Chapter 8. Using Remote Connections to Manage a Container


It does not always make sense to use a local console to manage a container. Red Hat JBoss Fuse has a number of ways of remotely managing a container. You can use a remote container's command console or start a remote client.

8.1. Configuring a Container for Remote Access


When you start the Red Hat JBoss Fuse runtime in default mode or in server mode, it enables a remote console that can be accessed over SSH from any other JBoss Fuse console. The remote console provides all of the functionality of the local console and allows a remote user complete control over the container and the services running inside of it.
When run in client mode the JBoss Fuse runtime disables the remote console.

Configuring a standalone container for remote access

The SSH hostname and port number are configured in the InstallDir/etc/ configuration file. Example 8.1, “Changing the Port for Remote Access” shows a sample configuration that changes the port used to 8102.

Example 8.1. Changing the Port for Remote Access


Configuring a fabric container for remote access

The SSH hostname and port number are set at the time a container is created. It is not possible to change the SSH address of a fuse container after the container has been created.