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11.2. Setting OSGi Framework and Initial Container Properties


There are a number of configuration properties that are set when a container is bootstrapped. These properties include the container's name, the default features repository used by the container, the OSGi framework provider, and other settings. These properties are specified in two property files in the etc folder:
  •—specifies the bootstrap properties for the OSGi framework
  •—specifies properties to configure container functions

OSGi framework properties

The etc/ file contains the properties used to specify which OSGi framework implementation to load and properties for configuring the framework's behaviors. Table 11.2, “Properties for the OSGi Framework” describes the key properties to set.

Table 11.2. Properties for the OSGi Framework

karaf.frameworkSpecifies the OSGi framework that Red Hat JBoss Fuse uses. The default framework is Apache Felix which is specified using the value felix.
karaf.framework.felixSpecifies the path to the Apache Felix JAR on the file system.
JBoss Fuse only supports the Apache Felix OSGi implementation.

Initial container properties

The etc/ file contains properties that configure how various aspects of the container behave including:
  • the container's name
  • the default feature repository used by the container
  • the default port used by the OSGi HTTP service
  • the initial message broker configuration
Table 11.3, “Container Properties” describes some of the common properties.

Table 11.3. Container Properties

karaf.nameSpecifies the name of this container. The default is root.
karaf.default.repositorySpecifies the location of the feature repository the container will use by default. The default setting is the local feature repository installed with JBoss Fuse.
org.osgi.service.http.portSpecifies the default port for the OSGi HTTP Service.