Chapter 2. JBoss EAP 8.0 Beta Certification Status

2.1. JBoss EAP 8.0 Beta and Jakarta EE 10

JBoss EAP 8.0 Beta is a major milestone on the way to the planned full support for Jakarta EE 10 in JBoss EAP 8.0 GA. JBoss EAP 8.0 Beta provides implementations of the Jakarta EE 10 APIs. Compared to Jakarta EE 8, that is supported by JBoss EAP 7.4, Jakarta EE 10 comes with many changes to Jakarta EE. For more information, see how to migrate your JBoss EAP applications from Jakarta EE 8 to Jakarta EE 10.

2.2. Package Namespace Change

The packages used for all EE APIs have changed from javax to jakarta. This follows the move of Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation and the establishment of Jakarta EE.


This change does not affect javax packages that are part of Java SE.

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