss on recovery
AMQ-6133Message updates can cause message loss on recovery
AMQ-6137Special escape characters in LIKE selectors do not work as expected
AMQ-6142ActiveMQBytesMessage decompress throws DataFormatException incorrect header check
AMQ-6146Use proper JSTL tags in the WebConsole
AMQ-6151Redelivered messages bypass priority ordering
AMQ-6152KahaDB scheduler log files not being deleted
AMQ-6168STOMP: Connection should be closed on receiving an invalid STOMP Frame with unknown action value.
AMQ-6169STOMP: Invliad frames are logged in warn messages
AMQ-6170X-Frame-Options are not set for static content
AMQ-6171legal colon in broker name breaks vm transport
AMQ-6183Provide the DispatchAsync value on Subscriptions to the SubscriptionViewMBean
AMQ-6194Deleting a temporary queue creates a warning message in the broker
AMQ-6199cursorMemoryHighWaterMark configuration not applied to topic subscription
AMQ-6206properties in stomp non persistent messages are not reflected in the message size used for usage tracking
AMQ-6207KahaDB: corruption of the index possible on sudden stop of the broker
AMQ-6208The connector's jmx attribute UpdateClusterClients is not correct
AMQ-6211Synchronize creating of JMX OpenType objects
AMQ-6214JAAS bug that causes user group membership not reloaded dynamically when reload is true
AMQ-6215priority message dispatch can be affected by jms browser or expiry processing paging messages in error
AMQ-6218Message content returns null occasionally from Virtual Topic to the consumer
AMQ-6221ActiveMQTextMessage should synchronize on state changes
AMQ-6222Message content can be cleared by mistake when isReduceMemoryFootprint is enabled
AMQ-6235SimpleDiscoveryAgent doesn't honor it's configured initialReconnectDelay
AMQ-6240Producer cannot be terminated when slow consumer is detected
AMQ-6246STOMP: Unprefixed composite destination values not properly parsed
AMQ-6248Failover - transport connected to one broker fails due to error in connection to another broker
AMQ-6250MultiKahaDBTransactionStore should have null protection in close
AMQ-6254Durable wildcard subscription causes memory leak after broker restart
AMQ-6256ConcurentStoreAndDispatch can lead to inconsistent message states using VM Transport
AMQ-6263AMQP: Using JMS Transformer, preserve the type of the original MessageID
AMQ-6264Deadlock on destination map - slow topic sub with slowConsumerAdvisory
AMQ-6275Error when using ws transport connector
AMQ-6285MessageDatabase doesn't properly cleanup the checkpoint scheduler on shutdown
AMQ-6286Queue order lost on repeated redelivery
AMQ-6288Message ack compaction needs to acquire the checkpoint lock
AMQ-6290JMS Pool reconnection logic not always reliable
AMQ-6303Message ack rewrite does not always set the right journal file type code
AMQ-6305AMQP: Drain requests can go unaswered in certain cases.
AMQ-6317ActiveMQ createSchemaStatements are not executed on init if a previous createSchemaStatement failed on execution
AMQ-6340Queue order lost on consumer close in some cases
AMQ-6350PooledConnectionFactory throws 'IllegalStateException: Pool not open' after re-init
AMQ-6361Message can remain inflight after consumer side expiration acknowledgements
AMQ-6370JDBC message store - jdbc connection pool - potential deadlock with cleanup task when pool exhausted
AMQ-6372KahaDB reader pool not releasing unused open files till deletion - too many open files
AMQ-6376IOException on pageIn should involve IOExeceptionHandler
AMQ-6378KahaDb recover from corrupt metadata state locations that can be rebuilt
AMQ-6389LoggingBrokerPlugin logs a message size equal to 0
AMQ-6392Allow host name mapping with publishedAddressPolicy on a transportConnector
AMQ-6406kahadb concurrentStoreAndDispatch - duplicate suppression in cursor needs to wait for possible store add
AMQ-6413kahadb concurrentStoreAndDispatch - producer audit managed by store is skipped
CAMEL-1022DOT generator (Visualizor) - Doen't handle that pipeline is default
COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4902Fuse 6.2.1 failed to handle maven repository url with special characters like "@" for authentication parameters.
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5818Upgrade httpclient version to latest, at a minimum > 4.3.4
ENTESB-5872Unable to send JSON/Object to activemq in Camel
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTMQ-1160When ActiveMQ encountered exception during rollback, the message is stuck instead of retry the rollback.
ENTMQ-1180Offline Durable Topic Subscription exceeds memory limits
ENTMQ-1419Second connection request with Durable subscriber throws "Setting clientID on a used Connection is not allowed"
ENTMQ-1421Broker starts on corrupted kahadb despite checkForCorruptJournalFiles="true" and ignoreMissingJournalfiles="false"
ENTMQ-1426originalDestination property of advisory messages set to message id in error
ENTMQ-1428AMQ4126Test#testOpenwireNIOSSLWithCertificate fails with JDK8
ENTMQ-1434StompSubscriptionRemoveTest hangs on Solaris with JDK8
ENTMQ-1484Implementation of AMQ-6077 in Fuse 6.2.1 is incomplete
ENTMQ-1517The does not startup properly
ENTMQ-1584Threads Blocked On ActiveMQConnection.ensureConnectionInfoSent
ENTMQ-1656Enable configuration for mqtt-over-ws transport
ENTMQ-1681Issue with message ordering after transaction rollback
ENTMQ-1683*:help missing descriptions for activemq commands
ENTMQ-1708The connection to 'tcp://...' is taking a long time to shutdown
ENTMQ-1791Regression in from ENTMQ-703 leads to metrics issue for temp transactional queues
ENTMQ-1822Broker Unable To Recover After Exceeding File Descriptor Limit
ENTMQ-1823Two clustered A-MQ nodes using JDBCPersistentAdaptor and lease database locker were active the same time
ZOOKEEPER-2380[ZOOKEEPER-2380] Deadlock between leader shutdown and forwarding ACK to the leader
ZOOKEEPER-2383[ZOOKEEPER-2383] Startup race in ZooKeeperServer

5.3. SwitchYard

Table 5.3, “SwitchYard Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.3. SwitchYard Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

CXF-6431Attachment serialization does not conform to the relevant specs
CXF-6665ClassCastException in SoapActionInInterceptor
ENTESB-3814Add missing camel-sap converters to TypeConverter file
ENTESB-3822Smooks transformer needs "org.milyn" OSGi package
ENTESB-4070policy-security-basic throws error when executing test
ENTESB-4137Unable to create SAP destination endpoints if there is no SAP server endpoint.
ENTESB-4320jca-inflow-activemq quickstart not working
ENTESB-4356Switchyard JPA does not work on IBM JDK
ENTESB-4398Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4433camel-mqtt-binding not working on Fuse
ENTESB-4436policy-security-saml quickstart throws error when undeploying
ENTESB-4445Add all missing switchyard-* artifacts to switchyard bom
ENTESB-4739HTTPS endpoint address doesn't work with HTTP proxy for RESTEasy reference binding
ENTESB-4747No SwitchYard schema is included in Fuse 6.2.1
ENTESB-4777Unable to install switchyard-http feature
ENTESB-4815Camel Enrich route not marshalled properly after 2.15.2->2.16.1 update
ENTESB-4850No bean could be found in the registry for: ConnectionFactory of type: javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
ENTESB-4895Switchyard application with two services based on a WSDL fails to deploy using Java 8
ENTESB-5016bpel-jms-binding QS on Fuse/Karaf : Username [karaf] or password is invalid
ENTESB-5018camel-amqp-binding quickstart : unsatisfied requirement
ENTESB-5025rest-binding error : dual dependency chains
ENTESB-5027ftp-binding quickstart ReadMe Fuse section needs changes
ENTESB-5055Add deltaspike module to switchyard
ENTESB-5084SwitchYard: Karaf build test failure
ENTESB-5113Message trace modifies character encoding
ENTESB-5140Verify that quickstarts do not refer to SNAPSHOT versions
ENTESB-5146Enable smooks bundle in features.xml
ENTESB-5164Change geronimo servlets 3.0 spec use to javax.servlets
ENTESB-5194can't install feature switchyard-demo-security-propagation-jms
ENTESB-5195can't install switchyard-demo-policy-security-basic
ENTESB-5208bpel: wait timer longer than 30 seconds causes process to wait indefinitely
ENTESB-5221bpel-xts-subordinate-wsba quickstart deployment fails
ENTESB-5258Re-enable org.switchyard.karaf.test.quickstarts.CamelMQTTBindingQuickstartTest
ENTESB-5264camel Mail changes to only accept lower-cased "cc/bcc" in 2.17
ENTESB-5283SecurityServices info should be cached for performance
ENTESB-5360ClassNotFoundException: javax.jws.WebService from Module org.apache.camel.cxf:main
ENTESB-5385Fix in "security-propagation-jms" quickstart
ENTESB-5416Switchyard features url adds old version of activemq features url (5.9.0)
ENTESB-5418hawtio camel inconsistent with karaf camel:context-list
ENTESB-5447bundle geronimo-servlet_2.5_spec/1.2 may cause various wiring chain issues
ENTESB-5491SY camel-jms-binding Fuse instructions need to add karaf user to etc/
ENTESB-5564transform-datamapper quickstart is missing instructions for Fuse
ENTESB-5602camel-mqtt-binding - no message received with IBM java
ENTESB-5610CNFE: org.apache.el.ExpressionFactoryImpl not found via camel-dozer
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5664Transform-datamapper quickstart has problems with target folder
ENTESB-5689Align SwitchYard
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5711Threading issue with Weld Switchyard and cxf-ws-policy
ENTESB-5881Cannot install rest-binding quickstart with Java 7
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container

5.4. Routing

Table 5.4, “Routing Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.4. Routing Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

