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A.5. Content Enricher


A content enricher, shown in Figure A.2, “Content Enricher Pattern”, is a pattern for augmenting a message with missing information. The ServiceMix EIP content enricher is roughly equivalent to a pipeline that adds missing data as the message passes through an enricher target. Consequently, when migrating to Apache Camel, you can re-implement the ServiceMix content enricher as a Apache Camel pipeline.

Figure A.2. Content Enricher Pattern

Content enricher pattern

Example ServiceMix EIP route

Example A.4, “ServiceMix EIP Content Enricher” shows how to define a content enricher using the ServiceMix EIP component. Incoming messages pass through the enricher target, test:additionalInformationExtracter, which adds missing data to the message. The message is then sent on to its ultimate destination, test:myTarget.

Example A.4. ServiceMix EIP Content Enricher

<eip:content-enricher service="test:contentEnricher" endpoint="endpoint">
    <eip:exchange-target service="test:additionalInformationExtracter" />
    <eip:exchange-target service="test:myTarget" />

Equivalent Apache Camel XML route

Example A.5, “Apache Camel Content Enricher using XML Configuration” shows how to define an equivalent route using Apache Camel XML configuration.

Example A.5. Apache Camel Content Enricher using XML Configuration

  <from uri="jbi:endpoint:"/>
  <to uri="jbi:service:"/>
  <to uri="jbi:service:"/>

Equivalent Apache Camel Java DSL route

Example A.6, “Apache Camel Content Enricher using Java DSL” shows how to define an equivalent route using the Apache Camel Java DSL:

Example A.6. Apache Camel Content Enricher using Java DSL