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fab:headers — displays the headers of a FAB


fab:headers [ --help ] [ --indent style ] { URL }


Displays the header entries from the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file embedded in the FAB JAR file. This is not the same thing as the bundle headers returned by the osgi:headers command, because the osgi:headers command shows the effective headers after the FAB is converted into an OSGi bundle.
For example, a typical FAB might have headers like the following:
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> fab:headers mvn:org.fusesource.examples/cbr/7.0.0.fuse-beta-042

Manifest-Version = 1.0 Archiver-Version = Plexus Archiver Built-By = username Build-Jdk = 1.6.0_29 Created-By = Apache Maven
After the FAB is deployed, the corresponding OSGi bundle could have headers like the following (given that the bundle ID of the deployed FAB is 228):
JBossA-MQ:karaf@root> osgi:headers 228

org.fusesource.examples.cbr (228) --------------------------------- Manifest-Version = 1 Bnd-LastModified = 1334306872960 Archiver-Version = Plexus Archiver Tool = Bnd-1.43.0 Originally-Created-By = Apache Maven FAB-URL = mvn:org.fusesource.examples/cbr/7.0.0.fuse-beta-042 Generated-By-FAB-From = mvn:org.fusesource.examples/cbr/7.0.0.fuse-beta-042 Built-By = username FAB-Id = org.fusesource.examples:cbr:7.0.0.fuse-beta-042:jar Build-Jdk = 1.6.0_29 Created-By = 1.6.0_29 (Apple Inc.) Bundle-Name = org.fusesource.examples.cbr Bundle-SymbolicName = org.fusesource.examples.cbr Bundle-Version = 7.0.0.fuse-beta-042 Bundle-ManifestVersion = 2 Export-Package = OSGI-INF.blueprint, OSGI-INF


Table 9.1, “fab:headers Arguments” describes the commands arguments.

Table 9.1. fab:headers Arguments

--helpDisplays the online help for this command
--indentSpecify the indent style. Valid values are 1, 2, or 3. The default is -1.
URLThe URL of the FAB