Chapter 2. Tools for migrating from JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x servers to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 servers

You can choose one of the following tools to upgrade and migrate your JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x product to the JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 product:

  • Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA)
  • JBoss Server Migration Tool

2.1. Use the JBoss Server Migration Tool to migrate your server configurations

Use the JBoss Server Migration Tool when updating your server configuration to include the new features and settings of JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0. You can keep your existing JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x server configuration, provided that JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 supports the configurations.

The JBoss Server Migration Tool reads your existing JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x server configuration files and adds any new required subsystems to these files. The tool also updates existing subsystem configurations with new features, and removes any obsolete subsystem configurations.

You can use the JBoss Server Migration Tool to migrate standalone servers and servers in a managed domain for your JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 configuration.

JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 includes the JBoss Server Migration Tool, so you do not need to download a file and install the tool. Issue the jboss-server-migration script, which is located in the EAP_HOME/bin directory, to start the tool.

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2.2. Use the Migration Toolkit for Applications to analyze applications for migration

The Migration Toolkit for Applications (MTA) includes extensible and customizable rule-based tools that simplify migration of Jakarta applications. You can use the toolkit to analyze an application’s APIs, technologies, and architectures. The toolkit provides reports for the application you plan to migrate from JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0.

You can use MTA to analyze standard JBoss EAP applications and bootable JAR applications.

The MTA reports output the following information:

  • Detailed explanations of all required migration changes.
  • Whether the change is mandatory or optional.
  • Whether the change is complex or simple.
  • Links to code that requires a migration update.
  • Hints and links to information for helping you complete the required migration changes.
  • An estimate of the level of effort for each migration issue found and the total estimated effort to migrate the application .

You can also use MTA to analyze the code and architecture of your JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x applications before you migrate them to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0. The MTA rule set for migrating applications from JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 reports on XML descriptors, specific application code, and parameters, that you need to replace with alternative configurations when migrating to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0.

Additional resources

  • For information about the bootable JAR, see About the bootable JAR in the Using MicroProfile with JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 guide.
  • For more information about the Migration Toolkit for Applications to analyze your JBoss EAP XP 2.0.x applications, see About Migration Toolkit for Applications in the Migration Toolkit for Applications Getting Started Guide.
  • For more information about using Migration Toolkit for Applications with the management CLI, see Run the CLI in the Migration Toolkit for Applications CLI Guide.
  • For more information about using Migration Toolkit for Applications with the management console, see Using the Web Console to Analyze Applications in the Migration Toolkit for Applications Web Console Guide.

2.3. Upgrades from JBoss EAP 7.3 and earlier

JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0 is only supported on JBoss EAP 7.4.

If you operate servers on JBoss EAP 7.3 or earlier and want to use JBoss EAP XP, upgrade the servers to JBoss EAP 7.4. Complete any necessary migration before attempting to install JBoss EAP XP.

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2.4. MicroProfile application migration

MicroProfile 4.0 is based on the Jakarta EE 8 platform. Although Jakarta EE 8 is API backward compatible with Java EE 8, Jakarta EE 8 dependencies replace Java EE 8 dependencies for all MicroProfile specifications.

MicroProfile 4.0 includes updates to all the major MicroProfile specifications.

The following specifications include API incompatible changes for MicroProfile 4.0:

  • MicroProfile Config
  • MicroProfile Fault Tolerance
  • MicroProfile Health
  • MicroProfile Metrics
  • MicroProfile OpenAPI

You must update your applications that use these specifications to the latest Jakarta EE 8 specifications.

You can update your applications to MicroProfile 4.0 by choosing one of the following methods:

  • Adding the MicroProfile 4.0 dependency to your project’s pom.xml file.
  • Using the JBoss EAP XP BOMs to import supported artifacts to the JBoss EAP XP dependency management of your project’s pom.xml file.

Additional resources

  • For more information about MicroProfile 4.0 and options for updating your applications to use MicroProfile 4.0, see MicroProfile 4.0 on GitHub.

2.5. Bootable JAR application migration

Before you migrate a JBoss EAP XP 2.0.0 bootable JAR application to JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0, you might need to update your JBoss EAP XP bootable JAR Maven plug-in configuration.

For JBoss EAP XP 3.0.0, the extraServerContentDirs configuration element replaces the extraServerContent configuration element. This element naming replacement aligns with the pre-existing extra-server-content-dirs element.

If you used the extraServerContent element in your JBoss EAP Maven plug-in configuration, you must replace this element with the extraServerContentDirs element. If you used the extra-server-content-dirs element then you do not need to make any configuration changes.

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