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3.2. Disabling Broker Security


Prior to Fuse ESB Enterprise version 7.0.2, the Apache ActiveMQ broker was insecure (JAAS authentication not enabled). This section explains how to revert the Apache ActiveMQ broker to an insecure mode of operation, so that it is unnecessary to provide credentials when connecting to the broker.
After performing the steps outlined in this section, the broker has no protection against hostile clients. This type of configuration is suitable only for use on internal, trusted networks.

Standalone server

These instructions assume that you are running Red Hat JBoss Fuse in standalone mode (that is, running in an OSGi container, but not using Fuse Fabric). In your installation of JBoss Fuse, open the InstallDir/etc/activemq.xml file using a text editor and look for the following lines:
 <jaasAuthenticationPlugin configuration="karaf" />
To disable JAAS authentication, delete (or comment out) the jaasAuthenticationPlugin element. The next time you start up the Red Hat JBoss Fuse container (using the InstallDir/bin/fusemq script), the broker will run with unsecured ports.