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12.3. Hot Deployment


The implementation of FAB is provided by the fabric-bundle feature. To install this feature in the container, enter the following console command:
JBossFuse:karaf@root> features:install fabric-bundle

Hot deploy directory

If you save a FAB as a file ending in .fab, you can deploy it simply by copying it into the InstallDir/deploy directory.
Red Hat JBoss Fuse monitors files in the InstallDir/deploy directory and hot deploys any files that have a recognized suffix. Each time a FAB file is copied to this directory, it is installed in the runtime and also started. You can subsequently update or delete the FABs, and the changes are handled automatically.
For example, if you have just built the FAB, ProjectDir/target/fabulous-1.0.fab, you can deploy this FAB by copying it to the InstallDir/deploy directory as follows (assuming you are working on a UNIX platform):
% cp ProjectDir/target/fabulous-1.0.fab InstallDir/deploy