AMQ-5652IdGenerator not optimal in port restricted enviroments.
ARIES-1544Blueprint property resolution fails for setters with derived type
CAMEL-1000Trace interceptor does not work with Spring-event component
CAMEL-1001ExceptionType handledPolicy is not exposed in the XSD
CAMEL-1003seda component - will lose message if its stopped while it polls
CAMEL-1019unexpected result in pressure testing
CAMEL-1023camel:dot - pipeline is drawn as a multicast Permission denied from MarkerFileExclusiveReadLockStrategy.acquireExclusiveReadLock on NAS
CAMEL-6256Camel xmpp dynamic router is not sending incoming messages to openfire upon first failed groupchatroom join
CAMEL-6336camel cdi uses postconstruct to inject in cdi beans
CAMEL-6720SoapJaxbDataFormat not handling correctly SOAP action with request wrapper element
CAMEL-7443Remote Print URI changed to UNC Name
CAMEL-7500Concurrent modification of exchange during retry after netty TCP failure leads to futher processing of failed messages
CAMEL-7565SFTP using PollEnrich with "disconnect=true" and "delete=true" does NOT delete the file
CAMEL-7822Feature camel-google-drive is failing
CAMEL-7849Decrypting properties via Jasypt outside of <camelContext>
CAMEL-7884camel-netty4-http does not work for HTTP POST requests on routingSlip
CAMEL-7897Camel consumes & discards activemq messages after suspension
CAMEL-7921The soapAction HTTP header is not correctly set when running the CXF client in POJO mode using Camel
CAMEL-8163socketFactory must also be set in MailConfiguration when STARTTLS is used
CAMEL-8193Frequent BlockingOperationExceptions under load
CAMEL-8241Exec command failures using Java 8 on Unix
CAMEL-8270camel-rabbitmq: exchangeName in URI must be optional, i.e. default "" exchange
CAMEL-8302Rabbitmq shouldn't require/bind queue if not specified
CAMEL-8393Redelivery doesn't work correctly on Dynamic Routers
CAMEL-8431Consume all files in aws S3 bucket where deleteAfterRead = false
CAMEL-8437Simple bean call doesn't like parenthesis in parameter values
CAMEL-8455camel-linkedin - update_key option should be optional in getHistoricalStatusUpdateStatistics
CAMEL-8456Remove addCompanyUpdateComment endpoint from camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8457Correct return types of some endpoints in camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8458camel-linkedin - public_profile_url option should be String
CAMEL-8460camel-spring-boot - Routes restart during startup
CAMEL-8461camel-netty-http does not respect client's keep-alive setting
CAMEL-8462HttpServerChannelHandler should not store the instance of HttpRequest
CAMEL-8464Remove likeCompanyUpdate endpoint from camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8466Feature camel-linkedin is missing dependencies for xalan, xerces and xmlresolver
CAMEL-8467Update camel-linkedin and camel-box components to use servicemix bundle for htmlunit
CAMEL-8469Several enum types should generate lower case values in camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8470Several small fixes for camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8471Port IdGenerator not optimal in port restricted environments.
CAMEL-8475CamelSpringDelegatingTestContextLoader and TestNG
CAMEL-8476Unexpected behavior in fault handling with doTry/doCatch
CAMEL-8479TrapReceiveTest is failed within Camel 2.15.0
CAMEL-8480camel-catalog has unnecessary imports if it cannot access some other artifacts
CAMEL-8484File language - Should support file extensions with multiple dots such as tar.gz
CAMEL-8492BeanInfo introspection ignores overriden methods
CAMEL-8498CamelContextFactoryBean missing setEndpoints method
CAMEL-8500ClassCastException when something other than PropertiesComponent is bound to "properties" JNDI name
CAMEL-8504Failed to process Schematron XSLT templates and/or rules on windows
CAMEL-8505Missed CamelSchematronValidationStatus header
CAMEL-8510NPE will be thrown from doAppend() of PaxLoggingConsumer during load testing
CAMEL-8515Camel marshal/unmarshal - Should catch throwable in case dataformat causes an java.lang.Error
CAMEL-8519Salesforce component security listener does not replace old auth header
CAMEL-8520Camel XMPP doesn't use a DNS resolver to look at SRV records
CAMEL-8521camel-script - Should try all classloaders before throwing IAE
CAMEL-8530can't install camel-github feature in karaf
CAMEL-8540S3Consumer uses maxMessagesPerPoll incorrectly
CAMEL-8546No LanguageResolver found for language=js
CAMEL-8547Usage of camel-xmlbeans depends on TCCL
CAMEL-8556AnnotationTypeConverterLoader treats package as class
CAMEL-8566Feature camel-cxf doesn't install all required dependencies
CAMEL-8568Feature camel-swagger doesn't install all required dependencies
CAMEL-8573Feature camel-hbase doesn't install all required dependencies
CAMEL-8574Feature camel-hdfs doesn't install all required dependencies
CAMEL-8575Salesforce component doesn't properly retries the request when doing re-login
CAMEL-8578camel-http - May double encode uri when using HTTP_URI or HTTP_QUERY headers
CAMEL-8584Circuit breaker does not honour halfOpenAfter period
CAMEL-8585The lazy load option doesn't unlock the file
CAMEL-8587Exceptions from multicast aggregators are not propagated to the global exception handler
CAMEL-8589url.getPort returning -1, needs additional check
CAMEL-8592NPE in AbstractListAggregationStrategy if empty list
CAMEL-8597Elasticsearch component ignores indexType header set from endpoint URL
CAMEL-8607Camel endpoint RAW password unsafe characters
CAMEL-8609Remove open-jpa bundle from camel-jpa feature
CAMEL-8624Bean component - Potential NPE in BeanInfo
CAMEL-8626Leaking exchangesInFlightKeys in ManagedRoute
CAMEL-8628camel-dozer component fails when multiple expressions are used in a mapping
CAMEL-8636camel-kafka need to commit the last batch of messages when the auto commit is false
CAMEL-8639Camel FTP component cannot recover after network failure
CAMEL-8643Http Post from a streaming client sometimes fails to parse
CAMEL-8646Camel doesn't allow intercept and advice on the same route
CAMEL-8649Camel RAW() cannot handle String of %2050
CAMEL-8660camel-ftp - Disconnect when no messages dont call disconnect
CAMEL-8663Namespaces defined on the SOAP envelope get lost in PAYLOAD mode
CAMEL-8665Throttler EIP - Using method call for message per sec exp fails in spring
CAMEL-8672Restlet Rest Component properties are ignored
CAMEL-8673ConcurrentModificationException when creating dynamic routes
CAMEL-8674Camel-Netty4 does not set remote UDP address in headers
CAMEL-8678Infinite recursion in TransactionErrorHandler toString method
CAMEL-8682Context scoped OnException should not be stopped if a route is stopped
CAMEL-8683Using load balancer in onException adds duplicate outputs for each route defined
CAMEL-8687SyslogConverter doesn't handle the structured data rightly
CAMEL-8688Removed StreamCache when doing a Wiretap
CAMEL-8689camel-dozer: Multiple contexts / bundles - Does not use the correct classloader
CAMEL-8690Camel HDFS2 - ShutdownHookManager class not found when shutting down OSGi framework
CAMEL-8694java.lang.NullPointerException in at org.apache.camel.component.netty4.http.NettyHttpProducer$NettyHttpProducerCallback.done
CAMEL-8702when occurs "Connection reset by peer",netty4 client's EventLoopGroup select thread won't shut down
CAMEL-8707camel-smpp: smpps doesn't work over proxy
CAMEL-8708SOAP unmarshalling shouldn't fail for Faults that lack an optional Detail element
CAMEL-8713ParallelAggregate option when using parallel mode does not run in parallel
CAMEL-8715camel-sql - Should close ResultSet
CAMEL-8717camel-kafka feature miss kafka-clients bundle
CAMEL-8718Connection leak with ftp consumer and invalid credentials
CAMEL-8737camel-salesforce - Unable to generate DTOs for Filtered Lookup fields
CAMEL-8738Referring to constants using type
CAMEL-8742RabbitMqConsumer did not retry if connection failed
CAMEL-8745Swagger requires context name with quotes
CAMEL-8746Jasypt with BridgePropertyPlaceholderConfigurer is not handling spring property injection with defaults anymore
CAMEL-8747camel-rx - Should leverage UoW when subscribe or observe
CAMEL-8748DozerBeanMapper cannot instantiate DozerThreadContextClassLoader
CAMEL-8756KafkaConsumer doesn't stop consuming when suspended, preventing graceful route shutdown
CAMEL-8757SO_TIMEOUT not really set on SFTP connections
CAMEL-8758NPE for CacheComponent
CAMEL-8764Camel-Spring-Redis: Jedis bundle require commons-pool2
CAMEL-8765JpaConsumer - May poll too soon before JPA stuff is initialized
CAMEL-8768hdfs2 component overwrite option is also being applied to directory filesystem path
CAMEL-8770Camel Blueprint - depends-on does not work
CAMEL-8771Add MaxChannelMemorySize and MaxTotalMemorySize for OrderedMemoryAwareThreadPoolExecutor
CAMEL-8774DefaultJettyHttpBinding preserves CONTEXT_ENCODING from the request even HTTP response doesn't contain the header
CAMEL-8780Camel exec component have trouble to load arguments list from message header
CAMEL-8782Configuring endpoints using reference lookup may fail with matching primitive types with their Object counterpart types
CAMEL-8783Transacted not working correctly in scala
CAMEL-8784Policy, Validate, Wiretap Scala DSL don't work out of box
CAMEL-8785StackOverFlowError using Custom InterceptStrategy
CAMEL-8786The ServletContext init parameters check is not right in CamelServletContextListener
CAMEL-8798weaveAddLast throwing UnsupportedOperation when route have a ChoiceDefinition
CAMEL-8803Conflicting classes in camel-jetty9 Maven artifact dependencies
CAMEL-8804NullPointerException in RestSwaggerReader
CAMEL-8805NullPointerException on RestletComponent.disconnect
CAMEL-8810Camel CXF may propagate wrong Content-Length headers
CAMEL-8812Memory leak in HL7MLLPNettyDecoder
CAMEL-8816Elasticsearch component fails in an OSGi environment due to missing names.txt
CAMEL-8829ConcurrentModificationException while logging
CAMEL-8841camel:context-inflight returns 'Object name cannot be null'
CAMEL-8858Camel-Hazelcast: HazelcastComponentHelper miss some operations in mapping
CAMEL-8864Camel-Aggregator JDBC repository always overwrites old exchange
CAMEL-8871null body after exception from transform method
CAMEL-8874camel-blueprint-archetypes should have test dependency of camel-test-blueprint
CAMEL-8884camel:run with CDI has been reported to not work
CAMEL-8885ConsumeLockEntity without ConsumeDelete
CAMEL-8887Exceptions on routes SFTP and SEDA or DISRUPTOR (probably others)
CAMEL-8888Camel-Aws EC2: Add getMessageForResponse to the producer as the other components already do
CAMEL-8895camel-swagger component throws exception, when multiple different camel-contexts in jmx
CAMEL-8898ElementNotFoundException on LinkedIn authentication
CAMEL-8900Javadoc parser in API Component Framework misses first method with void return type in JDK7
CAMEL-8901NBSP characters in camel-kafka:KafkaConfiguration parameter
CAMEL-8902Camel Facebook - Endpoint URI must contain a parameter
CAMEL-8904Breadcrumb ID changes when using netty4-http as a producer
CAMEL-8905encoding problems in jsonpath
CAMEL-8909Jasypt CLI outputs help twice
CAMEL-8914Unable to shutdown endpoint when intercepted with interceptSendToEndpoint
CAMEL-8916Support autoCreate=true in ftp/ftps/sftp consumers
CAMEL-8923Kafka: Topic name lookup from message headers in the producer causes infinite loop
CAMEL-8927camel-ahc-ws - Do not swallow exception when connecting
CAMEL-8933mail consumer (imap) polls continuously (not using the default polling interval)
CAMEL-8945Loop - Should break out looping if exception happened during routing
CAMEL-8949Netty 3 component spins on receiving TCP RST
CAMEL-8950Injected Quartz2 scheduler doesn't have access to CamelContext in jobs
CAMEL-8951RecipientList with RAW parameter do not work
CAMEL-8954Lock information is not handovered together with Exchange on-completion synchronizations
CAMEL-8955Processor for .pollEnrich incorrectly handles provided AggregationStrategy
CAMEL-8957adviceWith() doesn't work with loadBalance().failover()
CAMEL-8963camel:route-suspend karaf command doesn't work as expected
CAMEL-8964CamelContext - API for control routes may cause Route not to update it state
CAMEL-8967Karaf Camel command for route profile has karaf rbac problem
CAMEL-8978Setting of SOAP headers via the Camel Header "org.apache.cxf.headers.Header.list" not working for CXF data format "PAYLOAD"
CAMEL-8984BlueprintCamelContext OSGi service is not unregistered when context is stopped
CAMEL-8988Can't manually trigger quartz2 jobs
CAMEL-8989SJMS drops messages with null body even if allowNullBody is true
CAMEL-9005Yammer - Endpoint "received" does not work
CAMEL-9012Olingo2's batch process generates the invalid request
CAMEL-9013Camel HTTP no longer supporting chunked transfer encoding with Tomcat
CAMEL-9017Camel-Hazelcast: HazelcastAggregationRepository::confirm should check useRecovery before using persistedCache
CAMEL-9019ManagedRuntimeEndpointRegistry was not enlisted in JMX
CAMEL-9022JacksonTypeConverter breaks CSV marshalling
CAMEL-9026ClassNotFoundException: kafka.serializer.StringEncoder
CAMEL-9027camel-sjms - Parse destinationName from endpointUri having colon in the name
CAMEL-9029JGroups managed routes can be started too early
CAMEL-9030The instructions for camel-example-box-osgi are incorrect
CAMEL-9031Dependency missing in camel-kafka feature
CAMEL-9032Bean component - Should filter out abstract methods
CAMEL-9035unbind smpp connection bug
CAMEL-9037DefaultJmsMessageListenerContainer leaks threads
CAMEL-9043Fix camel-example-cxf-osgi/blueprint examples
CAMEL-9048camel-core causes restart of karaf console if it is refreshed
CAMEL-9049Websocket Component not shutting down embedded jetty server on component shutdown
CAMEL-9057Camel Example Servlet REST generates java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/xml/PrettyPrinter
CAMEL-9059Jetty exposes its endpoint without component name
CAMEL-9065Exchange created needs to be aware of its FROM endpoint.
CAMEL-9079XPathBuilder - Evaluate without exchange inconsistent response
CAMEL-9087camel-pgevent payload always null
CAMEL-9089Ambiguous URI in Rest API
CAMEL-9090camel-cxf - test dependency not in test scope?
CAMEL-9092MQTT consumer receives duplicate messages after broker restart
CAMEL-9094Can't use custom FTPParser on OSGI
CAMEL-9099[camel-script] wrong detection of script engine factories
CAMEL-9101RabbitMQ specific message properties are forwarded as message headers
CAMEL-9104HttpHelper concats fixed endpoint URI query parameters with CamelHttpPath header in wrong order
CAMEL-9106URI option mapMailMessage doesn't obey peek=true option
CAMEL-9112Problem upgrading to Camel 2.14.3 in Karaf 3.0.4
CAMEL-9121activemq-camel pulls in outdated version of commons-pool2
CAMEL-9122Ruby script cannot access request object
CAMEL-9124RedeliveryPattern should support property placeholders
CAMEL-9126camel-swagger may see unrelated type=context mbeans
CAMEL-9127SmppConsumer throws IllegalArgumentException if the delivery receipt contains vendor specific optional parameters
CAMEL-9130"need to add the dependency of jedis as redis client lib"
CAMEL-9139Reading parameter not configurable via header in camel-facebook
CAMEL-9140Missing configuration properties in camel-facebook
CAMEL-9142dropped support for multiple blueprint descriptors in unit tests
CAMEL-9143Producers that implement the ServicePoolAware interface cause memory leak due to JMX references
CAMEL-9144Regression with camel-jackson 2.15.3
CAMEL-9150Seda suspend/resume should not trigger start/stop logic
CAMEL-9151Wrong statistics for subroutes
CAMEL-9159wireTap("log: ...") leads to script engine error
CAMEL-9161Camel spring-boot not finding routes when using spring-cloud
CAMEL-9164errorHandlerRef causes NoSuchBeanException on uninstall
CAMEL-9166Some functionality broken in Camel-8857
CAMEL-9171camel-xmpp processes no messages when running in Karaf
CAMEL-9177combination of JPA-Component, loop and wiretap throws entitymanger cloesd exception
CAMEL-9183java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported namespaces: []
CAMEL-9191camel-example-spring-jms ServerRoutes contains invalid URI parameter methodName
CAMEL-9195Memory leak in UndertowProducer
CAMEL-9196CLONE - DefaultShutdownStrategy shutdown timeout of 0 will never timeout and go in negative time
CAMEL-9199RabbitMQ Consumer threads crash when sending partially serializable objects
CAMEL-9200Context component conflates endpoints with the same local id from different CamelContexts
CAMEL-9202Flatpack: Body reader never closed
CAMEL-9205REST endpoint with CORS sends invalid header value for Access-Control-Allow-Origin
CAMEL-9208camel-netty4-http does not resolve nettyHttpBinding option
CAMEL-9215Missing .handled(true) in Camel 2.16.0 when using wiretap and newExchangeBody
CAMEL-9217URI validation verifies usage of & char incorrectly
CAMEL-9220swagger - Model schema not including nested objects
CAMEL-9223IllegalArgumentException when reverting fields using property placeholders
CAMEL-9227No type converter available to convert from Bean to List
CAMEL-9230CXFRS NPE when response code not in Response.Status
CAMEL-9231camel-example-spring-ws - Does not work
CAMEL-9233ZipFileDataFormat doesn't take exchange's charset into account
CAMEL-9235No type converter available when destination is super type
CAMEL-9238NPE while GenericFile.changeFileName
CAMEL-9243Invocation of Bean fails when Bean extends and abstract which implements the actual method
CAMEL-9245camel-paho - Endpoint should allow a flexible naming.
CAMEL-9246camel-cxf proxy with MTOM does not get attachment back when RPC/literal style WSDL used
CAMEL-9247rest-dsl with api-doc should allow multiple rest's
CAMEL-9248Exception is thrown when receiving a message where JMSDestination is null
CAMEL-9255documentType not used for XPath predicates in XML DSL
CAMEL-9257route stop/start doesn't work for camel-websocket producer
CAMEL-9259enableTrace of the Main class doesn't work
CAMEL-9269NotifyBuilder.fromRoute() does not work for some endpoint types
CAMEL-9270rest-dsl - CORS support doesn't work with Restlet 2.3 requires an APPID id since 09/10/2015
CAMEL-9276Netty4 component allows multiple consumers to bind to the same {host}:{port}
CAMEL-9277FTP shutdown whole context on startup if throwExceptionOnConnectFailed true
CAMEL-9281Http4 component removes trailing slashes from http requests (producer)
CAMEL-9282IndexOutOfBoundsException if SoapAction parameter is empty
CAMEL-9290netty4 consumer in clientMode only reconnects once
CAMEL-9311Concurrency issue with the dynamic router
CAMEL-9313CamelBlueprintTestSupport - can't initialize ConfigAdmin configurations
CAMEL-9316LevelDBAggregationRepository is logging warnings when exchange is already complete on first aggregation
CAMEL-9318org.apache.camel.component.twitter.TwitterEndpointEvent cannot be cast to
CAMEL-9319SshClient resource leak when used from ProducerTemplate
CAMEL-9321Blueprint example and archetype does not work when executed with camel:run
CAMEL-9331Thread leak in Http4Endpoint, doStop() does not close() the httpClient
CAMEL-9340FileIdempotentRepository fails to create fileStore when no path is specified
CAMEL-9347camel-blueprint - Fix auto lookup of transaction policy
CAMEL-9362Camel CDI component should not require the PAX CDI Camel capability
CAMEL-9366CXFRS "skipFaultLogging" attribute doesn't work in Spring
CAMEL-9368Netty4 producer hangs when connection is prematurely closed
CAMEL-9374camel-mail - The dummyTrustManager do not work
CAMEL-9375camel-tarfile - TarSplitter includes one extra empty entry at the end
CAMEL-9381Upgrade camel-amqp to the latest qpid-jms-client
CAMEL-9384Host HTTP header should contain a port number if it differs form 80
CAMEL-9386Camel-git: Support credentials in clone operation
CAMEL-9391Set parameter enableEventsResending should be before Atmosphere wrap request
CAMEL-9398NullPointerException when connectionKey is not valid
CAMEL-9405Amazon SQS message deletion behaviour change on exception
CAMEL-9406Request Reply via RabbitMQ not handling reply correctly
CAMEL-9411Remove old stuff
CAMEL-9417SOAP 1.2 Fault processing should use value of Reasontext to build exception message
CAMEL-9423dependency on restlet in camel-rx module does have default scope
CAMEL-9424CronScheduledRoutePolicy regression introduced with 2.16, setting both start and stop route times fails with duplicate trigger
CAMEL-9425base.path, host, and schemes are all ignored for generating the swagger definitions
CAMEL-9426spring-boot with rest-dsl with api-doc registers multiple instances with multiple RouteBuilders
CAMEL-9431camel-spring-boot - TypeConverter autoconfiguration leads to invalid shutdown sequence
CAMEL-9432Bindy CSV separator not treated as regex but fixed character in all cases
CAMEL-9438Unable to use camel-example-cxf
CAMEL-9439Cannot use camel-geocoder in Karaf
CAMEL-9442Query string gets decoded when bridging from netty-http to http4
CAMEL-9444Incorrect exceptions handling from Splitter
CAMEL-9459Cannot install camel-kubernetes in karaf
CAMEL-9462HTTP 1.1 Host header be dealt wrongly in proxy & load balancer
CAMEL-9468Bindy fails to marshal objects in Spring Boot
CAMEL-9480IdempotentConsumer - If exception from repo it should be able to handle by onException
CAMEL-9483Deploying bundle with Camel routes packaged in KAR fails randomly
CAMEL-9491statement.maxRows not working as expected camel jdbc
CAMEL-9503OnCompletion - restores the rollback only last in the wrong key
CAMEL-9505RabbitMQConsumer don't use Camel ExceptionHandler BEFORE requeing message
CAMEL-9506STOMP component does not handle stream objects
CAMEL-9509camel-cometd is not working with camel 2.15.2
CAMEL-9522Groovy does not work with spring boot
CAMEL-9526Blueprint depends-on can no longer contain multiple bean ids
CAMEL-9527camel-netty4 - Should not log stacktrace when client has received reply
CAMEL-9528Camel loadbalancing example is broken
CAMEL-9532Default value given in RestOperationParamDefinition not output in swagger api
CAMEL-9543Discovering new type converters in OSGi wipes out those manually added
CAMEL-9545Dozer classloading may fail with spring based context
CAMEL-9553Twitter consumer doesn't respect the delay parameter
CAMEL-9555Setting deadLetterHandleNewException to false breaks DeadLetterChannel default exception handling
CAMEL-9557Facebook consumer throws IllegalArgumentException with reading parameters
CAMEL-9558DefaultErrorHandler logs despite "handled true"
CAMEL-9560RabbitMQ InOut Producer generates a null body response when a correlationId is used
CAMEL-9566camel-asf-ws component does not reconnect to the web socket
CAMEL-9569Idempotent Consumer EIP - Memory leak when add/remove routes
CAMEL-9576ClassLoadingAwareObjectInputStream cannot handle deserializing proxies with mixed JDK & non-JDK interfaces
CAMEL-9582swagger-api docs not working in only using xml without any java route
CAMEL-9593camel-example-swagger-cdi is not producing valid swagger definition
CAMEL-9599camel-cxfrs - When responding then do not use content-length from input
CAMEL-9607chmod does not work for the File producer whitout setting a charset
CAMEL-9608camel-jpa consumer fails to poll after transaction timeout
CAMEL-9611Restlet GET request should not trying to stringify the exchange body
CAMEL-9613camel-spark-rest - Adds duplicate content-type
CAMEL-9614xsd schemalocation for osgi blueprint is using http instead of https
CAMEL-9636CamelBlueprintTestSupport - initialization error in case of empty cm:property-placeholder
CAMEL-9640Query string gets decoded when bridging from netty*-http to netty*-http
CAMEL-9641Simple backwards parser bug if using file
CAMEL-9656Using SpringBoot HealthEndpoint bean throws AmbiguousMethodCallException
CAMEL-9658Path gets decoded when bridging HTTP endpoints
CAMEL-9660HTTP producers crash when Exchange.HTTP_URI header contains unencoded unsafe characters
CAMEL-9664DefaultRestletBinding.populateRestletRequestFromExchange uses wrong mediaType comparison
CAMEL-9665camel-ahc-ws Consumer does not connect
CAMEL-9666Safe copy of DefaultExchange does not propagate 'fault' property
CAMEL-9667Resequencer does not work with asynchronous producers
CAMEL-9668Add lzf to DataFormatsDefinition
CAMEL-9670Camel-ftp: No error message on invalid credentials
CAMEL-9672ClassCastException with interceptFrom
CAMEL-9673doTry .. doFinally should run the finally block for fault messages also
CAMEL-9680Stream caching is broken under Spring Boot
CAMEL-9686camel-aws - Using cron scheduler on aws-s3 do not work
CAMEL-9687camel-swagger - Should use resolved placeholders in output
CAMEL-9698camel-servlet karaf feature misses dependency on camel-core
CAMEL-9700seda - discardIfNoConsumers=true do not call on completions
CAMEL-9703Infinispan endpoint requires infinispan-query-dsl
CAMEL-9710Camel Dozer Component - Fails to load custom function due to NPE
CAMEL-9713Can not set custom Jetty HttpClient to producer endpoint
CAMEL-9714camel-boon - Unmarshal to Map does not work
CAMEL-9728change Reader to InputStream if the camel-cxf endpoint use RAW|MESSAGE DataFormat
CAMEL-9730NPE in camel-jaxb when using in OSGi running from CamelTestBlueprint
CAMEL-9731Camel-josql: the sql script language does not work
CAMEL-9732camel-swagger-java - Issue in appendModels in the reader
CAMEL-9738Thread leak for camel-mina2 consumers
CAMEL-9739Mina2Consumer exception handler do close session also for IOException
CAMEL-9767CDI deployment problem in JBoss EAP 6.3
CAMEL-9774CXFPayload may lose CDATA sections under stream caching
CAMEL-9777camel-zipfile - Using zip iterator with dataformat may fail
CAMEL-9779camel-netty4-http - Using no port number issue
CAMEL-9780Cannot install camel-hazelcast in Karaf 3.x
CAMEL-9784Camel polling the files from S3 only once if deleteAfterRead is false
CAMEL-9793PropertyPlaceHolder not loading Property, thinks it is a Parameter
CAMEL-9794camel-http4 - The producer should check the response header in the reply for content-type
CAMEL-9805camel-sql - body not copied from in to out when useing outputHeader and outputType=SelectOne when sql doesn't return a result
CAMEL-9807Blocking of CXF consumer endpoint by http GET request
CAMEL-9812Camel leaves Kafka consumers running after shutdown
CAMEL-9819camel-jetty8 test missing dependency
CAMEL-9820SFTP readLock=changed does not work with readLockMinAge option
CAMEL-9821camel-cxf should be able to handle InOnly MEP for the RAW|MESSAGE dataFormat
CAMEL-9834WatchConsumer does not properly set watchIndex
CAMEL-9841NPE in MIME-Multipart Data Format if no file name is defined on attachment
CAMEL-9851Zookeeper RoutePolicy failing to create znode
CAMEL-9852Camel-weather: is no longer available. Need switch to something else.
CAMEL-9853Camel-CXF: Possible NPE in DefaultCXFBinding
CAMEL-9854CXF Stream Cache contains duplicate namespace definition
CAMEL-9862Potential NPE in UndertowComponent.unregisterConsumer
CAMEL-9866@PropertyInject doesn't work with Spring-Boot
CAMEL-9874Camel Jetty consumer endpoint incorrectly handles multipart/form-data
CAMEL-9876Error handling in splitter is broken with version 2.17.0
CAMEL-9881Aggregator completionPredicate unusable with scala DSL
CAMEL-9887onCompletion not called on Splitter configured with CompletionAwareAggregationStrategy and shareUnitOfWork=true
CAMEL-9890Migrate Camel-websocket to Jetty9
CAMEL-9891ApplicationReadyEvent not dispatched if camel.springboot.main-run-controller = true
CAMEL-9896Deadletter Failure processor is invoked even if error handling strategy defines to continue routing
CAMEL-9903DumpRouteStatsAsXml do not work when jmx domain is customized
CAMEL-9906camel-sql - Should allow null values as a valid value
CAMEL-9911RestBindingMode auto not honored
CAMEL-9920Handle SocketTimeoutException on accept
CAMEL-9921Dozer variable mapping doesn't work on karaf
CAMEL-9926HTTP Proxy support in Salesforce component is broken with upgrade to Jetty9
CAMEL-9929camel-restlet - Using synchronous=false with no error handler leak inflight exchange
CAMEL-9933Camel-CSV marshalling breaks characters not in default charset
CAMEL-9941Blueprint bug ARIES-1544 causes issues in Olingo2 configuration
CAMEL-9950Camel-Websocket: NPE in case minThreads, maxThreads and getThreadPool equals to null
CAMEL-9951Setup default values for thread-connected properties in WebSocket component
CAMEL-9953Camel-ssh: Review logic in doStart and doStop in the SshConsumer and SshProducer
CAMEL-9960create ReaderInputStream align encoding with Exchange
CAMEL-9968camel restlet not populating body form parameters correctly for x-www-form-urlencoded
CAMEL-9972Explicitly add Connection Close HTTP header with a parameter in URI
CAMEL-9973CdiCamelExtension.shouldDeployDefaultCamelContext throws NPE with primitive injection points
CAMEL-9978Camel-Kafka: configuration type mismatch for parameter acks
CAMEL-9981CamelSpringJUnit4ClassRunner registers listeners twice
CAMEL-9984RabbitConsumer.stop() doesn't stop underlying AutorecoveringConnection obtained from supplied ConnectionFactory
CAMEL-9986MIME-Multipart Data Format is inconsistent if trying to unmarshal non-MIME data
CAMEL-9995Camel-JMS: includeAllJMSXProperties parameter doesn't work
ENTESB-2799Improper Handling of Spring NullPointerException
ENTESB-4223Feature camel-spring security does not install spring-security-config bundle
ENTESB-4811Camel 2.17.x.redhat-6-3-x-checkin has multiple test failures
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-5007Unable to install camel-websocket and camel-cometd feature
ENTESB-5134Fuse on EAP: Hawtio findComponentNames lookup fails
ENTESB-5180can't install camel-cdi - incorrect dependency in features.xml
ENTESB-5181can't install feature camel-hdfs
ENTESB-5187can't install feature camel-hbase
ENTESB-5211NullPointerException in camel-cxf consumer with dataFormat=MESSAGE and JMS transport at the end of Camel route
ENTESB-5237Can't pass a large, form-encoded POST body through camel-jetty
ENTESB-5406can't install feature camel-ignite
ENTESB-5407gson two dependency chains jclouds, camel-ironmq
ENTESB-5440camel-cassandraql component does not preserve headers
ENTESB-5457Camel WebSocket consumer cannot create server (NullPointerException)
ENTESB-5509jms failing on osgi.wiring.package=javax.jms)(version>=1.1.0)(!(version>=2.0.0)
ENTESB-5516Null Pointer On Deployment When Jetty Bean is used in Blueprint with REST DSL
ENTESB-5543fix camel-jetty* features
ENTESB-5570Upgrade jgroups version (TCCL issue)
ENTESB-5575HDFS2 component - ClassNotFoundException - org.apache.htrace.SamplerBuilder
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5666woodstox-core-asl : Jar is not a bundle
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5950can't install feature camel-olingo2
ZOOKEEPER-2380[ZOOKEEPER-2380] Deadlock between leader shutdown and forwarding ACK to the leader
ZOOKEEPER-2383[ZOOKEEPER-2383] Startup race in ZooKeeperServer
ENTESB-4715support for camel-sap in Fabric mode
ENTESB-5616Fix SAP Component build of SAP Data Layer update site
ENTESB-5801Can't build camel-sap-repository in brew

5.5. Camel on JBoss EAP

Table 5.5, “Camel on JBoss EAP Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.5. Camel on JBoss EAP Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

ENTESB-5838camel-restlet throws NCDFE for URLEncodedUtils
ENTESB-5867Use of '${body.replaceAll()}' leads to logger warning
ENTESB-5780Add support for camel-ldap
ENTESB-5675Add support for camel-smpp
ENTESB-5724Cannot build wildfly-camel / missing slf4j-log4j12 artefact
ENTESB-5667Braintree module.xml dependency problem
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments to Red Hat versions
ENTESB-5647add MRRC EA repo to support alpha releases
ENTESB-5578jython-2.5.3.jar contains natives and needs investigation
ENTESB-5511Ensure that jackson annotations are visible to deployment ClassLoader
ENTESB-5503Update to fuse-patch-2.4.0
ENTESB-5505Fix bug where camel subsystem config could be added multiple times
ENTESB-5485Remove hard coded namespace from camel-servergroup XML
ENTESB-5282Add REST DSL test coverage for Jackson annotated classes
ENTESB-5380Align with Camel bsh dependency version
ENTESB-5255Upgrade to fuse patch 2.3.0
ENTESB-5314Upgrade to jboss-eap-6.4.7.GA (7.5.7.Final-redhat-3)
ENTESB-5282Add JacksonDataFormat marshalling test coverage for Jackson annotated classes
ENTESB-5141Update to camel 2.17
ENTESB-5137Increase timeout values for camel-braintree integration tests
ENTESB-5205Need to add org.slf4j dependency to org.apache.camel.xml module
ENTESB-5134Hawtio findComponentNames lookup fails
ENTESB-5028Add spring-context-support module to Fuse on EAP
ENTESB-3335Reinstate hawtio tests
ENTESB-4995Fix potential classloader leaks in ContextCreateHandlerRegistryService
ENTESB-4664Add camel-braintree component
ENTESB-5072Update to fuse-patch-2.1.0
ENTESB-4281Remove references to community documentation from README files
ENTESB-5006Expose HttpOperationFailedException from org.apache.camel.component.http4
ENTESB-4769Rework example to not use unsupported embedded ActiveMQ broker
ENTESB-4389Add hawtio fuse branding plugin to the ditro
ENTESB-4618Dozer classloading may fail with spring based context
ENTESB-4900Dozer cannot find org.apache.el.ExpressionFactory
ENTESB-4606Port camel-swagger-java to Fuse EAP
ENTESB-4828elasticsearch may incorrectly wire to the default lucene slot
ENTESB-4607Port camel-elasticsearch to Fuse-EAP
ENTESB-4790Examples fail with camel-2.16-redhat
ENTESB-4780Update to camel-2.16
ENTESB-4615Remove references to obsolete configuration files
ENTESB-4520Fix bug with email form field
ENTESB-4227Add module dependncies to support JPA idempotent consumers
ENTESB-4214Unable to configure JDBC idempotent consumers

