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Chapter 91. Properties

Properties Component

Available as of Apache Camel 2.3

URI format

Where key is the key for the property to lookup


Name Type Default Description
cache boolean true Whether or not to cache loaded properties.
locations String null A list of locations to load properties. You can use comma to separate multiple locations. This option will override any default locations and only use the locations from this option.
ignoreMissingLocation boolean false *Camel 2.10:* Whether to silently ignore if a location cannot be located, such as a properties file not found.
propertyPrefix String null *Camel 2.9* Optional prefix prepended to property names before resolution.
propertySuffix String null *Camel 2.9* Optional suffix appended to property names before resolution.
fallbackToUnaugmentedProperty boolean true *Camel 2.9* If true, first attempt resolution of property name augmented with propertyPrefix and propertySuffix before falling back the plain property name specified. If false, only the augmented property name is searched.
prefixToken String {{ *Camel 2.9* The token to indicate the beginning of a property token.
suffixToken String }} *Camel 2.9* The token to indicate the end of a property token.
Resolving property from Java code
You can use the method resolvePropertyPlaceholders on the CamelContext to resolve a property from any Java code.

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