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Chapter 21. JXPath


The JXPath language enables you to invoke Java beans using the Apache Commons JXPath language. The JXPath language has a similar syntax to XPath, but instead of selecting element or attribute nodes from an XML document, it invokes methods on an object graph of Java beans. If one of the bean attributes returns an XML document (a DOM/JDOM instance), however, the remaining portion of the path is interpreted as an XPath expression and is used to extract an XML node from the document. In other words, the JXPath language provides a hybrid of object graph navigation and XML node selection.

Adding JXPath package

To use JXPath in your routes you need to add a dependency on camel-jxpath to your project as shown in Example 21.1, “Adding the camel-jxpath dependency”.

Example 21.1. Adding the camel-jxpath dependency

<!-- Maven POM File -->



Table 21.1, “JXPath variables” lists the variables that are accessible when using JXPath.

Table 21.1. JXPath variables

thisorg.apache.camel.ExchangeThe current Exchange
inorg.apache.camel.MessageThe IN message
outorg.apache.camel.MessageThe OUT message


Example 21.2, “Routes using JXPath” shows a route that use JXPath.

Example 21.2. Routes using JXPath

    <from uri="activemq:MyQueue"/>
      <jxpath>in/body/name = 'James'</xpath>
      <to uri="mqseries:SomeOtherQueue"/>