5.6. Web Services

Table 5.6, “Web Services Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.6. Web Services Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
CXF-1194Schema Validation & MTOM fails
CXF-4109UriInfo getHost caches first request's host and always returns that on subsequent calls
CXF-4817JAX-RS AsyncResponse implementation needs to call AsyncContext.complete after the request is done
CXF-5348Exception mappers implementing ExceptionMapper through an abstract class are not mapped to the declared exception
CXF-5640CXF bundle is not compatible with new spring features from Karaf
CXF-5688Problem Parsing FIQL Involving Enums
CXF-5744@XmlTransient behavior change in WSDL fault content
CXF-5788JMS replyToDestination doesn't work
CXF-5795Reading the entity from a Response with 202 - Accepted causes NullPointerException
CXF-5844Annotations inherited from interface not merged with annotations from implementing method
CXF-5846ClassCastException in org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.BinaryDataProvider & SourceProvider
CXF-5862NullPointerException in class CustomizationParser
CXF-5878Disabling policy engine causes NPE
CXF-5897Relax setter method name restriction for @context injection
CXF-5898Feature wss4j should be updated after saaj-impl version change
CXF-5899JAX-RS 2.0 Configuration injection is not supported if DynamicFeature is not registered
CXF-5900websocket destination in osgi fails to start after being stopped
CXF-5904wadl2java -inheritResourceParams don't generate parent parameter
CXF-5906Claim Manager only parses first claim value
CXF-5910Filters registered by DynamicFeatures match on overloaded resource methods.
CXF-5911SoapFault's lang property is not set in case of SOAP 1.1 faults
CXF-5913logStacktrace Property Not Implemented in MapEventLogger
CXF-5916WADL contains wrong parameter name for parameter beans
CXF-5917SAMLP Response Validator does not decrypt if EncryptedKey is the assertion element child
CXF-5920JAX-RS Link implementation (LinkBuilder) looses context path
CXF-5938LuceneQueryVisitor is not reusable / not thread-safe
CXF-5943Throw error in exceptionmapper
CXF-5946ensure unregister cxf http transport Servlet OSGi service before we re-register it
CXF-5949LogBrowser not working
CXF-5952wadl2java: process representation params
CXF-5953wadl2java: generate full class name for representation parameter
CXF-5958incorrect OSGi header in cxf-core bundle
CXF-5961wadl2java: 'required = false' don't generated for @Multipart argument
CXF-5963LuceneQueryVisitor should use analyzer to create query properly
CXF-5964JAX-RS Contexts are injected into Application class too late
CXF-5966NPE in MessageContextImpl when setting ResponseBuilder entity in an ExceptionMapper
CXF-5968Setting use.async.http.conduit property causes IllegalArgumentException
CXF-5969CXF does not pass a generic type to ParamConverterProvider
CXF-5970review org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.ProviderFactory.Message*ReaderComparator
CXF-5972Fix all karaf features definitions
CXF-5974WADLGenerator sets representation media type to application/octet-stream by default
CXF-5976incompatible with javax.xml.bind.JAXBElement error when using List<JAXBElement<Book>> as resource method param
CXF-5978Incomplete dependencies in archetype cxf-jaxrs-service
CXF-5980JAX-RS 2.0 client: response.readEntity(new GenericType<...>{}) fails with "unexpected element" UnmarshalException
CXF-5988Provide support for a pluggable parameter conversion mechanism for JAX-RS client side proxies
CXF-5989Query Params not showing up in WADL when declared using @BeanParam
CXF-5992Cannot set org.apache.cxf.stax.maxAttributeCount
CXF-5995ClientProxyImpl problem with handling @BeanParams with null headers/cookies.
CXF-5999Moving JiBX related systests into its own module.
CXF-6000Wrong default algorithm is used for TrustManagerFactory instantiation
CXF-6003jaxrs:server "basePackages" attribute doesn't initialize REST services properly
CXF-6007WebClient does not resend request in Digest authentication for HTTP methods GET, HEAD, DELETE, OPTIONS (with no body).
CXF-6010NPE in MessageModeOutInterceptor.validateFaultDetail for faults with no <detail>
CXF-6015Path parameters containing semicolon are truncated due to missing encoding
CXF-6020UrilInfo.getAbsolutePath() missing path separator between servlet url and relative url
CXF-6021WebClient has Accept defaulted to application/xml
CXF-6027oauth2 client redirect uris are never valid Fault string, and possibly fault code, not set for cxf.
CXF-6032NullPointerException while validating cert for SAML HOK
CXF-6034Wrong schemaLocation if jax-ws-catalog is used
CXF-6037in JAX-RS search there is no support for java.sql.Time in fiql
CXF-6038Repeatedly invoking setHandlerChain() can cause a build up of handler interceptors on the chain
CXF-6040need use servicemix wrapped opensaml 2.6.1_2
CXF-6041Corba Binding is throwing a ObjectNotActive Corba exception being thrown back to application code on endpoint/bus shutdown
CXF-6045Setting an entity from ClientRequestFilter has no effect if no entity is already set
CXF-6057WADL to Java code generator does not support the documented "encoding" flag
CXF-6058NPE in cxf-rt-transports-http org.apache.cxf.transport.http.Headers line 280
CXF-6059wsdl:fault wsdl2java fails with IllegalArgumentException
CXF-6060Calling readEntity() on Response created by causes NullPointerException
CXF-6061The publish attribute on jaxws:endpoint doesn't support placeholder in spring configuration
CXF-6062Interceptors added in Spring Bus configuration are ignored
CXF-6066JAX-RS 2.0 Client implementation is OOM prone due to its strongly referencing WebTargets
CXF-6067ProviderFactory fails to analyze generic types correctly with some class hierachies
CXF-6071CXF's WSDL2Java tool can generate impl classes that jdk compiler will refuse to compile
CXF-6072jaxrs securityContext.getUserPrincipal is broken if login is done during the request
CXF-6073cxf-wsn installation in Karaf fails
CXF-6075NPE may occur at websocket destination under high load
CXF-6076MediaType parameter not parsed correctly
CXF-6077In OSGi, the wsdl extensor loaders may not be able to generate their special ExtensibilityELements
CXF-6078AnnotationUtils.getAnnotatedMethod for abstract classes not inherit from interface
CXF-6089XmlAccessorOrder.ALPHABETICAL, Exception.getMessage() duplicate WSDL elements generated
CXF-6090java.lang.NullPointerException when running wsdl2java
CXF-6091Server is not properly stopped with MultipleEndpointObserver
CXF-6092When there is bad connection/timeout, ClientImpl throws NullPointerException
CXF-6094wsdl2java - Default key managers cannot be initialized
CXF-6096http components transport is missing a dependency on commons-logging
CXF-6101Accept Header not Respected with Response from Custom MessageReader
CXF-6103Nillable field, in a json payload, was sent as "@nil":"true" instead of an empty string
CXF-6105CXF 3.x does not use the older WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1 namespace
CXF-6106ClientResponseFilterInterceptor wraps client response exchange message into ClientRequestContextImpl - as a result code can't access client request context
CXF-6109Incorrect TrustException constructor in AbstractSTSClient
CXF-6111JavascriptGetInterceptor.isRecognizedQuery is always false
CXF-6112org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.impl.ResourceContextImpl#getResource should support a custom ResourceProvider
CXF-6115Transferable.transferTo can cause infinite loop or stack overflow
CXF-6118Schema Validation refinements
CXF-6122JAX-RS proxy client with @QueryParam is not encoding the parameter value
CXF-6127Check thrown Exception's cause for SOAPFaultException
CXF-6137WADL generation does not correctly support query parameters
CXF-6138JAXB unmarshaller Properties can't be configured
CXF-6139WADLGenerator may produce a schema invalid resource id
CXF-6143SSL/TLS hostname verification does not strictly follow HTTPS RFC2818
CXF-6145WS-RM demo server throws exception
CXF-6146Demo wsdl_first_xmlbeans fails to build
CXF-6147Part of demo wsdl_first_soap12 doesnt work
CXF-6149ContainerRequestContextImpl hasEntity() always returns true for non-GET requests. Similar for ClientResponseContextImpl
CXF-6151Apache-cxf wsdlvalidator returns error in mime:part
CXF-6152WSDLValidator may throw ClassCastException under verbose mode
CXF-6153OAuthRequestFilter throws NullPointerException when "Authorization" header is missing
CXF-6155Exceptions thrown from ParamConverter generate 500 response
CXF-6160AsyncResponse infinite loops
CXF-6163WSDL Javascript generator for xsd:any elements is not correct when any is optional
CXF-6166Parsing Bug in org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.json.JsonMapObjectReaderWriter
CXF-6172WS-Discovery should work also in IPv6 only environment
CXF-6176org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.bus.providers property is not taken in account in cxf bus
CXF-6178Missing io.netty.util.Version
CXF-6184HTTPConduit "transport.retransmit.url" property may have side-effects in case of non-redirect retransmits
CXF-6187JMS sample fails "connectionFactory may not be null"
CXF-6188Authorization loop using "CurrentWindowsCredentials"
CXF-6189Improve memory usage of UrlUtils
CXF-6192Cxf Clustering Blueprint handler doesn't create the distribute feature rightly
CXF-6194[multipart] Server handle Collection argument as single element
CXF-6198No SOAPFault for HTTP error code 400
CXF-6204JAX-RS Set-Cookie parser uses case-sensitive keys
CXF-6209Bug in processing Signed/Encrypted Elements policies with multiple XPaths
CXF-6210XPath evaluation failure on the client side causes all subsequent evaluations to fail
CXF-6211JAX-RS client runtime ignores Content-Type set directly from MessageBodyWriter
CXF-6217JmsPullPoint does not protect against external entities
CXF-6221CDI integration extension does not detect annotations on Karaf
CXF-6222Password can end up in log file
CXF-6228Using XSLTFeature with large messages creates unremovable temporary files
CXF-6229EndpointReferenceUtils.getSchema does NOT cache negative schema parsing
CXF-6233STS client only sends AppliesTo on first RST call
CXF-6234Invalid ?wsdl response with relative imports/includes when using jaxws-catalog.xml
CXF-6235wsdl2java behaves differently from cxf-codegen-plugin
CXF-6236proxyAuthSupplier not used in HTTPConduit.setHeadersByAuthorizationPolicy
CXF-6241WS-RM doesn't work with WS-Security configured with @EndpointProperties
CXF-6245Loading non-existent class org.apache.cxf.xmlbeans.XmlBeansWrapperHelper in WrapperClassOutInterceptor is causing performance issues
CXF-6246missing osgi import of javax.jws
CXF-6250WebSocket conduit fails to process String based responses and throws NPE
CXF-6252JAXRS Async Client hangs in case of Connection errors
CXF-6256Unexpected response code
CXF-6257Creating and Endpoint using JAX-WS API, getting the binding and then publishing causes a NullPointerException
CXF-6260JAXRS Async Client can not handle InvocationCallback TypeVariable
CXF-6272SCT Renew in Secure Conversation
CXF-6274NullPointerException in DestinationSequence because of RMCaptureInInterceptor not in interceptor chain
CXF-6284JAX-RS servlet run-time leaks additional strong references
CXF-6285NPE in SwaggerFeature.calculateDefaultResourcePackage
CXF-6294Cannot activate TLSv1.2 cipher suites on client on Java7
CXF-6295String cannot be cast to
CXF-6297JAX-RS BeanValidation feature fails with NPE in JAXRSBeanValidationOutInterceptor on sub-resource call
CXF-6300cipherSuite configuration does not work with HTTPJ servers
CXF-6302JAXRS endpoints with URL encoded addresses can not be located
CXF-6304AuthorizationCodeGrantHandler sets the approved scopes as the requested ones
CXF-6306AuthorizationCodeGrantService does not record a single pre-registered redirect uri in a session if current request has no redirect uri set
CXF-6307Wrong select the message body reader
CXF-6309Client processing exception has its cause set to the original exception wrapped in Fault
CXF-6313SamlHeaderOutInterceptor does not set headers on the message if it had none
CXF-6314WebSocket transport should not require dependency to jetty
CXF-6315Optional WS-Addressing policy doesn't return required soap headers
CXF-6317Authorization not possible with multiple service beans
CXF-6319Regression: failing namespace resolution after CXF-5891
CXF-6320Zero-length entity should throw 400 on pre-packaged provider
CXF-6321Make sure global JAX-RS filters are applied once per request even if made to sub-resource
CXF-6322AbstractSearchConditionParser not working with UUID fields
CXF-6327Invalid Policy exception for EndorsingSupportingTokens with more than one token assertions
CXF-6331Wrap exceptions in JAXRSBeanValidationInvoker into Fault so that these exceptions are exposed to ExceptionMapper-s
CXF-6332Wadl Genertion: @Description cannot be bound to field
CXF-6336Client ParamConverterProvider may be lost if Client runs in the server scope
CXF-6338Reversed logic in AbstractJwtHandler#validateSignature
CXF-6340Return value of AsyncResponseImpl.cancel() not follow JAXRS 2.0 javadoc
CXF-6343EncryptedHeader not properly processed or generated
CXF-6347CXF bundle activators not called in Eclipse/Equinox
CXF-6352ContainerResponseContext.getLinks() loses links if they have no 'rel' parameter
CXF-6356NPE when calling ServiceUnavailableException.getRetryTime()
CXF-6359NullPointerException when certAlias specified but no keyManagers are configured
CXF-6361HttpCondiut is not detecting the redirect loop properly
CXF-6366JAX-RS Client runtime does not encode forward slashes in Matrix parameters
CXF-6367JAX-RS Client runtime does not check BeanParam bean fields
CXF-6368Unexpected response code
CXF-6369org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.impl.ConfigurationImpl does not comply with SPEC
CXF-6370wrong usages for System.arraycopy in org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.impl.AsyncResponseImpl
CXF-6371WADL Generator does not always correctly deal with generic types
CXF-6373CompletionCallback can not get the Throwable if error occurs in other interceptor (no serviceinvokerInterceptor)
CXF-6375Providers.getMessageBodyReader throws NPE
CXF-6377Wrong media type of response
CXF-6378LinkBuilderImpl does not resolve relative links against baseUri
CXF-6379Separate HTTP headers for multiple header values not possible - bug in CXF-3714 fix
CXF-6380Context provider not working
CXF-6388NPE has been swallowed in org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.impl.AsyncResponseImpl
CXF-6389set initialSuspend=true incorrectly when resume the asyncresponse
CXF-6390JAXRS Async Client does not always wrap the client side exceptions into ProcessingException
CXF-6392Schema imports are not handled correctly in generated WSDL and XSD files
CXF-6393JAXRS Async Client unwraps a parameterized type given to InvocationCallback
CXF-6395Call setTimeout() in a second request cause illegalStateException from web container.
CXF-6398AlgorithmSuitePolicyValidator rejects enveloped-signature Transform
CXF-6402JettyHTTPServerEngine cannot set a provided Jetty Server
CXF-6403Potential memory leak in PolicyBasedWSS4JInInterceptor and AbstractWSS4JStaxInterceptor
CXF-6406WS-RM persistence with RMTxStore does not work with JNDI Lookup
CXF-6408HTTP Conduit throws NPE exception for "invalid" 401 HTTP response
CXF-6415WS-RM client persistent tests are failing
CXF-6429Provider matching when nested generic type
CXF-6431Attachment serialization does not conform to the relevant specs
CXF-6434SOAPAction value may not be extracted correctly for SOAP 1.2 with Attachments
CXF-6435Support base64 for attachment encoding in CXF
CXF-6436NPE in DefaultLogEventMapper when running on cameltransport
CXF-6442Possible uses contraint violation because of different servlet API versions should not set Origin=* when Credentials=true
CXF-6446WADL JavaDocProvider misses operation markers for the docs built with Java 8
CXF-6450Bad handling of JAX-RS generic interfaces
CXF-6451Set-Cookie Header incorrectly parsed
CXF-6458CXF 3.1.0 memory leak (Tomcat)
CXF-6464The derived key versions of sign/encrypt in SymmetricBindingHandler don't support attachments
CXF-6466Closing JAX-RS clients from finalize affects clients sharing the same conduit
CXF-6467Jaxrs client handles array type property in a form object as a single element
CXF-6468Secure Conversation Renew is missing Instance creation
CXF-6469schemaLocation in xsd import is not rewritten correctly in Java 8
CXF-6472Cannot create ContextResolver for class extending HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse, etc.
CXF-6473Double signatures while using AsymmetricBindingHandler
CXF-6474UriTemplate should not always ignore an empty/null group value
CXF-6475problems using CXF as a JAX-RS 2.0 client
CXF-6479Denial of Service: Regular Expression in StringUtils
CXF-6480InjectionUtils createThreadLocalServletApiContext better error message for invalid @Context classes
CXF-6481Jetty HTTPJ session manager Blueprint configuration is not effective
CXF-6484Regression in Content-id format
CXF-6488Binding style vs part type R2203 And R2204 problems in wsdl document
CXF-6489Cannot set ClientSecretVerifier in AbstractTokenService
CXF-6491wadl2java produces incorrect Consumes annotation for multiple representations on POST methods
CXF-6492AbstractHTTPDestination class incorrectly assume only one empty space after "Basic" in Authorization header value.
CXF-6493cxf-rt-transports-http-3.1.1.jar contains OSGi interface classes
CXF-6495Inconsistent RMAsserion may be built for 3.0.x
CXF-6502JAXRSInInterceptor throw java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException if content-type header is empty
CXF-6506Client-side message context value HTTP_REQUEST_HEADERS is not shared between SOAP handlers
CXF-6507WSRM 3.0 may store corrupted message
CXF-6512The host property is missing in Swagger2 feature's configuration properties
CXF-6513CXF Using async WebClient with load distribution failover strategy leads to memory leak
CXF-6515provider sorting not right
CXF-6517Regression in 3.1.2 attachment handling
CXF-6519WS-RM - Invalid response for CloseSequence
CXF-6522ThreadLocalInvocationHandler doesn't handle InvocationTargetException
CXF-6527WSDLRefValidator reject valid target reference URI/IRI
CXF-6528JAX-RS "lastModified" generates timestamp with non-standard format
CXF-6534Kerberos delegation not possible if Authorization given
CXF-6535Swagger2Feature's properties cannot be set when using Blueprint
CXF-6536XML pretty printing produces double line spacing if incoming XML contains linefeeds
CXF-6542Setting the signature digest algorithm on the SAMLCallback does not work for WS-Security
CXF-6543It's not possible to specify the signature + digest algorithms for self-signed SAML Assertions with JAX-RS
CXF-6547HTTPTransportActivator Does Not Propagate Servlet Init Parameters
CXF-6548LoggingOutInterceptor logs the wrong Content-Type for some scenarios
CXF-6550AsyncConduitHTTPFactory will throw NPE if passed properties are null
CXF-6551Digest authentication to intermediate HTTP proxy fails with 407 without retry
CXF-6552Multiple chained schema imports not handled correctly
CXF-6553Unable to override Content-Type on GET requests
CXF-6558DefaultEncryptingOAuthDataProvider.getAccessToken throws SecurityException on invalid accessToken format
CXF-6559AbstractOAuthDataProvider.refreshAccessToken method can't handle an invalid refresh token
CXF-6561ResourceOwnerGrantHandler: ResourceOwnerLoginHandler can't return null or throw exception
CXF-6570FormattedServiceListWriter - meta http-equiv value not quoted
CXF-6574Issue with Digest Authentication
CXF-6575WS-A Action generation defect
CXF-6577MessageContextImpl needs to get a property from a current message first
CXF-6579Inflated tokens can be corrupted if compression ratio is greater than 2:1
CXF-6580wsdl2java - Issue with import to default namespace
CXF-6582Support newer symmetric signature algorithms with WS-SecurityPolicy
CXF-6583MessageListenerTest#testLocalTransaction fails intermittently
CXF-6584EncryptSignature is ignored
CXF-6585Possible to send invalid Soap 1.2 faults
CXF-6588NPE in providers.getMessageBodyReader
CXF-6590MAPCodec: memory leak with sync client when soapfaults returned from endpoint
CXF-6591Aegis DataSourceType.getBytes fails to close the InputStream fetched from DataSource, which prevents the underlying file to be deleted on Windows
CXF-6592Maven[cxf-java2wadl-plugin] when stylesheetReference are set,package ended with Nullpoint Error
CXF-6593Some thread-local contexts may get lost on the client side after a refresh
CXF-6595CXF Karaf feature file: set dependency = true in the jta bundle for CXF
CXF-6599CXF ProxyHelper might cause OOM like conditions
CXF-6600Sudden repeating NPE on token request by STSClient
CXF-6601Swagger2Feature can hit a NPE when running in localtransport
CXF-6602Digest algorithms are not set properly when derived keys are used
CXF-6606Encoded characters in URI are decoded multiple times during preprocess
CXF-6607Cached STS-issued tokens are not renewed on expiry in delegation scenario
CXF-6609Data Race in org/apache/cxf/transport/http/HTTPConduit.prepare
CXF-6614"Comparison method violates its general contract" in DestinationRegistryImpl.getSortedDestinations
CXF-6615the order of attributes in SubjectDN of certificate shouldn't be significant
CXF-6616need always close the CipherOutputStream when the encryption is done to get the complete content
CXF-6621Schema imports are not handled correctly in generated WSDL and XSD files when using catalog rewrites
CXF-6629ConcurrentModificationException at AbstractResourceInfo.clearProxies()
CXF-6630Cannot call setAttribute with a null name
CXF-6632Memory leak due to literal keys in WSDLDefinition map
CXF-6637@GZIP and similar CXF annotations are not recognized if set on super classes
CXF-6638AsyncHTTPConduit does not allow body payloads with "PATCH" method
CXF-6640[Locale Issue] HTTP header Issue for IOS 9 + Chinese Language user
CXF-6641JWE elliptic curve error
CXF-6642Memory Leak in ResponseImpl.readEntity()
CXF-6648Wildcard Content-Type is set for GET
CXF-6653NPE may result while generating a SequenceFault in WS-RM 1.1
CXF-6655Error Invalid address. Endpoint address cannot be null
CXF-6657CXF Failover using JAXRS prevents header retrieval from ResponseExceptionMappers
CXF-6664NullpointerException in LinkBuilderImpl#getResolvedUri when linkheader url has a matrix parameter
CXF-6667Closing a source sequence in WS-RM may lead to inconsistent sequence status
CXF-6668[wadl2java] @Multipart annotation generated, @QueryParam expected
CXF-6670Problem with casting ParamConverter responses to primitive types
CXF-6671Ambiguous JAXRSServerFactoryBean.setApplication() breaks Spring injection
CXF-6673StaticService setEndpoints(List<String>) doesn't work correctly
CXF-6675Update commons-collections from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2
CXF-6676Incorrect Interface Method Name Generation
CXF-6677Content-Type is empty on POST request with empty body
CXF-6679@Context HttpServletRequest request.getParameterMap() can't contain post parameters by application/x-www-form-urlencoded
CXF-6682NullpointerException in LinkBuilderImpl#getResolvedUri when only baseUri is set
CXF-6688ClientProxyImpl does not populate class-level path params if BeanParam holds the values
CXF-6693CXF fails to parse Cookie header when it contains $ character
CXF-6694SpringResourceFactory does not work with constructor-autowired beans
CXF-6699DefaultAddress not set in HTTPConduit class
CXF-6701JAXRS Proxy impl does not check field JAXRS annotations on BeanParam super classes
CXF-6705Incorrect version in Import-Package for javax.validation for CXF Core
CXF-6706Bean validation seems to not be working in OSGi
CXF-6709HttpServletRequest.getInputStream is empty
CXF-6711Aegis Databinding Deserialization Vulnerability
CXF-6720AbstractHTTPDestination#WrappedOutputStream.close() calls flush after close
CXF-6721NullPointerException for some responses containing SoapFault.
CXF-6729Version 1 NewCookie is not compliant with RFC 2109
CXF-6730ClassCastException TransportBinding cannot be cast to AbstractSymmetricAsymmetricBinding in AbstractBindingBuilder
CXF-6743Inconsistent versions of jax-rs specs can lead to OSGi pain
CXF-6744Exceptions thrown from methods annotated with @Suspended result in no response at all
CXF-6748the qop,nc,algorithm parameter in http auth header must not be enclosed between doble quotation
CXF-6749Classloader leak on FileUtils.createTmpDir()
CXF-6753OAuth2 audience support is incomplete
CXF-6754Determin Media Type in Response
CXF-6759WADL2JAVA Tools Generated Source has Duplicate Method Name
CXF-6761JAX-RS ClientImpl does not set TLSClientParameters on HTTPConduit when only HostnameVerifier is configured
CXF-6763STS requires ClaimHandler even in ClaimMapping only scenarios
CXF-6764Should add RI JAXB Namespacemapper support
CXF-6768WS-Discovery missing schema when internet connection not present
CXF-6769Underscores in values of FIQL search expressions are incorrectly escaped
CXF-6770PrettyLoggingFilter not working well when using camel-cxf-transport
CXF-6772HttpClientPolicy browserType is reported as BrowserType header
CXF-6783ReflectionServiceFactoryBean generates invalid WSDL if anonymousWrapperTypes==true
CXF-6785AbstractHTTPDestination should handle the case when pathInfo of HttpServletRequest is null
CXF-6787not sufficient WadlGenerator presence detection
CXF-6793InvocationCallback doesn't try to get response class type
CXF-6795WS-Discovery add support for discovery on localhost
CXF-6799java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.reflect.generics.reflectiveObjects.ParameterizedTypeImpl cannot be cast to java.lang.reflect.TypeVariable
CXF-6805cxf-rt-transports-http adds Content-Type header to GET request
CXF-6806don't mark the optional "encoding" parameter as required for cxf-java2wadl-plugin
CXF-6809SAMLRequest ID must not start with a Number
CXF-6810JAX-RS Client one way requests do not work with jms-transport
CXF-6812WebTargetImpl should always check if client is closed first
CXF-6813MediaTypeHeaderProvider doesn't check the illegal media type string like "s//tt;type=text/plain"
CXF-6814ClientRequestFilter should be added with descending order of priority
CXF-6819ConfigurationImp returns wrong value for isRegistered(Object obj)
CXF-6820LinkBuilderImpl#link() doesn't throw exception for invalid input
CXF-6823Duplicate injectedProviders in ProviderFactory impacting throughput by ~30%
CXF-6828[OAuth] AbstractGrant set wrong value(scope) for audience
CXF-6832Attachment content-disposition modification-date not parsed correctly
CXF-6836Swagger2 tests need to be updated to do a more robust JSON or YAML comparison
CXF-6838AsyncResponse doesn't use 204 when body is empty
CXF-6842Unwrap exception nested with WebApplicationException
CXF-6845Some methods in MessageUtils prone to NPE
CXF-6849Form parameter names including '%' are not decoded properly implementation doesn't match Accept-Encoding: * for any encoding value
CXF-6867Envelope and Body element prefixes changed when processing messages without headers
CXF-6887http-hc: NPE and incorrept assumption that there is only one bus
CXF-6939can't install cxf-http-async feature
CXF-7008Regression: CXF-5788 - JMS replyToDestination doesn't work
CXF-7026o.a.c.transport.http.osgi.HttpServiceTrackerCust service leak
CXF-7034should close HttpServiceTracker in HTTPTransportActivator
ENTESB-4398Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4933When cxf service is deployed to child container SwaggerFeature uses root container port instead
ENTESB-4942missing requirements for features:install cxf-jaxrs-cdi
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-5008quiet a few test failure on cxf 3.1.x.redhat-6-3-x-patch branch with JAVA8
ENTESB-5410please fix duplicate javax.mail in fuse
ENTESB-5442Swagger2Feature throws an exception
ENTESB-5460CXF and Camel need olingo version alignment in Fuse
ENTESB-5589NCDFE when using JAX-WS schema validation on IBM java
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5777can't install cxf-databinding-jibx
ENTESB-5907CXF's JMSConfiguration replyToDestination does not have any effect
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5938After Multiple Profile Deployments Fabric Container Runs Out of PermGen Space
FEDIZ-156SAMLRequest ID must not start with a Number
WSS-549Don't write out a ReferenceList if there are no elements to encrypt

