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Chapter 6. Migrate Data Store


JBoss Fuse on Apache Karaf uses a KahaDB data store. There is an automatic migration facility that enables the KahaDB data store to be migrated to the new JBoss Fuse version.
The Aries transaction module must be installed and enabled before it can be used. See Fuse Transaction Guide for more details. Ignore the Aries transaction files instructions below if you do not have Aries installed.

Migrate the KahaDB Data Store

When migrating or patching JBoss Fuse, always back up the KahaDB files and Aries transaction files.
  1. Backup the KhahaDB files and Aries transaction files from the old container. The files can be found at:
    • KahaDB files - InstallDir/data/amq/kahadb/*.*
    • Aries transaction files - InstallDir/data/txlog/*.*
  2. Manually copy all of the KahaDB files from the old container to the same location in the new container.
  3. Manually copy all Aries transaction log files from the same location in the sold container to the new container.
Auto-migration will take place when the new container is started.