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Chapter 71. List

List Component

deprecated: is renamed to the Browse component in Apache Camel 2.0
The List component provides a simple BrowsableEndpoint which can be useful for testing, visualisation tools or debugging. The exchanges sent to the endpoint are all available to be browsed.

URI format

Where someName can be any string to uniquely identify the endpoint.


In the route below we have the list component to be able to browse the Exchanges that is passed through:
Then we will be able to inspect the received exchanges from java code:
    private CamelContext context;

    public void inspectRecievedOrders() {
        BrowsableEndpoint browse = context.getEndpoint("list:orderReceived", BrowsableEndpoint.class);
        List<Exchange> exchanges = browse.getExchanges();
        // then we can inspect the list of received exchanges from Java
        for (Exchange exchange : exchanges) {
            String payload = exchange.getIn().getBody();
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