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A.3. ServiceMix EIP Patterns

The patterns supported by ServiceMix EIP are shown in Table A.2, “ServiceMix EIP Patterns”.

Table A.2. ServiceMix EIP Patterns

Content based router icon Content-Based Router How we handle a situation where the implementation of a single logical function (e.g., inventory check) is spread across multiple physical systems.
Content enricher icon Content Enricher How we communicate with another system if the message originator does not have all the required data items available.
Message filter icon Message Filter How a component avoids receiving uninteresting messages.
Pipes and filters icon Pipeline How we perform complex processing on a message while maintaining independence and flexibility.
Resequencer icon Resequencer How we get a stream of related but out-of-sequence messages back into the correct order.
Recipient list icon Static Recipient List How we route a message to a list of specified recipients.
  Static Routing Slip How we route a message consecutively through a series of processing steps.
Wire tap icon Wire Tap How you inspect messages that travel on a point-to-point channel.
Splitter icon XPath Splitter How we process a message if it contains multiple elements, each of which may have to be processed in a different way.