31.9. Variable Namespaces

Table of namespaces

Table 31.3, “XPath Variable Namespaces” shows the namespace URIs that are associated with the various namespace prefixes.

Table 31.3. XPath Variable Namespaces

Namespace URIPrefixDescription
http://camel.apache.org/schema/springNoneDefault namespace (associated with variables that have no namespace prefix).
http://camel.apache.org/xml/in/inUsed to reference header or body of the current exchange's In message.
http://camel.apache.org/xml/out/outUsed to reference header or body of the current exchange's Out message.
http://camel.apache.org/xml/functions/functionsUsed to reference some custom functions.
http://camel.apache.org/xml/variables/environment-variablesenvUsed to reference O/S environment variables.
http://camel.apache.org/xml/variables/system-propertiessystemUsed to reference Java system properties.
http://camel.apache.org/xml/variables/exchange-propertyUndefinedUsed to reference exchange properties. You must define your own prefix for this namespace.