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Appendix A. URL Handlers


There are many contexts in Red Hat JBoss Fuse where you need to provide a URL to specify the location of a resource (for example, as the argument to a console command). In general, when specifying a URL, you can use any of the schemes supported by JBoss Fuse's built-in URL handlers. This appendix describes the syntax for all of the available URL handlers.

A.1. File URL Handler


A file URL has the syntax, file:PathName, where PathName is the relative or absolute pathname of a file that is available on the Classpath. The provided PathName is parsed by Java's built-in file URL handler. Hence, the PathName syntax is subject to the usual conventions of a Java pathname: in particular, on Windows, each backslash must either be escaped by another backslash or replaced by a forward slash.


For example, consider the pathname, C:\Projects\camel-bundle\target\foo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, on Windows. The following example shows the correct alternatives for the file URL on Windows:
The following example shows some incorrect alternatives for the file URL on Windows:
file:C:\Projects\camel-bundle\target\foo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar        // WRONG!
file://C:/Projects/camel-bundle/target/foo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar      // WRONG!
file://C:\\Projects\\camel-bundle\\target\\foo-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar  // WRONG!