Providing feedback on Red Hat documentation

We appreciate your feedback on our documentation. To provide feedback, you can highlight the text in a document and add comments. Follow the steps in the procedure to learn about submitting feedback on Red Hat documentation.


  • Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  • In the Red Hat Customer Portal, view the document in Multi-page HTML format.


  1. Click Feedback to see existing reader comments.


    The feedback feature is enabled only in the Multi-page HTML format.

  2. Highlight the section of the document where you want to provide feedback.
  3. In the prompt menu that displays near the text you selected, click Add Feedback.

    A text box opens in the feedback section on the right side of the page.

  4. Enter your feedback in the text box and click Submit.

    You have created a documentation issue.

  5. To view the issue, click the issue tracker link in the feedback view.