5.7. Fuse on JBoss EAP

Table 5.7, “Fuse on EAP Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.7. Fuse on EAP Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4160BPEL - Domain mode - Deployment throws MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException
ENTESB-4513Exclude itests directory from Camel quickstarts distribution
ENTESB-4747No SwitchYard schema is included in Fuse 6.2.1
ENTESB-5112Fuse on EAP Quickstarts fail to build on Fuse 6.3
ENTESB-5255Failed installation of fuse-eap-installer into the newest jboss-eap
ENTESB-5328Fuse EAP installer does not work on Windows
ENTESB-5485Fuse on EAP can't start in domain mode
ENTESB-5503Fuse EAP installer cannot upgrade from Fuse 6.2.1 to Fuse 6.3 on Windows
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo

5.8. Container - 6.3.0

Table 5.8, “Container Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.8. Container Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-1609Can not install fuse as system service on AIX7.1
ENTESB-3997admin:create && admin:start doesn't work after 6.2 P2 patch
ENTESB-4055Improve Performance
ENTESB-4156On Windows offline patching causes " org.fusesource.insight:type=Log Query"
ENTESB-4223Feature camel-spring security does not install spring-security-config bundle
ENTESB-4231Unable to unzip RC4 prepatched zip on windows 2012 RC4
ENTESB-4398Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4443null log msg causes org.apache.felix.eventadmin.impl.adapter.LogEventAdapter to be removed
ENTESB-4447Incompatible TypedQuery exception is thrown when application(Using JPA-Hibernate) bundle is refreshed/re-installed
ENTESB-4450admin:connect default username is not the sme as admin:create
ENTESB-4458bin\client.bat doesn't work on windows
ENTESB-4495Hibernate and Bundle ClassLoaders out of sync on Bundle Refresh
ENTESB-4616Space in path results in bin/karaf: line 417: [: /home/fuse/te: binary operator expected
ENTESB-4742Default "org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra" configuration should be empty
ENTESB-4838Camel on EAP bundles Spring version other than Karaf
ENTESB-48866.2.1 Patching mechanism should support applying rollup patch to non-fabric child containers
ENTESB-4889Xslt Transformation seems to be broken in Fuse 6.2.1
ENTESB-4902Fuse 6.2.1 failed to handle maven repository url with special characters like "@" for authentication parameters.
ENTESB-4903[Solaris 11] local: not found when starting fuse
ENTESB-4921problem with installing / uninstalling features in fuse 6.3
ENTESB-4935admin script report wrong pid and wrong status
ENTESB-4954can't install feature camel-spring-redis
ENTESB-4955deltaspike-* features can't be installed (versions 1.3.0 or 1.5.1)
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-4960ssh:sshd command lists default values twice
ENTESB-4967Karaf Wrapper fails if Path to KARAF_HOME Contains Spaces
ENTESB-4980[Karaf-service] script does nothing on Debian (in docker)
ENTESB-4997redirect parent and child instance std out to a karaf.out file
ENTESB-4999Apply the same logic of ENTESB-4935 to karaf.bat script
ENTESB-5003[Win+Karaf-service] Can't run .exe on win server 2012r2
ENTESB-5015Aries JPA unable inject jpa context in blueprint
ENTESB-5045[] Not working on AIX and HPUX
ENTESB-50586.3.0 DR2 doesn't start on Windows
ENTESB-5065localhost:8181/hawtio/index.html not available (404)
ENTESB-5067"The syntax of the command is incorrect" error when running "shutdown -f"
ENTESB-5104In JBoss Fuse shell, when running grep, there will be 3 ANSI reset sequence on each line.
ENTESB-5118Invalid BundleContext when installing patch feature to admin:created container
ENTESB-5131[6.3] Can't start fuse on solaris 10
ENTESB-5132[6.3] Solaris 10 does not like a first empty row in the service file
ENTESB-5157Not able to login when user belongs to jaas PublickeyLoginModule.
ENTESB-5179Maven proxy behavior broken
ENTESB-5191Apparent mismatch between command count with tab completion
ENTESB-5217Feature Installation - no Refresh of Fragment-Host bundle upon installation of fragment bundle thrown by hawtio-osgi-jmx
ENTESB-5332Fuse doesn't start after unexpected termination
ENTESB-5366Fuse client fails with
ENTESB-5370Aries transaction manager fails with background connection validation
ENTESB-5395Wildcard in NCName for Camel CXF Transport in Blueprint
ENTESB-5399Fuse on windows does not start without data directory
ENTESB-5401fix pax-http-tomcat jaxp-api dependencies
ENTESB-5410please fix duplicate javax.mail in fuse
ENTESB-5540Exceptions in log after *:help - Service cannot be cast: org.apache.felix.scr.impl.ScrGogoCommand
ENTESB-5550Bundle "spring-security-config" from servicemix does not contain spring metadata
ENTESB-5588Switchyard reference throws ClassCastException with IBM java
ENTESB-5608Revert hard coded v1.7 jdk for darwin in karaf launch script introduced via KARAF-2921
ENTESB-5620wrapper:install on solaris11 lacks instructions to symlink scripts
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5683get Exception when enter "tab" from karaf console
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5716Can't create child on 111, 115
ENTESB-5760Can't create child on ssh container
ENTESB-5762Can't resolve any of the quickstarts in build #125
ENTESB-5792We are not properly replacing versions in client.bat in jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-131
ENTESB-5795ldap connection pool not created when using ssl (ldaps) thrown at JMX org.apache.karaf - services
ENTESB-5860Camel-amq quickstart is not processing files
ENTESB-5869Exception when Encrypting with PGPDataFormat
ENTESB-59176.2.1 R3 prevents base DN lookup in Tivoli LDAP Server
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5942karaf jaas modules test failing on IBM JDK
ENTESB-5961hawtio not showing activemq tab
ENTESB-6101Fuse won't start with IBM java
ENTMQ-1683*:help missing descriptions for activemq commands
KARAF-3240BundleWatcher should not depend to pax-url-mvn
KARAF-3327Incorrect LC_CTYPE parsing
KARAF-4005Different locations for KARAF_HOME and KARAF_BASE
KARAF-4024role.policy "group" ceased to function
KARAF-4123Provide a more dynamic default for serviceUrl configuration
KARAF-4150bin/status fails if KARAF_DEBUG is set
KARAF-4247Issues with LDAP caching
KARAF-4330Instance script doesn't return correct PID number if root instance is started two times
KARAF-4348[RBAC] Wildcard PIDs chosen before more specific ones
KARAF-4373Karaf.bat script produces "The syntax of the command is incorrect" even if it is working properly
KARAF-4499Can't start a crashed server on Windows
KARAF-4607ldap connection pool not created when using ssl (ldaps)
KARAF-4659Ability to disable ldap listeners
KARAF-4686ClassLoader leak with RmiRegistryFactory and sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint
KARAF-4687ClassLoader leak with java.lang.Exception and karaf.exception library

5.9. Fuse Fabric - 6.3.0

Table 5.9, “Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.9. Fuse Fabric Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

Issue NumberDescription
COLLECTIONS-580[COLLECTIONS-580] Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
CURATOR-126IllegalStateException in performBackgroundOperation during close
ENTESB-1769"Error in initialization script: Command not found: shell:if" after fabric:create on fuse with P2
ENTESB-2699EnsembleRemove.applyEnsembleConfiguration() Throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
ENTESB-3449Profile-rename Error executing command: versionId when not specifying version
ENTESB-3945Profile import in fabric results in Container 'root' does not exist
ENTESB-4012profile-import and profile-refresh don't download the latest snapshot
ENTESB-4073Creating fabric with profile fabric leads to duplicated profile
ENTESB-4138JMX mbean operation `setProfileProperty` is not working as expected.
ENTESB-4167fabric-git-server defaults to admin role and may only be associated with one role
ENTESB-4225Unable to scale down using fabric:profile-scale command
ENTESB-4362jgit errors affecting patch management
ENTESB-4367General patching problems on Windows
ENTESB-4369Standby Fuse container in active/standby configuration does not expose an SSH service since 6.2
ENTESB-4374Fabric - Services - MQ, Wiki: Patch branches are visible as versions
ENTESB-4387[Patch mechanism] Command patch:fabric-synchronize has wrong description
ENTESB-4393[Patch mechanism] Provision status freezes on installing when upgrading child container
ENTESB-4398Arbitrary remote code execution with InvokerTransformer
ENTESB-4399Insight: quickly and periodically refreshes Hawtio and throws errors on remote Fabric containers
ENTESB-4415Multiple Error messages while updating JBoss A-MQ using new patch mechanism
ENTESB-4422[Patch mechanism] Option --upload in command patch:fabric-install doesn't work on Windows
ENTESB-4431[Patch mechanism] Unable to upgrade ssh container with build 073 (container doesn't start)
ENTESB-4432[Patch mechanism] Cannot create child or ssh container after 6.2.0 to 073 migration in offline environment
ENTESB-4437zk group - deal with partial creation of sequential node
ENTESB-4443null log msg causes org.apache.felix.eventadmin.impl.adapter.LogEventAdapter to be removed
ENTESB-4451[Patch mechanism] Upgrading child container reverts to karaf default version
ENTESB-4462[Patch mechanism] Unable to rollback child container to 1.0 after upgrade
ENTESB-4469NullPointerException during patch:install
ENTESB-4470Invalid boolean value exception after rollback
ENTESB-4472[Patch mechanism] Upgrading SSH container results into wrong merged and general problem with reconnecting to fabric
ENTESB-4474patch 6.2 GA >> 621 build 73 >> build 078 fails on "auth" bundle on windows
ENTESB-4482[patching] patch:list shows patch as installed even-though installation failed with exception
ENTESB-4485Provisioning containers fails with a java.lang.NullPointerException for Maven-URL
ENTESB-4489Prevent hitting at Fabric creation
ENTESB-4491[patching] NPE in bin/setenv resolver
ENTESB-4494Fix Maven worrisome message about repos without ids
ENTESB-4496NoNode for /fabric/registry/maven/proxy/download/p_0000000002
ENTESB-4497[patching] Changes in org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg do not propagate to newer version
ENTESB-4508HTTP proxy does not work for osgi:install and profile artifact resolution at the same time
ENTESB-4574HTTP Gateway and URL parameters
ENTESB-4610Fabric gateway fails because of incorrect use of ShutdownTracker
ENTESB-4622Please update file name from jboss-fuse-full to jboss-fuse-karaf
ENTESB-4694[itests] ExampleCamelClusterTest fails in 6-3-x branch
ENTESB-4710[itests] ExampleCamelCxfTest problems in 6-3-x branch
ENTESB-4742Default "org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra" configuration should be empty
ENTESB-4761Transitive Dependency on org.osgi.core 4.1.0 Breaks Unit Tests
ENTESB-4770fix swagger dependencies in Fuse BOM
ENTESB-4781fabric8 6.3 build fails with missing pom for quickstarts
ENTESB-4796Setting KARAF_DATA Results in Error When Creating Fabric
ENTESB-4808[itests] ServiceFactoryTest.testZkDisconnectFastReconnect fails sometimes on 6-3-x
ENTESB-4816[patching] Fix detection of fabric env when initalizing patch management
ENTESB-4820mvn fabric8:zip does not work for quickstart examples.
ENTESB-4827[itests] ProfileManagementJolokiaTest/ProfileManagementProxyTest fail sometimes
ENTESB-4834"start-level" property in <feature> element and 'start="false"' in <bundle> element didn't work in Fuse 6.2.1
ENTESB-4841Fabric8 - NullPointerException from GitDataStore when having hostname with underscore
ENTESB-4845java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.sf.ehcache.distribution.RMICachePeer_Stub (no security manager: RMI class loader disabled)
ENTESB-4862Hawtio-Viewing history on profile files throws exception
ENTESB-48866.2.1 Patching mechanism should support applying rollup patch to non-fabric child containers
ENTESB-4888OSGi configurations to the feature does not work in fabric mode if config name contains "-" character.
ENTESB-4894fabric:create command terminates a script
ENTESB-4902Fuse 6.2.1 failed to handle maven repository url with special characters like "@" for authentication parameters.
ENTESB-4903[Solaris 11] local: not found when starting fuse
ENTESB-4918The fabric:profile-export Command Does Not Export Sub-folders or Specific Profiles
ENTESB-4939When Creating a A Fabric with External Repo Configuration is Lost Unless Manually Edited in Files
ENTESB-4946wiring chain issue with package javax.servlet.http
ENTESB-4956Fabric8 HTTP gateway does not respond to container version changes without a restart
ENTESB-4957missing package org.apache.geronimo.osgi.locator for features:install pax-*-tomcat
ENTESB-4970Http gateway logs "listening at port 9000" before being unable to bind to that port.
ENTESB-4971admin permission is added to first user in users.propertie automatically by fabric:create command
ENTESB-4992patch:add allows to add empty folder
ENTESB-4994repeated ElasticSearch warning "Error executing request: MapperParsingException[failed to parse]; nested: JsonParseException[Non-standard token 'NaN': enable JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_NON_NUMERIC_NUMBERS to allow"
ENTESB-5003[Win+Karaf-service] Can't run .exe on win server 2012r2
ENTESB-5012Unnecessary default values in help of some commands
ENTESB-5014[6.3.015] Can't create SSH container
ENTESB-5022Authentication Error when Adding Containers to Ensemble
ENTESB-5029A fabric server generated by "fabric:container-create-ssh" with "--ensemble-server" option will record ERROR log during it's boot up phase
ENTESB-5034container-edit-jvm-options can not delete a jvm option and it also duplicates all "-D" options
ENTESB-5060fabric:create causes java.lang.NullPointerException
ENTESB-5065localhost:8181/hawtio/index.html not available (404)
ENTESB-5075Fabric - issue with external git repo and provisioning
ENTESB-5085Patch commands are only available with Fabric container provisioned with the jboss-fuse-full profile
ENTESB-5105Some profiles in fabric doesn't work out of the box in Fuse running in offline env
ENTESB-5107Cannot create fabric with user as member as Administrator group via bin/client script
ENTESB-5109fabric:join command should display a message if container is already connected to fabric
ENTESB-5119Problem with authentication when creating fabric
ENTESB-5120[patching] Patching admin:created container causes that all previously installed features are removed
ENTESB-5124cxf/rest quickstart "mvn -Ptest" fails
ENTESB-5138[patching] patch:fabric-install removes previously added features from default profile
ENTESB-5172Unable to install cxf-secure-rest quickstart
ENTESB-5174WARN from jetty happens very regular
ENTESB-5175All containers have to run while executing fabric:wait-for-provisioning
ENTESB-5179Maven proxy behavior broken
ENTESB-5186container-stop operation may report wrong outcome
ENTESB-5191Apparent mismatch between command count with tab completion
ENTESB-5206"Client is not started" Exception
ENTESB-5213Bump licence headers to 2016
ENTESB-5225fabric:container-delete command does not display an appropriate message
ENTESB-5228[Fabric] Support empty passwords in external git repos
ENTESB-5242Patch:show command throws NPE in case of inexistent patch
ENTESB-5253Profile update via git results in CheckoutConflictException
ENTESB-5254Container-create-ssh does not respect --new-user and --new-user-password
ENTESB-5257jsr311-api bundle not included in the distro
ENTESB-5298profile-export does not export profiles
ENTESB-5361Container-delete does not fail when the credentials are invalid
ENTESB-5395Wildcard in NCName for Camel CXF Transport in Blueprint
ENTESB-5396[patching] Upgrade of container is overriding profile properties
ENTESB-5400ChildContainers don't have correct RBAC configuration.
ENTESB-5402SSHContainers don't have correct RBAC configuration.
ENTESB-5424Pushing invalid branch name to fabric git breaks version-list
ENTESB-5433Fabric8 Maven Plugin with Multi-module Maven projects only append last module to the bundle list of the created profile on Jboss Fuse 6.2.1.
ENTESB-5437Fabric HTTP GW does not recognize query params
ENTESB-5443fabric8 jboss-fuse-full profile is missing some ACL entries for fabric:* commands
ENTESB-5448camel-cxf-contract-first building fails with ibm1.8 java
ENTESB-5453beginner/camel-log example uses invalid timer value
ENTESB-5456java.lang.NullPointerException at io.fabric8.insight.elasticsearch.plugin.InsightIndicesHousekeeperService
ENTESB-5461profile-refresh command does not update the content of added features.xml
ENTESB-5463Creating version with invalid name responds with Profile name is invalid
ENTESB-5475Missing javax.mail jar with the correct version
ENTESB-5478Downloading of artifacts is frozen due to some file locks in local repository
ENTESB-5488SSH container cannot resolve SNAPSHOT artifacts uploaded to fabric
ENTESB-5490fabric:profile-refresh is deleting the folder under the profiles.
ENTESB-5492[patching] handle better
ENTESB-5513Fabric maven proxy is not reachable by agent
ENTESB-5517[patching] allow patch descriptor files starting with jboss-fuse- or jboss-a-mq- name
ENTESB-5562fabric:create should validate the value passed to "resolver" param
ENTESB-5591Fabric git pushes rejected due to non fast forward
ENTESB-5619[itests] ARQ/pax-exam tests affected by package refresh
ENTESB-5633[patching] Problems upgrading pax-cdi, pax-web, jclouds features
ENTESB-5634[patching] Migrate serialized container metadata during patching
ENTESB-5635fabric join not allowing FQDN names throwing Container name 'abc.domain' is invalid. Container name must be: lower-case letters, numbers, and _ or - characters
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5682Status of installed 6.2.1 R2 and R3 patch on standalone container is false
ENTESB-5691Remove fabric-groovy from fabric feature
ENTESB-5700[fabric:create] Error executing command: Unable to create zookeeper server configuration
ENTESB-5714JVM options for Fabric managed containers are not aligned
ENTESB-5716Can't create child on 111, 115
ENTESB-5728Hawtio throws "Cannot connect to Jolokia to access this Java process" exception for user with role Monitor, while trying to access container perspective
ENTESB-5741"org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.JGitInternalException: Invalid ref name: baseline-ssh-fabric8-1.2.0.redhat-621117"
ENTESB-5759A lot of connection refused in log when creating ssh in offline mode
ENTESB-5760Can't create child on ssh container
ENTESB-5761Ssh container in offline mode contains PatchException: can't find baseline
ENTESB-5762Can't resolve any of the quickstarts in build #125
ENTESB-5816Changing ZooKeeper settings invalidates ZK client session
ENTESB-5820HTTP gateway does not show CXF endpoints after container restart
ENTESB-5832Fabric - Wiki: Void profiles version "container-history" appeared
ENTESB-5836PatchException during AMQ container fabric:join
ENTESB-5854etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg overwritten with default values on first start not updated after ensemble-add across profiles
ENTESB-5914patch:add allows to add incorrect file
ENTESB-5926rest and secure-rest quickstarts do not work on fabric
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5938After Multiple Profile Deployments Fabric Container Runs Out of PermGen Space
ENTESB-5947Increase default ZooKeeper Retry and Retry Interval
ENTESB-5951Shell SCR bundle redeploy loop with camel-amq quickstart
ENTESB-5957Many fabric8 patching tests are failing on windows with UnsupportedOperationException
ENTESB-5958Fabric - Services - Containers: Containers list disappears when a container migrated to a version not containing one of the current profiles
ENTESB-5986REST Endpoints are registered under /fabric/registry/clusters/apis/ws/ instead of ..apis/rest
ENTESB-6003handle PID file delete during patching
ENTESB-6011Unable to patch fabric root container, when registered as system service on windows
ENTESB-6032Unable to rollback standalone child container
ENTMQ-1314PatchException: Invalid baseline-root-amq-6.2.1.redhat-071 specified
ENTMQ-1517The does not startup properly
ENTMQ-1724Broker in fabric master/slave set up is shut down late when it loses connection to zookeeper
KARAF-3092Remove ${services-${karaf.framework}} variables from org.osgi.framework.system.capabilities
KARAF-4155Fall to feature start-level
SUREFIRE-1187[SUREFIRE-1187] JUnit4 Provider created unnecessary Runner instance
ZOOKEEPER-2380[ZOOKEEPER-2380] Deadlock between leader shutdown and forwarding ACK to the leader
ZOOKEEPER-2383[ZOOKEEPER-2383] Startup race in ZooKeeperServer

