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Chapter 89. Pax-Logging

PaxLogging component

Available in Camel 2.6
The paxlogging component can be used in an OSGi environment to receive PaxLogging events and process them.


Maven users need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml

where $\{camel-version\} must be replaced by the actual version of Camel (2.6.0 or higher).

URI format


where appender is the name of the pax appender that need to be configured in the PaxLogging service configuration.

URI options

Name Default value Description

Message headers

Name Type Message Description

Message body

The in message body will be set to the received PaxLoggingEvent.

Example usage

    <from uri="paxlogging:camel"/>
    <to uri="stream:out"/>

log4j.rootLogger=INFO, out, osgi:VmLogAppender, osgi:camel