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A.5. War URL Handler


If you need to deploy a WAR file in an OSGi container, you can automatically add the requisite manifest headers to the WAR file by prefixing the WAR URL with war:, as described here.


A War URL is specified using either of the following syntaxes:
The first syntax, using the war scheme, specifies a WAR file that is converted into a bundle using the default instructions. The warURL can be any URL that locates a WAR file.
The second syntax, using the warref scheme, specifies a Bnd properties file, instructionsURL, that contains the conversion instructions (including some instructions that are specific to this handler). In this syntax, the location of the referenced WAR file does not appear explicitly in the URL. The WAR file is specified instead by the (mandatory) WAR-URL property in the properties file.

WAR-specific properties/instructions

Some of the properties in the .bnd instructions file are specific to the War URL handler, as follows:
(Mandatory) Specifies the location of the War file that is to be converted into a bundle.
Specifies the piece of the URL path that is used to access this Web application, after it has been deployed inside the Web container.
Earlier versions of PAX Web used the property, Webapp-Context, which is now deprecated.

Default instructions

By default, the War URL handler adds manifest headers to the WAR's META-INF/ file as shown in Table A.2, “Default Instructions for Wrapping a WAR File”.

Table A.2. Default Instructions for Wrapping a WAR File

Manifest HeaderDefault Value
Export-PackageNo packages are exported.
Bundle-SymbolicNameThe name of the WAR file, where any characters not in the set [a-zA-Z0-9_-\.] are replaced by period, ..
Web-ContextPathNo default value. But the WAR extender will use the value of Bundle-SymbolicName by default.
In addition to any class path entries specified explicitly, the following entries are added automatically:
  • .
  • WEB-INF/classes
  • All of the JARs from the WEB-INF/lib directory.


The following War URL locates version 1.4.7 of the wicket-examples WAR in a Maven repository and converts it to an OSGi bundle using the default instructions:
The following Wrap URL specifies the Web-ContextPath explicitly:
The following War URL converts the WAR file referenced by the WAR-URL property in the wicket-examples-1.4.7.bnd file and then converts the WAR into an OSGi bundle using the other instructions in the .bnd file:


For more details about the war URL syntax, see the original Pax URL War Protocol documentation.