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1.3. Important Notes

Increased JAVA_MAX_MEM requirement

In JBoss Fuse 6.2.1, the recommended value for the maximum memory allocated to the JVM of the Apache Karaf container is 1024 MB. This value is specified in the InstallDir/bin/setenv file (or InstallDir\bin\setenv.bat on Windows O/S) in an Apache Karaf container installation.
For example, the default settings for the Apache Karaf JVM in the 6.2.1 distribution are now:
# The following section shows the possible configuration options for the default
# karaf scripts
JAVA_MIN_MEM=512M # Minimum memory for the JVM
JAVA_MAX_MEM=1024M # Maximum memory for the JVM
JAVA_PERM_MEM=128M # Minimum perm memory for the JVM
JAVA_MAX_PERM_MEM=256M # Maximum memory for the JVM

Migration from Apache OpenJPA to Hibernate

Since JBoss Fuse 6.2.0, the Hibernate libraries have been shipped with JBoss Fuse. If you use the Java Persisence Architecture (JPA) in your applications, it is recommended that you migrate away from OpenJPA and adopt the Hibernate JPA implementation instead. Red Hat can offer better support on the Hibernate JPA implementation. Apache OpenJPA is now deprecated and support for OpenJPA is likely to be discontinued in a future release.