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fabric:version-create — create a new version


fabric:version-create [ --help ] [ --parent parentVersion ] { Version }


Create a new version, by default copying all of the profiles from the current latest version into the new version. You can specify which version to copy the profiles from using the --parent option. If no version is specified, the command creates a new minor version by default. For example:
karaf@root> fabric:version-list
[version]       [default] [# containers]
1.0             true      1             
karaf@root> fabric:version-create
Created version: 1.1 as copy of: 1.0
karaf@root> fabric:version-list
[version]       [default] [# containers]
1.0             true      1             
1.1             false     0


Table 10.47, “fabric:version-create Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 10.47. fabric:version-create Arguments

--help Displays the online help for this command
--default Set the created version to be the new default version.
--parent The parent version. By default, use the latest version as the parent.
Version The new version to create. If not specified, defaults to the next minor version.