5.10. Management Console - 6.3.0

Table 5.10, “Issues Resolved in 6.3.0:” lists the issues resolved between Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.1 and 6.3.0.

Table 5.10. Issues Resolved in 6.3.0:

Issue NumberDescription
ENTESB-2401[user experience] hawtio fabric wiki page missing picture
ENTESB-3387RH Access - Links in RHA main menu vanish when mouse over
ENTESB-3504The labels for the Actions submenu on the Wiki page disappear on mouse over
ENTESB-3515Hawtio provides delete button for root container but it cannot be delete
ENTESB-3956OSGi: fast switching OSGi tabs causes exception
ENTESB-3957OSGi - Bundles: Clicking links in a Bundle details page opens the welcome page instead of collapsing a pane conent
ENTESB-4021Camel: Route diagram isn't displayed in IE
ENTESB-4055Improve Performance
ENTESB-4080Can't delete queue created in Hawtio when name contains ":"
ENTESB-4165ActiveMQ - Chart: PersistenceAdapter tree item has "View chart' under Chart tab and no data
ENTESB-4166ActiveMQ - Browse: Checkboxes at message rows works badly after messages list is manually refreshed
ENTESB-4176Camel - Camel Contexts - Attributes: Wrong ordering of some columns with text
ENTESB-4177Camel - Camel Contexts - Attributes: Contexts table isn't refreshed after any context deleted
ENTESB-4183Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4185OSGi - Bundles - Table view: Ordering of Version column content is wrong
ENTESB-4186OSGi - Features: Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4193OSGi - Services: Bundle (number value) colomn ordering is lexicographical
ENTESB-4194OSGi - Declarative Services: Activate button is enabled when Activated service is selected, Deactivate as well
ENTESB-4209Preferences - Core - Host identification: All colors in color palette are white (IE10)
ENTESB-4219About page contains unneccessarily 2 same links
ENTESB-4232Containers - Profiles: Stop, Start, Delete buttons shouldn't be there
ENTESB-4234Container detail - Provision list: Filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4246Fabric - Wiki: Deleting default version causes exception and disables Wiki page
ENTESB-4253Fabric - Services - APIs: "APIs, Container, Version" table columns allow only one direction of ordering
ENTESB-4256Fabric - Services - EIPs: Diagram filtering is case sensitive
ENTESB-4331Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
ENTESB-4350Camel on EAP - filtering is not working
ENTESB-4352Camel on EAP - Route Diagram - ns_error_failure
ENTESB-4365Unnecessary down arrow
ENTESB-4366Camel on EAP - Routes - Clear messages should delete message
ENTESB-4370Camel Debug - Create breakpoint button is not intuitive
ENTESB-4372Cross in filter field is not unified
ENTESB-4375Fabric - Services - APIs: Quickstarts link points to a blank page
ENTESB-4379Camel on EAP - Creating endpoint without choosing component
ENTESB-4380Camel on EAP - checkboxes are not editable
ENTESB-4381Camel on EAP - Type converters - Enable/Disable statistics
ENTESB-4385ContextCreateHandler executed on non camel enabled deployments
ENTESB-4391Null user on EAP
ENTESB-4404No automatic reload after Camel Preferences change
ENTESB-4405Preferences - ID label does not work
ENTESB-4407Camel on EAP - Showing / Hiding Inflight counter does not work
ENTESB-4417Preferences - Server Logs: Log batch size setting doesn't work
ENTESB-4418Camel - two Create Endpoint buttons do different things
ENTESB-4516Location of containers is displayed differently under Containers and Services tabs
ENTESB-4575OSGi - getElementsByTagName error
ENTESB-4766Authorization not working for Hawtio on EAP
ENTESB-4862Hawtio-Viewing history on profile files throws exception
ENTESB-4892"viewer" has some rights unexpected in hawtio
ENTESB-4919Child container does not inherit the location from its parent
ENTESB-4928Missing convertBodyTo icon
ENTESB-4933When cxf service is deployed to child container SwaggerFeature uses root container port instead
ENTESB-4934Possible to Create Duplicate Container Processes in Hawtio
ENTESB-4937Hawtio fails to show custom bundles in OSGi default view
ENTESB-4996Viewer role able to create/delete queues and messages via Hawtio
ENTESB-5013hawtio jetty threadpools tab shows no data
ENTESB-5037Hawtio - clicking on Services/EIPs results in java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication Failed
ENTESB-5059Fabric - Wiki: Several icons missing in the left navigation with checkboxes
ENTESB-5062Fabric: missing all tabs except "Containers"
ENTESB-5088Hawtio JavaScript error when accessing Quartz tab
ENTESB-5191Apparent mismatch between command count with tab completion
ENTESB-5196Vanishing items at various menus
ENTESB-5198Logs: Often Parse error when loading logs
ENTESB-5199Fabric - Containers - Profiles: Clicking profile's tags causes exception
ENTESB-5200Fabric - Containers,Services: Remove Stop button when Root container selected
ENTESB-5209Deleting topics doesn't have a confirmation dialog
ENTESB-5213Bump licence headers to 2016
ENTESB-5226Hawtio change behavior of Activate/Deactivate buttons in OSGi/Declarative Services
ENTESB-5244Fabric - Wiki - Delete version dialog: Change warning for default version
ENTESB-5252Clicking on Jetty tab shows "Are you sure?" screen for a moment
ENTESB-5324Health tab in Hawtio not being displayed for fabric containers
ENTESB-5441Scaling Save and Cancel buttons are not disabled after cancel
ENTESB-5525Fabric - Containers - Location: Filtering field filters containers instead of locations
ENTESB-5566Multiple roles defined in hawtio.roles property not working in EAP
ENTESB-5596OSGi - Declarative Services - {{}} shows up
ENTESB-5622User with Read-only privilege can delete/move messages through hawtio
ENTESB-5629Authenticator.checkIfSubjectHasRequiredRoleOnWebsphere method is missing logic to handle multiple roles
ENTESB-5647Need to add MRRC earlyaccess repo
ENTESB-5657Fabric - Profiles - Deploy: Creating a new container with profiles version other than default fails
ENTESB-5768Fabric - Wiki - profile detail: typing in add artifact field is mirrored to another text field
ENTESB-5818Upgrade httpclient version to latest, at a minimum > 4.3.4
ENTESB-5921There is not Delete button in Hawtio for SSH container
ENTESB-5935intermittent ServerModel LinkageError when connecting to ssh container
ENTESB-5958Fabric - Services - Containers: Containers list disappears when a container migrated to a version not containing one of the current profiles
ENTESB-5976Hawtio on EAP shows wrong Context Root
ENTMQ-1078Some characters in the name of queue should not be allowed
ENTMQ-1850ActiveMQ - Browse: Un/checking all messages doesn't work properly after any message deleted

5.11. JON Plug-Ins

Table 5.11, “JON Plug-In Issues Resolved in 6.3.0” lists the issues resolved in version 6.3.0.

Table 5.11. JON Plug-In Issues Resolved in 6.3.0

ENTESB-5213Bump licence headers to 2016
FUSEJON-128StorePercentUsage measurement value is returned by the plug-in as an integer rather then decimal

Chapter 6. Enhancements

6.1. General - 6.3.0

Table 6.1, “General Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.1. General Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4221Please tidy up jetty port references in our configuration files
ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4685Package javadocs with distro
ENTESB-5246Security Enhancements To Address Vulnerabilities
ENTMQ-1473[A-MQ, Kahadb] change default config/behaviour to shutdown broker when " No space left on device"
ENTESB-4386Use system specific init scripts
ENTESB-5050Package Javadoc for Karaf
ENTESB-4296Patch management needs a productised build
ENTESB-5451Remove legacy patch artifacts from Fuse 6.3
ENTESB-5803[patching] split patch-core to impl and api bundles

6.2. Messaging - 6.3.0

Table 6.2, “Messaging Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.2. Messaging Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-3176Set OriginalDestination AMQ message property before sending it to DLQ
ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTMQ-1432[A-MQ,kahadb] add configuration so broker will not start if storeUsage limit is not available on the disk
ENTMQ-1498Work with JMS 2.0 osgi dependency
ENTMQ-1525[A-MQ, RuntimeConfigurationBroker] allowing policy that applies to multiple destination to be updated.
ENTMQ-1528JDBC Concurrency
ENTMQ-1628Stand-alone A-MQ has DBCP2, whilst OSGi version has DBCP1.4
ENTMQ-1836Temporary store index/log files splitting
ENTMQ-1885configurable hostname for published address strategy
AMQ-5289Track forwards across a network in destination statistics
AMQ-5578preallocate journal files
AMQ-5603Consider preallocation of journal files in batch increments
AMQ-5621Unit tests cleanup
AMQ-5636Upgrade the bundled DBCP component. The current one is very old and buggy.
AMQ-5845AMQP: Include broker version information in the Connection properties
AMQ-6001AMQP: Refill sender credit faster to avoid throttling fast producers
AMQ-6015AMQP: Report more meaningful error conditions when an incoming send fails
AMQ-6077Better configuration of restricted classes for clients
AMQ-6100Virtual topic message destination should be the target queue
AMQ-6116Improve security context authorization cache
AMQ-6126The corePoolSize value of the TaskRunnerFactory created Executor should be configurable
AMQ-6147AMQP: Update Proton-J to 0.12.1
AMQ-6149Pre-configure jolokia
AMQ-6164queue sendLock prevents concurrent journal updates
AMQ-6167examples/other/perfharness misses readme and uses broken link.
AMQ-6184Improve nio transport scalability
AMQ-6203KahaDB: Allow rewrite of message acks in older logs which prevent cleanup
AMQ-6228Max Frame Size Error exception shows incorrect values at times
AMQ-6239Performance issue in PrioritizedPendingListIterator
AMQ-6259Enable configuration for mqtt-over-ws transport
AMQ-6276Remove fileserver webapp
AMQ-6277KahaDB does journal recovery for last append in error in normal restart case
AMQ-6278Revisit the log level in LeaseDatabaseLocker
AMQ-6292ACK rewrite task does unnecessary syncs
AMQ-6304Container-id field blank on sending an AMQP 1.0 open frame to the client
AMQ-6336QueueBrowser delivers expired messages
AMQ-6403Allow splitting the temporary message store
CAMEL-8522Set OriginalDestination AMQ message property before sending it to DLQ
AMQ-3519Allow getJMSRedelivered flag to survive a restart
AMQ-5847AMQP: Support transactions that span multiple session for a single TXN
AMQ-6037AMQP: Add support for sending scheduled message using message annotations
AMQ-6362Add an option to time out connection attempts when blocked in ensureConnectionInfoSent
ENTMQ-1659Consider preallocation of journal files in batch increments
AMQ-5962Update HTTP Client and Core versions
AMQ-5980Update to the latest Jetty version
AMQ-6084Have an option to error out if a limit is exceeded
AMQ-5957Update outdated dependencies used by broker.
AMQ-6044AMQP: Add support for testing transactions with the test client.
AMQ-6093Remove deprecated getXURL methods from the BrokerServiceMBean
AMQ-6107AMQP: Remove deprecated prefetch size configuration option from the transport
AMQ-6178AMQP: Update Qpid JMS to 0.9.0
AMQ-6181Upgrade to Joda-time 2.9
AMQ-6309AMQP: Static code analysis of activemq-amqp
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
ENTMQ-1565The Readme File For The Stomp Extras Example Needs More Details

6.3. SwitchYard

Table 6.3, “SwitchYard Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.3. SwitchYard Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4587SY: Support property replacement in 'from' and 'to' camel definitions
ENTESB-4596SY: Property expansion for soap binding
ENTESB-5100Transform message to String automatically in HttpMessageComposer#decompose method
ENTESB-5162SOAP - Externalize binary content in the payload as an attachment automatically
ENTESB-5239Upgrade Xalan bundle to 2.7.2_3
ENTESB-5597Change endpoint in camel-bindy camel context
ENTESB-4944Can't install switchyard-http
ENTESB-5150Fuse 6.3 SwitchYard version alignment
ENTESB-4196Align versions of JBoss Logging distributed in Fuse to 3.3.0.Final
ENTESB-4448Upgrade SwitchYard to OverlordCommons 2.0.18.Final-redhat-2
ENTESB-4824Resolve issues with
ENTESB-5021camel-dozer quickstart needs a Fuse section of instructions
ENTESB-5412Re-enable tests in jboss-as7/standalone/dist/pom.xml
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments

