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Chapter 14. Configuring JAAS Security

14.1. Alternative JAAS Realms


The Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) is a pluggable authentication service, which is implemented by a login module. A particular instance of a JAAS service is known as a JAAS realm and is identified by a realm name.
Applications integrated with JAAS must be configured to use a specific realm, by specifying the realm name.

Default realm

The default realm in Red Hat JBoss Fuse is identified by the karaf realm name. The standard administration services in JBoss Fuse (SSH remote console, JMX port, and so on) are all configured to use the karaf realm by default.

Available realm implementations

JBoss Fuse provides the following alternative JAAS realm implementations:

Standalone JAAS realm

In a standalone container, the karaf realm installs four JAAS login modules, which are used in parallel:
Authenticates username/password credentials and stores the secure user data in the InstallDir/etc/ file.
Authenticates SSH key-based credentials (consisting of a username and a public/private key pair). Secure user data is stored in the InstallDir/etc/ file.
Provides an audit trail of successful/failed login attempts, which are logged to an audit file. Does not perform user authentication.
Provides an audit trail of successful/failed login attempts, which are logged to the OSGi Event Admin service. Does not perform user authentication.

Fabric JAAS realm

In a fabric, a karaf realm based on the ZookeeperLoginModule login module is automatically installed in every container (the fabric-jaas feature is included in the default profile) and is responsible for securing the SSH remote console and other administrative services. The Zookeeper login module stores the secure user data in the Fabric Registry.
In containers where the standalone JAAS realm and the Fabric JAAS realm are both installed, the Fabric JAAS realm takes precedence, because it defines a karaf realm with a higher rank.


It is also possible to configure a container to use an LDAP login module with JAAS. For details of how to set this up, see LDAP Authentication Tutorial.