4.2. Stopping JBoss Fuse


You can stop an instance of Red Hat JBoss Fuse either from within a console, or using a stop script.

Stopping an instance from a local console

If you launched Red Hat JBoss Fuse by running fuse or fuse client, you can stop it by doing one of the following at the karaf> prompt:
  • Type shutdown -f
  • Press Ctrl+D

Stopping an instance running in server mode

If you launched Red Hat JBoss Fuse by running the start script (or by running fuse server or ), you can stop it remotely, as described in Section 8.3, “Stopping a Remote Container”.
Alternatively, you can log on to the host where the instance is running and run one of the following from the InstallDir/bin directory:
  • ./admin stop instanceName
  • ./stop
If the sshHost property in etc/org.apache.karaf.shell.cfg is set to the default value of, you can run the stop script without any arguments. However, if you have configured a different hostname, you must run stop -h hostname.