6.4. Routing

Table 6.4, “Routing Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.4. Routing Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4597Review examples shipped in extras directory for camel & cxf
ENTESB-5375Avoid creating an empty default Camel context in Camel CDI
ENTESB-5877Support cassandra-core 3.x in camel-cassandraql feature and bundle
ENTESB-5184Create camel component for ServiceNow
CAMEL-1002Quartz support should allow stateful jobs
CAMEL-1005should we have an annotation - maybe @Handler or something which can mark a method as being the default method invoked by the Bean Binding if no other Camel annotations are used to bind parameters
CAMEL-1011improve the Bean Ref usage on DOT files generated
CAMEL-1024[IDEA] could we refactor the expression implementations (invoking JavaScript / Groovy / Ruby / XPath / XQuery et al) so they are easy to invoke from any library - not just from an Exchange?
CAMEL-3907Component camel-sql needs the abiliity to process sql from the body of the exchange
CAMEL-4576Make exception throwing as flexible in XML as in Java DSL
CAMEL-4917To avoid to confuse end users, a different name should be used for output position of CSV and not position as now (pos vs postion)
CAMEL-5398Optimize String.replaceAll() to cache Patterns where suitable
CAMEL-5402Parameter Binding Annotations used for Camel Proxy
CAMEL-5452DoCatch doesn't notify ExchangeFailureHandledEvent
CAMEL-5561allow camel:run to auto detect OSGI-INF/*.xml for blueprint XML files or META-INF/beans.xml for CDI to avoid users having to customize camel-maven-plugin configuration on a per project basis
CAMEL-5857Add server side encryption to header options when constructing an ObjectMetadata for a PUT in the S3Producer
CAMEL-5958Bindy ignores bean class type
CAMEL-6062Placeholder cannot be determined in camel property definition
CAMEL-6094Cannot specify which converter to use when several can do the same conversion
CAMEL-6269MainSupport in camel-core should make it easier to have callbacks when starting / stopping etc
CAMEL-6338camel-cdi shouldn't use deltapsike bean manager provider in the CamelExtension
CAMEL-6406Add support to ObjectHelper.getException() for Java 1.7 Throwable.getSuppressed()
CAMEL-6439camel-jms - Add thread pool for handling timeout when doing request/reply and allow to configure this thread pool
CAMEL-6469Add StatusLine object to exchange in populateResponse
CAMEL-6646Support static method calls on OGNL expressions
CAMEL-6858Delayer EIP - Add JMX attribute to know if any messages are delayed
CAMEL-6913Add dynamic unmarshalling capability to JiBX data format
CAMEL-6934Create new Address for every openConnection call
CAMEL-6944Add exchangeId in the toString() method of the DefaultExchange
CAMEL-6955Migrate camel-hl7 and camel-syslog from mina to netty
CAMEL-7054CamelNetty - No way to get ChannelGroup
CAMEL-7193Assertions are applied an extra, unnecessary time after an assertion period
CAMEL-7247No way to 'abort' the onCompletion action of the MailConsumer
CAMEL-7454Camel-Quartz2 Scheduler Name Difference
CAMEL-7463Why tokenize (and some others) does not support properties substitution?
CAMEL-7474Error blocks mail-consumer
CAMEL-7528Aggregate - Allow aggregation repository to report back in-flight exchanges for in-memory repos
CAMEL-7638Use response input stream directly in http producer
CAMEL-7683Upgrade camel-hbase component to hbase 0.98.0-hadoop2
CAMEL-7753xslt component - Store warning/errors etc as exchange properties so end users can get hold of those
CAMEL-7800camel-swagger - Upgrade to swagger that is pure Java based
CAMEL-7813Make camel-jms more robust for replyTo
CAMEL-7905New option to ignore missing consumers on direct endpoints
CAMEL-7907Add support for JMSCorrelationIDAsBytes to jms component
CAMEL-7974Provide CircuitBreaker state in an exchange property
CAMEL-7985camel-test-blueprint - Upgrading to newer felix fails with NPE in fileinstall
CAMEL-8027Add ByteArrayCodec implementation for udp to camel-netty4
CAMEL-8075Camel sftp should send a command to check if the connection is broken
CAMEL-8147Using @ManagedResource on an Endpoint removes all the default JMX properties
CAMEL-8175camel-swagger - Add support for multiple CamelContexts
CAMEL-8243Enhance the Infinispan module to add support for HotRod events
CAMEL-8258camel-twitter - Support Streaming from User Endpoint including Direct Messages
CAMEL-8323Provide ability to specify node type
CAMEL-8381XML XSD enriched documentation should maybe word wrap for easier read in raw format
CAMEL-8392Upgrade Camel-Gora to Gora 0.6
CAMEL-8397Support Salesforce Analytics
CAMEL-8410Add stream caching for CxfPayload
CAMEL-8415DefaultExchangeHolder - Only transfer primitive headers/properties
CAMEL-8438[Aggregation] [Optimistic Locking] [Hazelcast] Binary representation of same exchanges are different
CAMEL-8446Camel Toolbox - Add support for @UriParam / @UriParams on component level
CAMEL-8452Camel route model - Preserve {{ }} placeholders in model
CAMEL-8459Java DSL - Align beanRef as bean to be similar to xml dsl
CAMEL-8468Usage of camel-xstream depends on TCCL
CAMEL-8473DeadLetterChannel - Add onPrepare
CAMEL-8478IdempotentRepository - Add clear operation
CAMEL-8483MongoDB Endpoints: Allow ReadPreference to be set on consumers
CAMEL-8488Java DSL - Improved CBR to detect if endChoice vs end was invalid used
CAMEL-8489camel-sjms - Allow to create empty message for null body
CAMEL-8491Camel POJO producer/consumer should defer starting until CamelContext is starting
CAMEL-8497Add extra capabilities to the github component
CAMEL-8503camel-jms - Have replyTo options for concurrent consumers
CAMEL-8506Add SEARCH operation to Elasticsearch component
CAMEL-8509camel-catalog - Add api to parse endpoint uri and reverse
CAMEL-8511Properties component - Add encoding option to use when reading the properties files
CAMEL-8512Simple - Add exchange as function to access the exchange easily
CAMEL-8513FTP consumer - Add option to use a larger buffer size so download is faster
CAMEL-8514camel-castor should depend on castor-xml
CAMEL-8516Salesforce component does not return the list of matching records for HTTP status code 300
CAMEL-8517Salesforce session handling must declare shared fields volatile
CAMEL-8522Set OriginalDestination AMQ message property before sending it to DLQ
CAMEL-8523Spring Boot should automagically load XML routes definitions from classpath
CAMEL-8525Aggregate - Expose statistics about completed exchanges
CAMEL-8526EIPs - Expose more statistics for the different EIPs in Java and JMX
CAMEL-8527Processor in routes should be IdAware so we can easily map from/to its model definition
CAMEL-8528rest-dsl - Allow producers to control what content-type header to return
CAMEL-8532Spring Boot applications should block the main thread of the execution
CAMEL-8541Camel main TestSupport class is incompatible with the CDI specification
CAMEL-8543Support easy configuration of HTTP proxy parameters for Camel salesforce component and maven plugin
CAMEL-8544Camel - Dynamic router - unsupported cacheSize attribute
CAMEL-8545Allow camel-swagger component to run in an internal container
CAMEL-8552camel-jackson should provide Map => Object converter
CAMEL-8554camel-jackson should provide Map => Object converter
CAMEL-8558Camel Catalog - Add humanize component name
CAMEL-8560camel-mail - Make it easier to configure sort term in XML DSL
CAMEL-8561Camel Catalog - Add better description of components and others
CAMEL-8562Removing a route - Should check if the route input endpoint is static and used by other routes
CAMEL-8564Add support for dataformat ref parameter
CAMEL-8569Ability to easily extract email attachments
CAMEL-8571Split EIP - Should use new message id per splitted message
CAMEL-8572Upgrade aws sdk java version and add support for DynamoDB v2
CAMEL-8576Added a option to let camel netty take the message body as byte buffer
CAMEL-8579Upgrade to jclouds 1.9.x
CAMEL-8586File component optimization required for file response body
CAMEL-8593JmsEndpoint.configureListenerContainer() some debug logs miss {}
CAMEL-8598Set default timeouts on workflows registered by the camel-aws / aws-swf component
CAMEL-8600Change the ftp default separator to be Unix style
CAMEL-8601Add Support for SFDC-specific Field Types To The Camel SFDC Component
CAMEL-8615Update Dropbox-core-sdk from 1.7.6 to 1.7.7
CAMEL-8616Update Twitter4j to latest version
CAMEL-8617camel-vertx - Add timeout during startup to wait for EventBus to be ready
CAMEL-8618Camel Catalog - Remove the label commands
CAMEL-8620Update LightCouch version from 0.1.3 to 0.1.6
CAMEL-8621Update Apache Kafka version from to
CAMEL-8622Update Apache PdfBox from version 1.6.0 to version 1.8.9
CAMEL-8623Update Dropwizard Metrics from version 3.1.0 to 3.1.1
CAMEL-8632httpBindingRef & httpBinding for the servlet component documentation
CAMEL-8634Wire tap - Should emit event notification about sending to tapped endpoint
CAMEL-8635XStream no longer supports dynamic CL updates
CAMEL-8640BacklogTracer allocates 100k elements for an array even it is not enabled
CAMEL-8642Support to use custom classloader when deserializeJavaObjectFromStream in HttpHelper
CAMEL-8645Camel Netty component should not intercept consumers with httpMethodRestrict=OPTIONS
CAMEL-8647Make Camel OSGI Extender Subsystem-Aware
CAMEL-8653camel-kafka need to commit the last batch offset when shutdown the consumer
CAMEL-8666Infinispan add other operations to the available
CAMEL-8670Add spring-ws:uripath endpoint mapping
CAMEL-8681Camel-Infinispan: use Lifespan and Max Idle Time in the implementation
CAMEL-8684Load balancer model should not implement processor
CAMEL-8685Netty should resolve OPTIONS prefix matches earlier
CAMEL-8686Camel-Infinispan Replace operation can use options Lifespan and Max Idle Time
CAMEL-8691Camel-docker: Add FollowRedirects and LoggingFilter options to client configuration
CAMEL-8692Improve the PredicateBuilder with the missing vargs and list or helper method Invalid uri syntax: Trailing & marker found error should be configurable or skipped
CAMEL-8695Update apns library to 1.0.0.Beta6
CAMEL-8698Camel-Infinispan: Add size operation
CAMEL-8700Camel-OpenShift: Add new operations to available set
CAMEL-8703Camel-Openshift: Scaling management operations and gitUrl feature
CAMEL-8706Increase set of parameters for elasticsearch component
CAMEL-8709Camel-Infinispan: Add Async operations to available set
CAMEL-8710Make auth configurable for Google app components
CAMEL-8711JMS Session not exposed to Camel route
CAMEL-8712User the Netty Timer per Component
CAMEL-8714Camel-Openshift: Add Environment Variables management
CAMEL-8716camel-http - Make it easier to extend DefaultHttpBinding and have default no-arg ctr
CAMEL-8725explainEndpointJson should order the options according to the given order from the endpoint
CAMEL-8726Camel-Openshift: Add multiple environment variables to application
CAMEL-8728Hazelcast idempotent repository - Should use locks
CAMEL-8729Add query all capabilities in hazelcast map producers
CAMEL-8730Camel-Hazelcast: Add replace operation to map producer
CAMEL-8731Camel-Hazelcast: Add clear operation to map and multimap producers
CAMEL-8732File consumer - Allow to sort by random
CAMEL-8733Camel-Hazelcast: Add the possibility to specify a ttl related to a specific key
CAMEL-8734camel-netty-http - Should ignore case of context-path
CAMEL-8735Camel-Hazelcast: Add putIfAbsent operation to map producer
CAMEL-8736Create new component using Hazelcast JCache implementation
CAMEL-8739Camel-Hazelcast: Add Replicated Map support
CAMEL-8750Camel-Infinispan: Add Remove, RemoveAsync, Replace, ReplaceAsync operation for a specific value
CAMEL-8752camel-fop - Allow to set output format easier
CAMEL-8753camel-twitter - Allow to configure http proxy on component level
CAMEL-8755No Message History on deadLetterChannel
CAMEL-8761Idempotent Consumer EIP - Allow to commit when EIP scope ends
CAMEL-8763Default error handler should use default redelivery delay of 1 sec
CAMEL-8766camel-cache - CacheConfiguration - parseURI not needed
CAMEL-8767camel-elasticsearch - ElasticsearchConfiguration should be a plain pojo
CAMEL-8779camel-mail - Message copy can be optimized if mapMessage=false
CAMEL-8790Kafka producer hard coded to use Strings
CAMEL-8795camel-kafka - Support for Scala 2.11
CAMEL-8799Make it possible for JsonPath to suppress PathNotFoundException
CAMEL-8801CamelContext auto-configuration should be conditional
CAMEL-8807camel-ftp - Add option to turn off sendNoop as alive check
CAMEL-8811No data coding headers in deliverSM
CAMEL-8818Set default for SO_TIMEOUT in camel-ftp
CAMEL-8820Allow to do post logic when creating expression/predicate from routes
CAMEL-8821Support to disable the stream caching in camel-servlet from the camel context
CAMEL-8824Add startTimestamp to JMX attributes
CAMEL-8826Add timezone parameter to Cron Scheduler Route Policy
CAMEL-8835Replace PojoSR with felix-connect
CAMEL-8836Remove the joda-time bundle camel-elasticsearch
CAMEL-8842Camel-Hazelcast: Add addAll and removeAll operation to list
CAMEL-8843Camel-AWS EC2: Add DescribeInstancesStatus operation to available set
CAMEL-8844Treat absolute FTP directories as invalid and convert to relative
CAMEL-8845Property placeholder - service lookup should use underscore instead of dash
CAMEL-8846camel-archetype-web - Should use servlet as example
CAMEL-8849Camel-Hazelcast: Add retainAll operation to list
CAMEL-8850Camel-AWS EC2: Add rebootInstances operation
CAMEL-8851Camel-AWS EC2: Enabling/Disabling monitoring on instances
CAMEL-8852Camel JCR doesnt include Connection to a repository workspace except the default one
CAMEL-8856Camel-Hazelcast: Add evict and evictAll operation to hazelcast map
CAMEL-8857Camel SCR should create OSGi service for CamelContext
CAMEL-8863Camel-Hazelcast: Add valueCount operation to multimap
CAMEL-8865Remove version from URL in Camel web examples
CAMEL-8868Camel-Hazelcast: Add remainingCapacity operation to queue
CAMEL-8870Remove version from URL in Maven web archetype
CAMEL-8872Camel-Hazelcast: Add new operations to HazelcastAtomicNumber producer
CAMEL-8876Add an option for HttpProducer to ignore response body avoiding stream caching
CAMEL-8877Camel-Hazelcast: Add containsKey and containsValue operation to map Producer
CAMEL-8879Camel-sjms doesn't treat InOnly and InOut equally
CAMEL-8882Camel-AWS EC2: Add options to Run Instance command
CAMEL-8883Camel-Hazelcast: Add containsKey and containsValue operation to ReplicatedMap and MultiMap Producer
CAMEL-8893Upgrade to CXF 3.1.x
CAMEL-8894Support to reconnect the server in ClientMode.
CAMEL-8897camel-example-servlet-rest-tomcat should include rest-dsl query params docs
CAMEL-8903Camel-Infinispan: Add ClearAsync operation to producer
CAMEL-8910Camel-JClouds: Add new operations to JClouds Compute Service Producer
CAMEL-8918Camel-Jclouds: Add countBlobs and removeBlob operation to Blobstore component
CAMEL-8920Camel-JClouds: Add new operations to Blobstore component
CAMEL-8921Cleanup a bit on the example-cdi and archetype
CAMEL-8922Camel-Jclouds: Use ObjectHelper to check if headers exists
CAMEL-8924camel-maven-plugin - The goal that generates the list of components etc
CAMEL-8925camel-vertx - Upgrade to vertx 3
CAMEL-8926camel-spring - contextScan should allow to exclude non-singletons
CAMEL-8930Add removeHeader and family to route DSL
CAMEL-8935camel-spring-ws - Expose more options
CAMEL-8941Restlet supports binary files only with media type application/octet-stream
CAMEL-8942aws-sqs - Make it easier to configure http proxy
CAMEL-8943camel-jetty should use jetty9 as default
CAMEL-8944Routing engine - When UoW done let the route context be present so MDC logging is possible
CAMEL-8946Original SSLHandshakeException was overridden by Camel Netty Http producer
CAMEL-8948CamelBlueprintTestSupport tests have issues with namespace handlers
CAMEL-8956camel-cxf - The namespace parser should use FactoryBean
CAMEL-8960direct component - Should defer failing if no active consumer until camel context is started
CAMEL-8961Update Camel-Docker to support docker-java 1.4.0
CAMEL-8965Wire Tap EIP - Support dynamic uris
CAMEL-8966Add a dynamic to that is simpler to use than recipient list
CAMEL-8970File consumer - Add option to turn on/off whether to delete orphaned marker lock files
CAMEL-8972Classloader leak reported in Apache tomcat
CAMEL-8974DefaultPropertiesParser does not support the system properties mode
CAMEL-8976netty-http - Allow to configure max size of headers
CAMEL-8977Enrich and PollEnrich - Add option ignoreInvalidEndpoint
CAMEL-8980Add Camel-git feature
CAMEL-8981camel-test-spring - Allow to use UseOverridePropertiesWithPropertiesComponent
CAMEL-8983Add random function to simple
CAMEL-8986Add specialized mbean for enrich and pollEnrich
CAMEL-8987Vert.x endpoints should support mutliple consumers
CAMEL-8990camel-guice - Upgrade to v4
CAMEL-8991rest-dsl - Add support for toD
CAMEL-8992EIPs with Expression - Allow to detail those in jmx friendly information
CAMEL-8994Large memory use on Large core count(512) servers
CAMEL-8995camel-restlet - Should defer UoW done until after writing response
CAMEL-9003Allow multiple producers with differing request timeouts
CAMEL-9010camel-stream - When using scanStream it should be able to deal if the file is deleted or not present
CAMEL-9011Circuit Breaker LB - Only supports 1 processor so validate it has only 1
CAMEL-9015JMX agent - JVM system properties should always take precedence
CAMEL-9016<jmxAgent> in XML DSL should not output default values when dumped
CAMEL-9020Splunk component should use TLS instead of SSLv3
CAMEL-9023Use Redis String instead of Set as datatype for idempotent consumer
CAMEL-9033Abstract undertow HttpHandler creation
CAMEL-9036Camel-Hazelcast: Add support for set Data Structure
CAMEL-9039Feature camel-core contains bundles, which should be made optional for micro-services deployment
CAMEL-9044aws-sns - Make it easier to configure http proxy
CAMEL-9045Camel-aws: Make it easier to configure http proxy
CAMEL-9050Camel-cassandraql: Add loadbalancingpolicy as uri option
CAMEL-9052HttpHeaderFilterStrategy should filter any Camel header on consumer side as well
CAMEL-9054sftp - Reduce logging noise from JSCH
CAMEL-9055camel-aws - SQS should not allow handover the delete task
CAMEL-9056Aggregator - Allow to clear closed correlation key cache
CAMEL-9061Java DSL - Allow to configure parallel processing and similar using a string configuration type
CAMEL-9062Java DSL - ValueBuilder should build expressions as languages so they model can be dumped
CAMEL-9063Add useGetBytesForBlob option in camel-jdbc
CAMEL-9064File language - Add functions to get extension in single mode
CAMEL-9066Include any headers unmarshalled by SoapJaxbDataFormat in content marshalled by the same.
CAMEL-9068Log output to show which route is shutdown and has a pending message
CAMEL-9069Add processor to immediately handle exception while in retry loop
CAMEL-9078camel-http - Allow to configure the success range for http status codes
CAMEL-9086Add support for relative path requests in netty http
CAMEL-9088camel-pgevent - Use prepared statement and close resources
CAMEL-9093Provide an unparsed read mode for olingo2
CAMEL-9096rest-dsl - Reuse logic for matching best rest path to use
CAMEL-9102CxfEndpoint could use loggingSizeLimit = -1 for no size limit
CAMEL-9105Camel DefaultHttpBinding should convert response Date headers to HTTP-friendly format
CAMEL-9115camel-restlet - Should doneUoW using restlet callback
CAMEL-9116camel-sjms - Should use same binding to/from JMS messages as camel-jms
CAMEL-9118camel-pgevent, use pg_notify for sending notifications with postgres verion 9 and above
CAMEL-9119XSLT errors should not be ignored
CAMEL-9131Camel components - Add more labels to group the options
CAMEL-9145Upgrade camel-hbase component to hbase 1.1.1 on Hadoop 2.7.1
CAMEL-9153ThreadPoolRejectedPolicy does not implement Abort as expected
CAMEL-9158camel-univocity-parsers should initize in doStart and not use reset flag
CAMEL-9160Dynamic to - Should use language: as prefix when using other languages
CAMEL-9163PGP Data Format: Support PGP Messages without Compressed Data packet
CAMEL-9173camel-artchetype-scr - Should be a simple route example
CAMEL-9174Main - Make it easier to configure CamelContext before its started
CAMEL-9175Simple random function - Should trim the min/max values
CAMEL-9178Apache Camel is not able to read map-id in Dozer mapping xml but does not throw any error
CAMEL-9179Add uptime to route so we can easily see per route how long time they have been running
CAMEL-9184Throttler: Rejected message whe rejectExecution=true
CAMEL-9192camel-elsql - Allow using simple language as named parameters
CAMEL-9193Aggregator in preCompletion mode should also timeout if the new group does not receive further messages
CAMEL-9194camel-elasticsearch search request only supports map object
CAMEL-9201Improved Camel CDI component
CAMEL-9203camel-amqp should provide qpid dependencies
CAMEL-9204Provide AMQP component factory method for AMQP 1.0
CAMEL-9207Make it easy to collate/group N items from a message body with the splitter
CAMEL-9213CamelContext - explainEndpointJson should not include component properties
CAMEL-9219Base64 Spring XML tests and documentation
CAMEL-9225camel-exec - Enrich exception with stdout/stderr
CAMEL-9232camel-paho - Create exchange correct
CAMEL-9239camel-sjms - Add completionInterval to batch jms
CAMEL-9240Abstract CXF endpoint creation for WildFly integration
CAMEL-9244camel-paho - Endpoint must implement publishing of retained messages option
CAMEL-9249timer - Allow to specify a delay of -1 or something to indicate loop asap forever
CAMEL-9251rest-dsl - Allow to configure api-doc route id
CAMEL-9256Paho file persistence store should be configurable
CAMEL-9258camel-boon - Serializing/Deserializing Lists, Maps with camel-boon
CAMEL-9263camel-servlet - Allow to configure the context path without leading slash
CAMEL-9271Extending RouteDefinition
CAMEL-9274StreamCache does not work correctly with MarshalProcessor and pretty much all DataFormats
CAMEL-9275camel-jackson - Allow to use a custom ObjectMapper instance
CAMEL-9278camel-undertow - Should support multiple rest services
CAMEL-9285controlbus - Allow to grab current route id so you can control current route easier
CAMEL-9286Log component - Include log formatter options in docs
CAMEL-9297Expose more configuration options from Camel's XStream component
CAMEL-9298camel-netty4 - Connection timeout is already done by netty itself
CAMEL-9303PropertiesComponent - Allow service host and port to be specified individually
CAMEL-9305PropertiesComponent.isDefaultCreated method only check the absence of defined locations
CAMEL-9306XML Signature: Header "CamelXmlSignatureTransformMethods" for Transform Methods
CAMEL-9309camel-jetty - Make it easier to turn on|off java transport over http
CAMEL-9314Improve error logging in Kura router
CAMEL-9315KuraRouter should provide consumer template
CAMEL-9317camel-salesforce's XStream to use a system property to configure its setting
CAMEL-9325camel-spring-boot - Allow to use spring xml easier
CAMEL-9326JndiRegistry should default to use CamelInitialContextFactory if no env factory specified
CAMEL-9328KuraRouter should provide required and optional service resolvers
CAMEL-9329Kura router should provide OSGi compendium services
CAMEL-9330Main - enableHangupSupport should be default enabled
CAMEL-9332Support @MockEndpoint and @MockEndpointAndSkip in Spring Boot
CAMEL-9333KuraRouter should try to load XML routes from ConfigAdmin
CAMEL-9335camel-netty-http - Suppress Connection reset by peer WARNs
CAMEL-9339camel-cdi - If starting camel-cdi main and no camel found then log a WARN about this
CAMEL-9342Metrics component should log at debug level
CAMEL-9345Migrate example to rest-dsl
CAMEL-9346camel-sql - Add transacted option
CAMEL-9349ResourceHelper - Allow to load resource from registry
CAMEL-9351Kura router should offer SCR programming model
CAMEL-9352camel-jms - Add transferFault option
CAMEL-9355Current Throttler implementation is not accurate and does not work in a multi-threaded route
CAMEL-9356Allow delivery receipts with empty shortMessage field
CAMEL-9357KuraRouter should provide default routes configuration
CAMEL-9358Support UPDATE request in elastic-search component
CAMEL-9359DefaultExchangeHolder.marshal() logs NULL header values to WARN
