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AsyncCallback, Asynchronous processing
asynchronous producer
implementing, How to implement an asynchronous producer
AsyncProcessor, Asynchronous processing
configuration, Configuring auto-discovery


Endpoint, Endpoint
createConsumer(), Endpoint methods
createExchange(), Endpoint methods
createPollingConsumer(), Endpoint methods
createProducer(), Endpoint methods
getCamelContext(), Endpoint methods
getEndpointURI(), Endpoint methods
interface definition, The Endpoint interface
isLenientProperties(), Endpoint methods
isSingleton(), Endpoint methods
setCamelContext(), Endpoint methods
event-driven, Event-driven endpoint implementation
scheduled, Scheduled poll endpoint implementation
endpoints, Endpoint
Exchange, Exchange, The Exchange interface
copy(), Exchange methods
getExchangeId(), Exchange methods
getIn(), Accessing message headers, Exchange methods
getOut(), Exchange methods
getPattern(), Exchange methods
getProperties(), Exchange methods
getProperty(), Exchange methods
getUnitOfWork(), Exchange methods
removeProperty(), Exchange methods
setExchangeId(), Exchange methods
setIn(), Exchange methods
setOut(), Exchange methods
setProperty(), Exchange methods
setUnitOfWork(), Exchange methods
in capable, Testing the exchange pattern
out capable, Testing the exchange pattern
exchange properties
accessing, Wrapping the exchange accessors
ExchangeHelper, The ExchangeHelper Class
getContentType(), Get the In message's MIME content type
getMandatoryHeader(), Accessing message headers, Wrapping the exchange accessors
getMandatoryInBody(), Wrapping the exchange accessors
getMandatoryOutBody(), Wrapping the exchange accessors
getMandatoryProperty(), Wrapping the exchange accessors
isInCapable(), Testing the exchange pattern
isOutCapable(), Testing the exchange pattern
resolveEndpoint(), Resolve an endpoint
exchanges, Exchange


Message, Message
getHeader(), Accessing message headers
message headers
accessing, Accessing message headers
messages, Message


performer, Overview
pipeline, Pipelining model
Processor, Processor interface
implementing, Implementing the Processor interface
producer, Producer
Producer, Producer
createExchange(), Producer methods
getEndpoint(), Producer methods
process(), Producer methods
asynchronous, Asynchronous producer
synchronous, Synchronous producer


ScheduledPollEndpoint, Scheduled poll endpoint implementation
simple processor
implementing, Implementing the Processor interface
synchronous producer
implementing, How to implement a synchronous producer


type conversion
runtime process, Type conversion process
type converter
annotating the implementation, Implement an annotated converter class
discovery file, Create a TypeConverter file
implementation steps, How to implement a type converter
mater, Master type converter
packaging, Package the type converter
slave, Master type converter
TypeConverter, Type converter interface
TypeConverterLoader, Type converter loader


useIntrospectionOnEndpoint(), Disabling endpoint parameter injection


wire tap pattern, System Management