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fabric:container-connect, container-connect — connects to a remote Fabric Container and execute the specified command


fabric:container-connect [ --help ] [[ -u ] | [ --username ]User] [[ -p ] | [ --password ]Password] { ContainerName } [ Command ]


This command allows you to connect to any container in the current fabric and execute a command. For example, to execute the osgi:list command on the root2 container, you could enter a console command like Example 10.1, “Executing a Command in a Remote Container”.

Example 10.1. Executing a Command in a Remote Container

JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> fabric:container-connect -u YourName -p YourPass root2 osgi:list
This command uses fabric JAAS security to log into the container, so the username and password are managed by the container's JAAS realm.


Table 10.8, “fabric:container-connect Arguments” describes the command's arguments.

Table 10.8. fabric:container-connect Arguments

--helpDisplays the online help for this command
-u, --usernameSpecifies the username for logging on to the remote container. The default is admin.
-p, --passwordSPecifies the password for logging on to the remote container. The default is admin.
ContainerNameSpecifies the name of the remote container.
CommandSpecifies the console command to execute on the remote container.