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54.5. Sample Component Implementations


Several of the components distributed with Apache Camel have been implemented with the aid of the API component framework. If you want to learn more about the techniques for implementing Camel components using the framework, it is a good idea to study the source code of these component implementations.

The Camel Box component shows how to model and invoke the third party Java SDK using the API component framework. It also demonstrates how the framework can be adapted to customize consumer polling, in order to support's long polling API.


The Camel LinkedIn component demonstrates how to wrap a REST API provided in the form of WADL and XML schemas. The implementation of this component exploits the Apache CXF wadl2java Maven plug-in to generate a Java API, which can then be wrapped using the API component framework.
This approach can be easily replicated to create a Camel component for any SaaS product or platform.


The Camel GoogleDrive component demonstrates how the API component framework can handle even Method Object style Google APIs. In this case, URI options are mapped to a method object, which is then invoked by overriding the doInvoke method in the consumer and the producer.


The Camel Olingo2 component demonstrates how a callback-based Asynchronous API can be wrapped using the API component framework. This example shows how asynchronous processing can be pushed into underlying resources, like HTTP NIO connections, to make Camel endpoints more resource efficient.