CAMEL-9365camel-metrics - Allow to configure naming pattern for route policy
CAMEL-9369Acknowledge messages for RabbitMQ InOut exchange when transferring exception
CAMEL-9371Add support of Swagger for restlet component
CAMEL-9373Camel JSSE security - Allow to use custom trust manager
CAMEL-9377[test-blueprint] support configadmin as source of initial properties for BP camel context
CAMEL-9379Camel BOM should not include tooling depdencies
CAMEL-9380Method call expression - Validate bean name for mistake
CAMEL-9382netty4-http - Hostname should allow without double slash
CAMEL-9388Provide properties-based AMQP connection discovery
CAMEL-9390Camel-git: Allow to specify username/email on a commit operation
CAMEL-9395Reduce the number of default services registered in JMX
CAMEL-9399Provide support for Publisher Acknowledges
CAMEL-9400Camel-Elasticsearch: Add Multiget Operation support
CAMEL-9409wiretap - Allow to use endpoint injected instance
CAMEL-9410camel-netty-http - should default to port 80 and 443
CAMEL-9427camel-jetty - Should also support rest-dsl with api-doc
CAMEL-9434camel-catalog - Add did you mean functionality
CAMEL-9436camel-catalog - Make it easy to include extra components
CAMEL-9437Fix checkstyle indentation violation for generated API test cases
CAMEL-9441Camel-Elasticsearch: Add an operation to know if an index exists or not
CAMEL-9446camel-swagger-java - Support allowedValues in model generated
CAMEL-9447camel-swagger-java - Add type for response model
CAMEL-9450rest-dsl - Configuration allow to use # to refer to beans to be looked up
CAMEL-9454camel-gora - Should preserve headers
CAMEL-9455Enhance Google Calendar service account with user impersonation support
CAMEL-9456Component docs - Add information if a component is deprecated
CAMEL-9457Camel Main - Stop from JMX should trigger stop of the Main/JVM
CAMEL-9461camel-sql - Allow to load sql from resource
CAMEL-9469Properties component - Should include component docs
CAMEL-9470Add consumer option to component docs
CAMEL-9471Tokenizer - Add option to skip first
CAMEL-9472Add multi value to component docs
CAMEL-9473camel-mail - The from/to/cc/bcc options should be like others and in component docs
CAMEL-9474camel-jpa - Add consumer options to component docs
CAMEL-9475Simple - Calling method should favor best matching type
CAMEL-9479bean/class component - Should use bean. prefix for bean options
CAMEL-9482Remove some deprecated options on http/http4/servlet
CAMEL-9486Camel component docs - Add support for username password configured in userinfo part of uri
CAMEL-9488Camel script - Add missing languages
CAMEL-9492camel-netty-http - The http/https protocol should be mandatory
CAMEL-9495camel-hipchat - Should require url for hipchat server
CAMEL-9496camel-hbase - The mapping options in the uri should use prefix
CAMEL-9500CamelVersionHelper cannot handle version qualifier
CAMEL-9501Support to setup the filter InitParameter from Jetty URI
CAMEL-9504OnCompletion - Keep caught exception so it can access the exception
CAMEL-9508camel-sjms to support jms 2.0 in osgi manifest
CAMEL-9511Setting Kafka's endpoint configuration by reference overrides everything instead of merging
CAMEL-9515Does not handle an expired iterator exception
CAMEL-9517Validator Component: add clearCachedSchema method to ValidatorEndpoint
CAMEL-9518Swagger may see non-camel MBeans
CAMEL-9523Use setStopRow on org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client.Scan
CAMEL-9524file - Allow to turn on|off probe content type
CAMEL-9531Camel catalog - method call, tokenizer and xtokenizer do not use @XmlValue
CAMEL-9534XsltComponent: fix support for Saxon-B (and Woodstox)
CAMEL-9539toString of Exchange/Message should only output id
CAMEL-9549camel-schematron - More fine grained error messages when compiling the schema
CAMEL-9550File consumer - Use Filter while deleting orphaned marker lock files
CAMEL-9551ErrorHandler - Should not log message body by default
CAMEL-9559camel-undertow - Allow to configure SSL on component level
CAMEL-9564EndpointHelper.resolveReferenceListParameter should not return immutable lists
CAMEL-9572Validator Component: Support custom resource resolver which depends on dynamic resource URI of the endpoint
CAMEL-9577Only support suspension if a component has custom logic
CAMEL-9578Reduce object creation in InfinispanProducer
CAMEL-9579Replace deprecated entry listener signature in HazelcastMapConsumer
CAMEL-9580XSLT Component: Support custom URI resolver which depends on dynamic resource URI of the endpoint
CAMEL-9583camel-jackson - Allow the FallbackTypeConverter to convert to/from string types
CAMEL-9584LevelDB - Allow serializable objects in headers
CAMEL-9594Use swagger.json instead of api-doc in examples
CAMEL-9595Camel-Kubernetes consumer should use DefaultConsumer and not ScheduledPollConsumer
CAMEL-9596REST DSL - Jetty component ignores custom HTTP Binding
CAMEL-9601camel-restlet - Should support the Accept header
CAMEL-9603Support producer in Kinesis
CAMEL-9604camel-jpa - Endpoint should be singleton
CAMEL-9605Allow camel-gson to unmarshall more type by default
CAMEL-9609camel-aws - SQS allow to configure attribute names easier
CAMEL-9610Chmod does not work properly with "recursive=true"
CAMEL-9616Support looking up MetricRegistry by type only in the Metrics component
CAMEL-9620Support IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES for write ops in Infinispan component
CAMEL-9621camel-restlet - The producer should support message body as bytes or streams
CAMEL-9624Add Infinispan remote query support
CAMEL-9625rest-dsl - Marshal should only happen if content-type is json or xml
CAMEL-9627Splitup camel-cxf into modules so REST dont pull in old SOAP stuff
CAMEL-9628camel-cxfrs - RsEndpoint should be enlisted in JMX
CAMEL-9629camel-cxfrs - Allow to configure providers easily from endpoint
CAMEL-9632Allow for adding ResponeHeader info to documentation.
CAMEL-9635Continuation settings are only evaluated on first creation for each port/connector
CAMEL-9644Improve camel-hbase component
CAMEL-9649Do not require @XmlRootElement annotation in JAXB FallbackTypeConverter
CAMEL-9653Bean language - Add support for calling purely static methods
CAMEL-9654camel-undertow - rest-dsl should support {name} placeholders from path
CAMEL-9655rest-dsl - Default hostname should be
CAMEL-9657Problems with DefaultCamelContext constructor calling Container.Instance.manage()
CAMEL-9675Improve loop EIP to act like a while loop
CAMEL-9677FallbackTypeConverter that are CamelContextAware should have it injected
CAMEL-9684camel-infinispan : add support for setting query builder in InifispanConfiguration
CAMEL-9693camel-infinispan : disable building tests on JDK < 1.8
CAMEL-9696test component - Allow to pass in uri options to endpoint
CAMEL-9697Test component - Allow to receive in any order, or split using expression
CAMEL-9699Change the default for DataSets used as sources to zero
CAMEL-9704rest-dsl - Options requests should not be routed
CAMEL-9705rest-dsl - Do not allow duplicate verbs
CAMEL-9706MockEndpoint: isEqualTo predicate does not handle arrays correctly
CAMEL-9711camel-sql - Allow to use IN queries where the parameter is expanded
CAMEL-9715Log EIP - Allow to configure the log name globally
CAMEL-9720camel-spring-boot - Make it easy to keep the JVM running
CAMEL-9726camel-swagger-java - Add support for yaml
CAMEL-9735camel-tarfile throws OutOfMemoryError when splitting large files
CAMEL-9736SolrComponent gets the wrong Content Type
CAMEL-9740Improve camel-infinispan
CAMEL-9745Splitter - Should skip null messages if iterator returns null
CAMEL-9752Quartz2 Scheduled route too many workers
CAMEL-9761camel-swagger-java - Allow to use custom CORS headers for api-docs
CAMEL-9769camel-spring-javaconfig - Make the main class easier
CAMEL-9775Clean configuration meta-datat description
CAMEL-9776camel-braintree: add uri param to configure advanced options
CAMEL-9782camel-spring-boot - Allow to configure options on CamelContext using auto config
CAMEL-9790camel-kafka 2.17 not throwing TimeoutException back which is throw by Kafka client
CAMEL-9791DeadLetterChannel not triggered on RejectedExecutionException
CAMEL-9796Internal Access still displayed, no change to JSON generated
CAMEL-9798camel-cdi - Add support for injecting default ProducerTemplate
CAMEL-9808SFTP: Enable configuration of bulk requests
CAMEL-9811camel-cdi - Add support for consumer template injection
CAMEL-9815Add URI parameter to skip the declaration of the exchange
CAMEL-9818Camel kafka consumer adds legacy (deprecated properties) in the kafka consumer
CAMEL-9831Camel-http4: Make possible to use System Properties for configuration
CAMEL-9833Add mapHttpMessage option to allow to turn off mapping by default
CAMEL-9838Add ends with operator to simple language
CAMEL-9859Re-enable Netty4 Channel Options.
CAMEL-9860csv dataformat - Should have quoteMode option in model
CAMEL-9875CamelBlueprintTestSupport lacks support for multiple PID loading
CAMEL-9899camel-rx - Use a worker pool for tasks such as stopping consumers
CAMEL-9900camel-jms - provide option for MessageListenerContainer for reply managers to stop quicker when CamelContext is stopping
CAMEL-9904Avoid creating an empty default Camel context in Camel CDI for empty deployments
CAMEL-9905TarAggregationStragegy should delete temporary files
CAMEL-9915Allow to use the tarfile data format in XML marshal/unmarshal
CAMEL-9925Update Salesforce component to use Jetty9
CAMEL-9927Reduce object creation in RedisProducer
CAMEL-9932sql-stored - Add support for arrays in grammar
CAMEL-9937camel-catalog - Add api to validate time pattern
CAMEL-9955Add uptimeMillis as JMX attribute to CamelContextMBean
CAMEL-9957camel-kafka producer sends the message in an async way
CAMEL-9962Add a field in the consumer to define if it subscribed to the topic or not
CAMEL-9963camel-blueprint - Namespace parser should skip placeholders for component dependencies
CAMEL-9966Restlet - Should not enable stream by default
CAMEL-9996Use passed in Camel Context in org.apache.camel.spi.RestConsumerFactory#createConsumer implementations
CAMEL-1004make it easy to start/stop routes by their definition (RouteBuilder or Route class)
CAMEL-3552camel-pdf component
CAMEL-3910Add "Sticky Failover" support in the camel load balancer
CAMEL-4596enrich and pollEnrich should accept an expression for dynamic uris
CAMEL-4725camel-sql - Add support for Callable statements
CAMEL-5583Add ning-compress as data format
CAMEL-5911seda/vm - Add option to discard message if no active consumers
CAMEL-6098Add script to the DSL to invoke a expression language and allow noop changes on the Exchange
CAMEL-6415camel-twitter - Support for the User Stream Endpoint
CAMEL-6649AWS Simple Email Service - add attachment support
CAMEL-7152HttpProducer loses response data (specifically which headers where returned)
CAMEL-7378camel-mongodb: Investigate returning DBCursor to enable streaming of large result sets
CAMEL-7425Add EventDrivenPollingConsumer option to specify timeout
CAMEL-7433Please create a preCompletionPredicate for camel aggregator
CAMEL-7434Provide a way to force the completion of a aggregate exchange from an external event
CAMEL-7609Add option "shareUnitOfWork" to pattern "enrich"
CAMEL-7808camel-boon json parser
CAMEL-7833create an extension of the RX Observable<T> to add more of the Camel DSL in there (e.g. to() or to go back to the general camel DSL)
CAMEL-7865Support to carry file attributes on file endpoint
CAMEL-7877json DataFormat: support the prettyPrint option by all the supported JSON libraries
CAMEL-7982camel-git - A generic git component
CAMEL-7999Camel Toolbox - Easy information about all Camel components and the release for tooling
CAMEL-8054Use SharedEntityManager to reduce connections
CAMEL-8093Adding Message headers for sinceid, maxid, user
CAMEL-8211Camel commands - camel-component-info
CAMEL-8269camel-salesforce: support for Salesforce Apex API
CAMEL-8317XML DSL - Allow to use bean property style to configure endpoint options
CAMEL-8413camel-stomp - Allow to configure SSL
CAMEL-8465Add groups/getPosts endpoint to camel-linkedin
CAMEL-8487Custom arguments to RabbitMQ queues
CAMEL-8496Create Camel Paho component
CAMEL-8507camel-rabbitmq - Support for the mandatory and immediate flags
CAMEL-8531Make it easy to get the management mbean for a given process by its id
CAMEL-8538Add inOut support for the RabbitMQ component
CAMEL-8563camel-ftp - Add support for account option for login
CAMEL-8565Support for camel-gson to handle generic types
CAMEL-8656camel-test - Add option to dump route stats to file
CAMEL-8696Allow ApnsNotification/EnhancedApnsNotification instances to be send to apns endpoints
CAMEL-8727File consumer - Add read lock that is based on idempotent repository
CAMEL-8740DeadLetterChannel - Add SPI so custom components can prepare message for DLC
CAMEL-8762Support for adding multiple services with same interface in CamelBlueprintTestSupport
CAMEL-8777Calendar component - support for Google Service Accounts
CAMEL-8808Create Grape component
CAMEL-8817Expose additional geolocation parameters in standard search
CAMEL-8825Add support to AWS EC2 inside Camel-AWS component
CAMEL-8832Add =~ operation as equals ignore case operation to simple language
CAMEL-8834Camel-AWS EC2: Add describeInstances Operation
CAMEL-8855camel-jpa - Add support for JPA producer to delete records
CAMEL-8861Add a factory to support custom websocket sub-protocol
CAMEL-8873Management api for ErrorHandler to expose stats about pending exchanges scheduled for redelivery
CAMEL-8880Enable ability to expose Camel JMX service using IP address via API
CAMEL-8936camel-test-cdi - Create a test module for cdi
CAMEL-8952Expression or predicates - allow to refer to external script on file/classpath
CAMEL-8969Add component for CoAP
CAMEL-8996camel-undertow - Add support for Exchange.HTTP_QUERY
CAMEL-8997Camel-Git: Add a show branches operation
CAMEL-9006Add ability to use the same rest route for multiple components
CAMEL-9014Add statistics for usage of endpoints in EIPs
CAMEL-9085Create a Camel-Kubernetes/Openshift v3 Component
CAMEL-9097XSLT Aggregation Strategy
CAMEL-9111Camel Tarfile component
CAMEL-9128Camel-Hazelcast: Add a Ringbuffer producer
CAMEL-9129Create OptionsVerbDefinition - REST
CAMEL-9156camel-swagger-java - Add JMX and Camel commands
CAMEL-9157JMX - Add dataformat as mbean category
CAMEL-9162camel-elsql component
CAMEL-9172JOLT Component
CAMEL-9180camel-cmis Lazy Initialize Session Facade
CAMEL-9186Camel-Scala: Ability to add route policy in the Scala DSL based route definition
CAMEL-9187Add support in endpoint for setting splunk event host field
CAMEL-9189Jackson XML Mapper Data format
CAMEL-9206add Kerberos Security into camel-HBase
CAMEL-9212Enable dynamic values in the headerName / propertyName
CAMEL-9224Camel specific commands for spring boot shell
CAMEL-9252Batch camel messages
CAMEL-9267camel-nats - A java client component for the nats broker
CAMEL-9268camel-okhttp - Using the popular okhttp client
CAMEL-9280Allow passing custom headers to the proxy server in camel-smpp component
CAMEL-9283Data Format for MIME-Multipart
CAMEL-9312Rest DSL should support defaulting values for query strings
CAMEL-9364Add ability to receive onOpen/onClose/onError websocket events through camel rout.
CAMEL-9376Camel-Kubernetes: add a Namespace-based consumer
CAMEL-9385Create Apache Spark component
CAMEL-9389camel-metrics - Allow to capture message history easily
CAMEL-9392Add ability to pass parameters within websocket url and handle them in onOpen event
CAMEL-9393Add ability to send a message to multiple defined connections with guaranty of delivery
CAMEL-9416Creation of Camel-MLLP component
CAMEL-9418camel-elasticsearch: make client.transport.sniff configurable
CAMEL-9430Create camel-component for braintreepayments
CAMEL-9445camel-ignite: New Apache Ignite component
CAMEL-9449Allow to specify custom exit code when camel exits due to expired Duration
CAMEL-9452Camel-Elasticsearch: Support Multisearch operation
CAMEL-9453Camel-Git: Add support for cherry-pick operation
CAMEL-9507Support suppressing body from aws-s3 consumer
CAMEL-9542Allow HttpClient configuration (proxy, connection pooling, etc) for camel-geocoder component
CAMEL-9544Option to add headers to MIME-Multipart in DataFormat
CAMEL-9586Create camel-etcd
CAMEL-9591Support Saxon integrated extension functions
CAMEL-9633quartz2 - Add support for specifying custom calendar
CAMEL-9637camel-netty - Allow to reuse previous Channel in next call
CAMEL-9645Add messageHistory function to simple to allow to dump it anywhere
CAMEL-9648IronMQ Component
CAMEL-9652camel-spark-rest - Add support for hosting swagger api
CAMEL-9659Create new component for GridFS
CAMEL-9661YAML DataFormat
CAMEL-9679Support for Hessian serialization - add new Data Format
CAMEL-9681Add an option to enable/disable cache creation
CAMEL-9685camel-infinispan : support continuous query in consumer
CAMEL-9707Add ListDataSet and FileDataSet
CAMEL-9719Spring Boot Starter
CAMEL-9737Create camel component for ServiceNow
CAMEL-9916SJMS component is not currently nodev/XML route compatible
CAMEL-9943Expose mail session as a URI option for camel-mail endpoints
CAMEL-1009create a 'mvn guice:run' plugin so we can run Guice based Camel applications easily in maven
CAMEL-1012redeliveryPolicyType should use attributes for simple values
CAMEL-1014ExpressionType is missing in Spring DSL
CAMEL-1017we have two loadbalancetype
CAMEL-8906Application hangs when Spring Boot Actuator shutdown hook is used
CAMEL-1008remove more context-free DSL methods
CAMEL-4074Remove machine specific testcase setups from CXF test
CAMEL-5319openjpa profile doesn't work in camel-bam
CAMEL-6976camel-itest-cdi - Fails due recent changes in camel-cdi etc
CAMEL-7263Remove camel:dot
CAMEL-7634camel-facebook - Upgrade facebook4j to 2.x
CAMEL-8198Upgrade to JAXB 2.2.11
CAMEL-8454Correct a comment in files generated by camel-api-component-maven-plugin
CAMEL-8533camel-ognl exposes servicemix ognl bundle
CAMEL-8548upgrade commons-codec version to 1.10
CAMEL-8577BOM does not publish scriptengine dependencies
CAMEL-8591Upgrade to restlet 2.3.x
CAMEL-8614camel-linkedin and camel-olingo2 should use same Maven coord as others
CAMEL-8627Update Infinispan version from 6.0.2.Final to 7.1.1.Final
CAMEL-8629Update AWS SDK from version 1.9.17 to version 1.9.30
CAMEL-8637Upgrade Jetty version to 9.x in Camel-CometD
CAMEL-8644Update Google Gson version from 2.3 to 2.3.1
CAMEL-8648Update Docker-java version from 0.10.5 to 1.2.0
CAMEL-8650camel-docker - Add to karaf features
CAMEL-8651Update Ehcache from version 2.9.1 to 2.10.0
CAMEL-8652Update MongoDB Java Driver to 2.13.1 and Embed-Mongo to 1.47.2
CAMEL-8655Create Spring Boot examples and archetypes
CAMEL-8658Replace SMX bundles of commons-dbcp1 with Apache versions
CAMEL-8659Update commons-lang to 2.6 (xmljson)
CAMEL-8661Use managed version of jackrabbit in hdfs and hbase features
CAMEL-8662Use managed version of avro in hdfs2 feature
CAMEL-8664Update MongoDB Java Driver from 2.13.1 to 3.0.0
CAMEL-8671Update XStream from version 1.4.7 to version 1.4.8
CAMEL-8677Update iCal4j from version to version 1.6.0
CAMEL-8679Update Openshift Java Client Version from 2.5.0.Final to 2.7.0.Final
CAMEL-8697Update olingo-odata2-api from version 2.0.0 to version 2.0.3
CAMEL-8741Upgrade jsch
CAMEL-8759Try enabling google error prone source code detector
CAMEL-8760Upgrade Netty 3
CAMEL-8772camel-salesforce - Add documentation to its endpoint options
CAMEL-8802Upgrade to CXF 3.0.5
CAMEL-8809Upgrade AWS SDK bundle to version 1.10.2
CAMEL-8839Camel-Hazelcast: Add clear operation to List
CAMEL-8840Camel-AWS EC2: Add Security Groups support when creating and running instances
CAMEL-8867Upgrade GAE bundle version to 1.9.23
CAMEL-8928spring-security not part of the camel BOM
CAMEL-8959Remove old code from camel-cxf no longer needed due the CXF 3.0+ upgrade
CAMEL-8982Upgrade Freemarker to version 2.3.23
CAMEL-9021depends on non-free JAR
CAMEL-9028BOM does not export scala-library
CAMEL-9038Make the existing tests of camle-olingo2 automatically executable
CAMEL-9051Upgrade ServiceMix-Specs to 2.4.0
CAMEL-9077camel-bindy - Wonder if it outputs numbers using thousand separators
CAMEL-9080Update to elsaticsearch 1.7.1
CAMEL-9082Upgrade ServiceMix Specs to 2.5.0
CAMEL-9113Upgrade Infinispan to 8.x
CAMEL-9114Upgrade Jgroups to version 3.6.7.Final
CAMEL-9120Add Camel-Undertow to Camel features
CAMEL-9132Upgrade Kafka to
CAMEL-9209camel-jbpm - use logging jar from maven central
CAMEL-9228Update to undertow-1.3.0
CAMEL-9242Upgrade slf4j-api to 1.7
CAMEL-9265Use servicemix-specs version of jsr311-api
CAMEL-9300DeltaSpike container control dependency in Camel CDI should be optional
CAMEL-9302Add camel-jolt to features
CAMEL-9307Remove unnecessary call to setCamelContext when adding a component by name
CAMEL-9334Upgrade to spring 4.2x.
CAMEL-9337Add readme.txt to all examples
CAMEL-9338Upgrade camel-spring-integration
CAMEL-9360Upgrade to elasticsearch 2.x
CAMEL-9361Upgrade Kafka to 0.9.0
CAMEL-9402Upgrade Spring Dependency to 4.1.9.RELEASE or later
CAMEL-9403camel-examples should not be in BOM
CAMEL-9404Create .MD Readme for top folder
CAMEL-9412Correct camel-example-swagger-cdi documentation
CAMEL-9413camel-examples - update readme about correct version
CAMEL-9414Update quickfixj to v1.6.1
CAMEL-9420camel-paho : provide dynamic qos and rentained option
CAMEL-9429Upgrade to ActiveMQ 5.13.1
CAMEL-9433Update to javax-mail 1.5.5
CAMEL-9458Cannot install camel-ignite in karaf
CAMEL-9464Camel-chunk: use Chunk-templates bundle in OSGi feature instead of wrapping the jar
CAMEL-9467Camel-Kafka: Upgrade to kafka 0.9 and use the Java client instead of Scala
CAMEL-9494Camel-Facebook: Use the OSGi bundle instead of wrapping the jar
CAMEL-9513Upgrade the Servlet API to 3.1
CAMEL-9514camel-netty4 maximumPoolSize option is ignored
CAMEL-9520DdbStreamConsumer should inherit ?pollStrategy from DdbStreamEndpoint
CAMEL-9536org.codehaus.mojo:taglist-maven-plugin:maven-plugin:2.10 does not exist
CAMEL-9556Main - We should @deprecate enableHangupSupport
CAMEL-9573Multicast and RecipientList - ShareUnitOfWork should rework a bit
CAMEL-9618File endpoint - Move some options from generic to file as they are file specifc
CAMEL-9646Upgrade Xalan bundle to 2.7.2_3
CAMEL-9662Expose cxf-rt-transports-http through BOM
CAMEL-9691camel-infinispan : cleanup uri options
CAMEL-9709Define jackson version in dependency management
CAMEL-9712Define lucene version in dependency management
CAMEL-9717Define kafka version in dependency management
CAMEL-9722Explicitly define cxf transitive dependencies
CAMEL-9723Move spring-boot-starter-sample to examples so we can collapse the camel-spring-boot-starter module
CAMEL-9725camel-example-osgi-cdi - Some maven warns
CAMEL-9757camel-gae - Deprecate
CAMEL-9760Google drive component syntax inconsistency
CAMEL-9781Installing camel in Karaf 3.0.x
CAMEL-9806Add camel-IronMQ Karaf feature
CAMEL-9825Exclude CDI generated proxies from context tracker
CAMEL-9902Remove ServiceMix scripting-api from Karaf features
CAMEL-9913Upgrading Beanshell for CVE-2016-2510
CAMEL-9976camel:rest-show command requires only context name as argument and not route Id
ENTESB-5384Camel-JacksonXML: Some tests fails
ENTESB-5444Switch Camel-Dropbox to servlet-api 3.1.0
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
CAMEL-8699Camel-example-cxf: Remove ref from LoadBalance tag
CAMEL-8869Switching httpClient from 4.3.x to 4.4.x break tests
CAMEL-8886camel-cxf - 2 tests fails
CAMEL-8919NettyUDPMulticastAsyncTest failing on Windows
CAMEL-8985camel-jetty - A test fails
CAMEL-9072camel-test-blueprint - Custom converter test fails
CAMEL-9211Increase the number of Karaf integration tests
CAMEL-9229Wrong folder name for jacksonxml test resources
CAMEL-9407Camel-Elasticsearch: Re-enable cluster tests
CAMEL-9490FacebookMethodsTypeHelperTest.testGetType fails with IllegalArgument Exception
CAMEL-9493camel-mllp - Use dynamic assigned port number for testing
CAMEL-9615camel-itest-karaf - Some failed tests
CAMEL-9708Multiple tests not using equality predicate correctly
CAMEL-9827MongoDB - The unit tests have some issues
CAMEL-8501BOM does not publish restlet dependencies
CAMEL-9835Enable kafka consumer to subcribe to multiple topics
ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option

