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fab:start — starts the specified FAB


fab:start [ --help ] [ --timeout millis ] { bundleID }


Depending on how a FAB is configured, it can be associated with multiple dependent bundles.
When a FAB is initially installed in the container, the transitive dependencies of the FAB are determined by scanning the embedded POM file, META-INF/maven/GroupID/ArtifactID/pom.xml. Any transitive dependencies that are shared (for example, by being marked as provided or because the dependency is already packaged as an OSGi bundle), are deployed as separate OSGi bundles in the container.
When you start the FAB using fab:start, the runtime attempts to start all of the corresponding bundles, starting with the leaves of the dependency tree and working its way up the tree to the FAB's bundle. In particular, this implies that any OSGi services, blueprint XML files, and Spring XML files in the dependent OSGi bundles are activated in the appropriate order.


Table 9.3, “fab:start Arguments” describes the commands arguments.

Table 9.3. fab:start Arguments

--helpDisplays the online help for this command
--timeoutSpecifies, in milliseconds, how long to wait for the FAB bundle to start up. Default is 30000.
bundleIDThe bundle ID of the FAB.