Chapter 10. Features Console Commands

The features commands allow you to provision entire applications using the Apache Karaf features facility. Features allow you to provision a collection of bundles using a single name.
Type features: then press Tab at the karaf> prompt to view the available commands.

10.1. features:addurl, addurl


registers one or more URLs to feature repositories with the container


features:addurl [ --help ] [[ -i ] | [ --install-all ]] { urls }


Each feature repository defines one or more features, and each feature is made up of a collection of bundles that work together to provide some functionality. When a feature is loaded, the container loads any required bundles that are not already present into the container and activates them.


Table 10.1, “features:addurl Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 10.1. features:addurl Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
-i, --install-all Install all of the features in the specified feature repository URLs.
urls One or more repository URLs separated by whitespaces.