6.5. Web Services

Table 6.5, “Web Services Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.5. Web Services Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4597Review examples shipped in extras directory for camel & cxf
ENTESB-5239Upgrade Xalan bundle to 2.7.2_3
CXF-3344Runtime Exceptions should not be wrapped. Exceptions should not be logged and rethrown in AbstractFaultChainInitiatorObserver
CXF-4242Add exception name to faultstring/detail/stackTrace
CXF-5193Support fixed data type
CXF-5311Support OAuth2 JWT token
CXF-5439Introduce annotations for marking CXF interceptors and features to enable the auto-discovery
CXF-5582Enhance CXF LogBrowser to receive Log events in real time via WebSocket
CXF-5606WADL to Java code generator should translate wadl:doc into Java documentation
CXF-5669Create JAX-RS service for managing 3rd party client registrations
CXF-5674CXF Support in "Audience Restriction" of SAML 2 (SOAP)
CXF-5854Add property "refreshTemplates" to XSLTJaxbProvider
CXF-5891ReadHeadersInterceptor performances improvement
CXF-5902Provide utility support for Jwe composite AesCbcHmac content encryption algorithm
CXF-5908Making Claims clonable
CXF-5914Extend AbstractPolicyProvider.getEffectivePolicy() with optional message parameter
CXF-5922Secure CXF WSDL with standard HTTP Authentication
CXF-5925JEXL Support for STS Claim Mappings
CXF-5926Extend SSL KeyManagers with password callback handler
CXF-5927Claim Mapping Utils
CXF-5929WADL to Java code generator should support mappings to parameterized types
CXF-5932Monitor contention at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.utils.JAXRSUtils.processParameters(OperationResourceInfo, MultivaluedMap, Message)
CXF-5934Make WadlGenerator more easily extensible
CXF-5937CXF Servlets should optionally react to X-Forwarded headers
CXF-5944Get Jwe and Jws code to the stage where it can be documented
CXF-5948wadl2java -inheritResourceParams: put parent param first
CXF-5954Jwe and Jws JAX-RS filters should be able to use JWK stores
CXF-5956wadl2java: support 'repeating' attribute for response param
CXF-5959support to specify of ManagedBus
CXF-5960Provide a default encrypting OAuth2 provider
CXF-5962Make LogBrowser sample also run in OSGi
CXF-5975SecurityToken::isExpired: add clock skew option
CXF-5979Allow some headers to be returned in WebSocket's streaming responses
CXF-5984Provide a simple way start a decoupled servlet endpoint
CXF-5986wadl2java maven plugin: add support for filename wildcards
CXF-5990Integration custom parser
CXF-6006StreamingOutput in JAXRS client proxies
CXF-6009Monitor contention at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.Headers
CXF-6019WSDLGetUtils: original exception isn't logged by exceptions in WSDL parser
CXF-6042Support certificate constraints in JAX-RS XML Signature
CXF-6043Multi User BaseDN Support for LdapClaimsHandler
CXF-6046Enhance SwaggerFeature to support JAX-RS annotations
CXF-6047Extend the STSTokenValidator to be able to call the issue binding
CXF-6048Support roles in the AuthPolicyValidatingInterceptor
CXF-6051Support sp13:Nonce + sp13:Created in the UsernameTokenInterceptor
CXF-6054Add a property to allow using unsigned saml tokens as principals
CXF-6064Improve WADL Generator Extensibility for ID generation
CXF-6074Add configured XmlAdapters
CXF-6079static-resource-list cache control
CXF-6081Make it easier to control the way AccessTokenService checks the passwords
CXF-6084Critical Header for JWS
CXF-6087Add a way to exclude (multiple) SSL/TLS protocols in the HTTPJ namespace
CXF-6098Use RSA-SHA256 by default when issuing tokens in the STS
CXF-6107Supporting (Un)marshaller aware XML Readers and Writers in jaxb data binding
CXF-6110AbstractSTSClient MEX: download XML schema from Location
CXF-6120Optionally disable the creation of the JMS Security Context for incoming messages
CXF-6124Switch http transport to use HttpService for OSGi
CXF-6131JAX-RS resource spring auto-discovery doesn't work in OSGi
CXF-6133Introduce Jwe and Jws exception classes to make it easier to provide dedicated JAX-RS exception mappers
CXF-6135CXF should be installable in karaf 4 minimal
CXF-6141KeyType information in STS Audit Log
CXF-6142OAuth2 AccessTokenValidator needs to accept more parameters
CXF-6148Adding support for xsd:choice in Javascript generator
CXF-6150Override XSLTJaxbProvider xsl path at runtime
CXF-6157Support storing of OAuth2 redirection state in a session token
CXF-6162Adding support for xsd:group ref in Javascript generator
CXF-6164OAuthClientUtils Consumer class needs to be moved to a standalone class
CXF-6167Add an ability to specify SOAP error parser for Javascript client
CXF-6168Avoid ServletController synchronizing on the destination by default
CXF-6173Unable to configure CXF StAX properties on a per-endpoint/client basis if a JAX-WS handler is configured
CXF-6175STS: warning message is not informative, in case if service doesn't match
CXF-6191Avoid Spring usage by configuration in ClassHelper
CXF-6199Allow scalability for slow services on jms
CXF-6200CXF JAX-RS Model extension should be usable without custom service classes
CXF-6206JAASLoginInterceptor: Return proper unauthorized response when JAAS login with basic auth fails
CXF-6220JWA algorithm representation code needs to be cleaned up
CXF-6223Support message property for encryption certificate
CXF-6227JAX-WS client performance improvements
CXF-6232Refactor CXF's Atmosphere based WebSocket transport for more flexible and extensible handling
CXF-6238Java2WADL : Generating response status attribute
CXF-6244ContentDisposition should support UTF-8 filenames
CXF-6251Allow org.apache.cxf.logging.enabled to have a value of "pretty" for pretty printing
CXF-6255WSS4JInInterceptor: "Security header, but it's a fault"
CXF-6267Refactor issuing and renewing SAML token functionality into utility class
CXF-6268Make cxf-codegen-plugin toolchains aware during maven build
CXF-6277Enhance the X509TokenValidator to also validate X509Data DOM Elements
CXF-6282Add ability to have proxies implement AutoCloseable
CXF-6283Support binary attributes in the LDAPClaimsHandler
CXF-6286Make request logging more Modular
CXF-6308Make WebSocket transport's embedded jetty mode to use atmosphere if available
CXF-6329Allow multiple atmosphere interceptors to be configured for the websocket transport
CXF-6333Support Inclusive C14N via security policy
CXF-6334Add the ability to plug in custom security policy validators for various assertions
CXF-6335Explicitly set HTTPConduit on client inbound message
CXF-6337Support the redirection directly via the injected JAX-RS ServletContext context
CXF-6341Add atmosphere when installing feature cxf-transports-websocket-server
CXF-6344Support system file location for JexlClaimMapper scripts
CXF-6345Support Logging in JexlClaimMapper scripts
CXF-6353provide a not typed way to configure cxf jaxrs clients
CXF-6363Introduce JwsHeaders
CXF-6372Generating distinct claim values for multi-value LDAP attributes
CXF-6381Upgrade to pax exam 4.5.0 and allow to test with karaf 4
CXF-6394Add an option to add the namespace map of the container element in the message
CXF-6399Add attributes transform handling in transform feature
CXF-6400Make ws-security.callback-handler optional for generating a WS-Security signature
CXF-6401Change the order that the set of security results are searched to create a security context
CXF-6404HTTPConduit performance improvements
CXF-6407Use default JVM cipher suites if no filters are specified
CXF-6411Improve NoOsgi Blueprint Integration
CXF-6414Add a way of including TLS protocols in the Jetty server
CXF-6417Investigate how the logging of binary attachment parts can be disabled
CXF-6419Update JMSEndpoint properties using EndpointInfo
CXF-6420Maven cxf-java2ws-plugin copies to the maven repository only the last wsdl of multiple services/executions - overwrites the others
CXF-6421Slim Exchange map down
CXF-6425Check for external transactions in PollingMessageListenerContainer
CXF-6438Optimize ExtensionInvocationHandler
CXF-6440New metrics component doesn't record metrics for Rest resources
CXF-6470Make SimplePrinciple Serializable
CXF-6476Introduce Swagger v1.5 feature (v2.0 specification)
CXF-6478Introduce the option to disable using query parameters to populate the form maps
CXF-6482Old javax.servlet.http version in oauth2 bundle
CXF-6483Sort ConfigurerImpl Matchers by a number of literal characters
CXF-6498Update JAX-RS 2.0 ClientImpl to support CXF features
CXF-6499WADL Generator should optionally ignore path params for the same path method evaluation
CXF-6508JAASLoginInterceptor should allow named Principals
CXF-6509CXF is mysterious about invalid JAX-RS bean classes
CXF-6521RS SAML Out Interceptors should be able to reuse tokens set by STSTokenOutInterceptor
CXF-6525Support for when using WSS-Policy
CXF-6557Use the default swagger-ui html page in swagger2 sample
CXF-6562ResourceOwnerGrantHandler: doesn't have getter for loginHandler
CXF-6565DOM4JProvider should support suppressing XML declarations
CXF-6566Update WADLGenerator to avoid converting existing resources to DOM
CXF-6568Default WebApplicationExceptionMapper should be optionally made less specific
CXF-6571Adding an option in Swager2Feature to scan non-swagger annotated resources
CXF-6572OAuth2 Hawk Scheme requests
CXF-6586Missing some bean properties in Swagger2Feature
CXF-6610Throttling Interceptors can not abort but only delay overflowing requests
CXF-6623Add support for nested @BeanParam's
CXF-6625Wadl-to-Java should be able to generate custom method annotation classes
CXF-6633Enhance Swagger feature with optional dynamic basePath, tags and Javadocs handling
CXF-6634Move DocumentationProvider interface out of .model.wadl. package
CXF-6643Upgrade Apache HTrace to 4.0
CXF-6644Move Basic JSON parser code into a dedicated module
CXF-6645Introduce a 'jose.debug' property
CXF-6658Make ServletContextResourceResolver optionally ignored
CXF-6661WADLGenerator should optionally include xsi schemaLocation
CXF-6663Scope based authorization support for OAuth2 RS endpoints
CXF-6686Provide AccessTokenValidator RFC7662
CXF-6690WADL2Java should try to split complex XJC parameters
CXF-6695SwaggerFeature: add support for @MatrixParam and @BeanParam
CXF-6712[cxf-java2wadl-plugin] Add parameter encoding to goal parsejavadoc
CXF-6716java2ws should log a warning message for a Holder parameter annoated with WebParam.Mode.IN property
CXF-6722OAuthDataProvider needs to have methods for listing client tokens
CXF-6732Allow SOAPAction to be overwritten via RequestContext property
CXF-6736Support login_hint at OidcClientCodeRequestFilter
CXF-6738Reduce contention on org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapTransportFactory$SoapEndpointInfo
CXF-6739Reduce memory pressure in org.apache.cxf.attachment.AttachmentDeserializer
CXF-6766Option to disable XMLConstants.FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING in XSLTJaxbProvider
CXF-6767OSGI ServletImporter should be able to accept extra properties
CXF-6771JAX-RS ContextProvider should be able to support Servlet contexts
CXF-6774Allow ClientImpl to be thread-safe
CXF-6779Swagger Feature should become discoverable
CXF-6786avoid Error log from NamePasswordCallbackHandler
CXF-6789SwaggerFeature default resource package calculation should try to support multiple resource classes better
CXF-6802Decode ContentDisposition filename encoded with codepoints only
CXF-6808Update JWS/JWE utils to load named properties
CXF-6826Cache MediaTypeHeaderProvider.valueOf(String mType) results
CXF-6827OAuthRequestFilter should be able to cache token validation results
CXF-6831should be able to configure the certStore key type
CXF-6837Add cache for MessageBodyReader/Writer
CXF-6840xsd:import without schemaLocation does not get resolved in SchemaHandler
CXF-6861Introduce a typed JAXBElement provider
CXF-6903add a NameDigestPasswordCallbackHandler for JAASLoginInterceptor
CXF-6910don't need setSocketTimeout when create ahc RequestConfig
CXF-5118Create CXF interceptor which will use HTTPS client certificates to create JAAS SecurityContext
CXF-5607Support for CXF OAuth2 endpoints participating in OpenId-Connect flows
CXF-5909TLS Authenticated Handshake and Authentication/Authorization with JAAS by TLS Certificate
CXF-5923Create sample to demonstrate usage of search extension with Lucene and Tika
CXF-5996respect client cache headers
CXF-6028Improved metrics
CXF-6053Support JWS JSON Serialization
CXF-6085JWE JSON Serialization
CXF-6132Provide JAX-RS ServletContainerInitializer
CXF-6215Introduce JAX-RS DefaultMethod extension
CXF-6242Ability to configure the format of the marshalling / unmarshalling exceptions that are thrown by JAXB when schema validation is enabled.
CXF-6264Provide Swagger to CXF UserResource converter
CXF-6360Integration with Apache HTrace
CXF-6477Add "publish" attribute to jaxrs blueprint bean
CXF-6735Enable/Disable SecurityTokenReference with configuration for CXF/.NET interoperability
CXF-6784WS-Notification subscription should support renew
FEDIZ-134Create light-weight OIDC IDP
CXF-5855Introduce support for Server Sent Events
CXF-4780Enhance JAASAuthenticationFilter to support FORM login
CXF-4913Add 'validate' option to WADL to Java generator
CXF-5886Provide a default Ehcache based OAuth2 provider
CXF-5901Investigate how WebSocket Transport can support CORS
CXF-5941Update JAX-RS version to 2.0.1
CXF-5993Update to Jettison 1.3.6
CXF-6052Upgrade the Karaf version to support JDK8
CXF-6121Update to Jettison 1.3.7
CXF-6165Create OIDC OAuth2 demo
CXF-6253Upgrade async-http-client to 1.9.8
CXF-6278Introduce MessageDigestInputStream utility class
CXF-6279Introduce X509 Certificate Path validation utility code
CXF-6280Consider providing a DirectAccessToken JAXRS service
CXF-6391Create JAX-WS and JAX-RS Spring Boot demo
CXF-6397Upgrade atmosphere to 2.3.0
CXF-6449Upgrade Atmosphere to 2.3.2
CXF-6487OIDC RP code needs to pass a verification test
CXF-6490Create OIDC Authentication Only demo
CXF-6503Investigate if WADL JavaDocProvider can report JavaDocs of inherited methods
CXF-6530Add a webapp version of Swagger2Feature sample using spring
CXF-6541Add an OSGi version of Swagger2Feature sample using blueprint
CXF-6725Remove deprecated JOSE configuration properties
CXF-6726Complete JOSE documentation
CXF-6815Upgrade Reflections bundle to version 0.9.10_3
CXF-6818Upgrade to latest Jetty8 8.1.19.v20160209
CXF-6853Support encoded value in @ApplicationPath
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
CXF-6070NPE while calling a webservice using a clientproxy
CXF-6129CXF STS basic systests failure
CXF-6130all tests in org.apache.cxf.osgi.itests failed
CXF-6202Create JWS JoseCookBook tests
CXF-6318Execute JAXRS WebSocket systests with and without atmosphere
CXF-6346Unit test failures with JDK8
CXF-6068Make org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.interceptor.ReadHeadersInterceptor compatible with WebSphere 7
CXF-6704Upgrade to httpclient 4.5.x
CXF-6790change accessibility of WadlGenerator.getBaseUri(...) to protected

6.6. Fuse on JBoss EAP

Table 6.6, “Fuse on EAP Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.6. Fuse on EAP Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4685Package javadocs with distro
ENTESB-5072Update to fuse-patch-2.1.0

6.7. Container - 6.3.0

Table 6.7, “Container Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.7. Container Enhancements in 6.3.0

KARAF-4343Upgrade to Xalan 2.7.2_3
KARAF-4449Upgrade to Aries proxy-impl 1.0.5
ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4674jmxRole configuration not inherited from parent when creating child container
ENTESB-4787Fabric child container's initial properties should default to those of its parent
ENTESB-4839System scripts: provide Systemd templates to manage Karaf child instances
ENTESB-4865Improve support for Solaris 10 init scripts
ENTESB-4989Improve fuse init scripts
ENTESB-5215Add "-Xshareclasses:none" to DEFAULT_JAVA_OPTS for IBM Java
ENTESB-5553Use Red Hat build of winsw
ENTESB-5632Download brew tanuki libs rather than checking them into source
ENTESB-4386Use system specific init scripts
ENTESB-4440upgrade to jetty 9
ENTESB-5236Need DigestPasswordLoginModule so PasswordDigest can work with Karaf JAAS realm
ARIES-1395Add a structure-only option to Blueprint xml-validation feature
KARAF-2921bin/karaf selecting the wrong Java VM on a computer with Java 8 installed
KARAF-3016Be able to redirect child instance std out in a file
KARAF-4243Add apache ignite to feature repo:add shorthand
KARAF-4351[RBAC] Optimize access to JMXSecurityMBean.canInvoke(Map)
KARAF-4520Add DigestPasswordLoginModule so PasswordDigest can work with Karaf JAAS realm
KARAF-4523JMXSecurityMBean bulk canInvoke should be robust even if bulkQuery contains duplicate operations
KARAF-4157Provide system script to start Karaf without service wrapper
ENTESB-4953incorrect version imports in features:install camel-spring-security
ENTESB-5243Upgrade pax-url to version >= 2.4.7
ENTESB-1335Use Red Hat Tanuki build in Fuse 6.1
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-5376Remove spring-dm support
ENTESB-5408Upgrade to Pax Logging 1.8.5
ENTESB-55Staring FuseESB on Windows shows karaf in the window title bar
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
KARAF-4349Use the same approach of KARAF-4330 in karaf.bat script
KARAF-4363ssh:sshd command shows default values twice

6.8. Fuse Fabric - 6.3.0

Table 6.8, “Fabric Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.8. Fabric Enhancements in 6.3.0

KARAF-4449Upgrade to Aries proxy-impl 1.0.5
ENTESB-2705Appending value to property in default profile breaks property file
ENTESB-3155mq-create : use default-version when no version is specified, instead of 1.0
ENTESB-4135Update to the JMS 2.0 API
ENTESB-4221Please tidy up jetty port references in our configuration files
ENTESB-4222Improve the recovery of fuse ensemble cluster
ENTESB-4581Fabric8 jvm options for nodes should be applied when node is started using bin/karaf
ENTESB-4583Need a way to change the user credentials for managing SSH containers
ENTESB-4598Need a way to set "autopurge.purgeInterval" of Zookeeper.
ENTESB-4600[patching] Add warning or error when applying patch for Fuse 6.1 on Fuse 6.2
ENTESB-4674jmxRole configuration not inherited from parent when creating child container
ENTESB-4684Request to provide additional status in the fabric:container-list command
ENTESB-4726Upgrade swagger to 1.5.4
ENTESB-4787Fabric child container's initial properties should default to those of its parent
ENTESB-4917Enhance Exception Reporting In FabricFeaturesServiceImpl
ENTESB-5041Add option to "fabric:requirements-export" command to indent requirements-export json output
ENTESB-5052Update the camel-cxf-code-first and camel-cxf-contract-first quickstarts so they don't use the same endpoints
ENTESB-5182Please include org.springframework/spring-webmvc in Fuse BOM
ENTESB-5479Fabric should externalize jolokia-access.xml, or provide similar configuration facilities
ENTESB-5533unable to delete resource from fabric:profile-edit --delete
ENTESB-5537[patching] Make it easier to patch patching mechanism itself
ENTESB-5805beginner/camel-log-wiki example uses invalid timer value
ENTESB-4340Delete bin/deletefabric8 script
ENTESB-4386Use system specific init scripts
ENTESB-4440upgrade to jetty 9
ENTESB-4441upgrade to CXF 3.1
ENTESB-4852Support AMQ 7 clients and camel connector
ENTESB-4901Missing --manual-ip parameter for fabric:container-resolver-set manualip
ARIES-1395Add a structure-only option to Blueprint xml-validation feature
CAMEL-9039Feature camel-core contains bundles, which should be made optional for micro-services deployment
ENTESB-4806Race condition in Fabric environment deploying SAP Components to child container
ENTESB-5243Upgrade pax-url to version >= 2.4.7
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-4857Disable geoIP by default
ENTESB-5408Upgrade to Pax Logging 1.8.5
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments
ENTESB-5764[maven] Verify whether fabric-maven should serve SNAPSHOTs from defaultRepositories
ENTESB-5803[patching] split patch-core to impl and api bundles

6.9. Management Console - 6.3.0

Table 6.9, “Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in 6.3.0.

Table 6.9. Enhancements in 6.3.0

ENTESB-4479Update Jenkins jobs to use Flaky Test Plugin and Surefire rerun failing tests option
ENTESB-4581Fabric8 jvm options for nodes should be applied when node is started using bin/karaf
ENTESB-4599Hawtio: Update Camel tab for new or removed camel contexts/routes [Fabric mode]
ENTESB-5479Fabric should externalize jolokia-access.xml, or provide similar configuration facilities
ENTESB-5791Jolokia - Allow to override all the defaults at startup time
ENTESB-4708[6.3] Summary of problems with version alignment
ENTESB-5004Update Fuse Jenkins to use Build Pipelines
ENTESB-56363rd party alignments - built from source strict alignments

6.10. JON Plug-Ins

Table 6.10, “JON Plug-In Enhancements in 6.3.0” lists the enhancements in version 6.3.0.

Table 6.10. JON Plug-In Enhancements in 6.3.0

FUSEJON-126AMQ Restart via JBoss ON fails sometimes

Chapter 7. Supported Configurations

7.1. Information on the Customer Portal

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