Chapter 1. Introduction

JBoss EAP 7 can be used with the Microsoft Azure platform, as long as you use it within the specific supported configurations for running JBoss EAP in Azure. If you are configuring a clustered JBoss EAP environment, you must apply the specific configurations necessary to use JBoss EAP clustering features in Azure.

This guide details the supported configurations of using JBoss EAP in Microsoft Azure, as well as the specific JBoss EAP configuration required to enable JBoss EAP clustering in Azure. All other JBoss EAP features not mentioned in this guide operate normally in Azure as with any other JBoss EAP installation. See the other JBoss EAP documentation for non-Azure-specific configuration instructions.

1.1. About Red Hat Cloud Access

Red Hat Cloud Access is a Red Hat subscription feature that provides support for JBoss EAP on Red Hat certified cloud infrastructure providers, such as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure. Red Hat Cloud Access allows you to move your subscriptions between traditional servers and public cloud-based resources in a simple and cost-effective manner.

You can find more information about Red Hat Cloud Access on the Customer Portal.