Chapter 2. Before You Begin

2.1. Upgrade Your Current Source Server Installation

Before you migrate your current source server configuration, be sure to apply the most recent patches and updates that are available for that version of the JBoss EAP software. For information about how to upgrade your server configuration, see the Patching and Upgrading Guide for JBoss EAP.

2.2. Run With a Clean Target Server Installation

Because the JBoss Server Migration Tool creates the configuration files based on the configuration of a previous release, it is intended to be run on a clean and unconfigured target server installation. The JBoss Server Migration Tool creates a backup of the target server’s configuration files by appending .beforeMigration to the file names. It then creates totally new configuration files for the target server using the source server’s configuration files, and migrates the configuration to run in target server configuration.


When you run the JBoss Server Migration Tool, all changes on the target server made between installation and running the migrate tool are lost.

Also, be aware that if you run the tool against the target server directory more than once, the subsequent runs will overwrite the original target configuration files that were backed up on the first run of the tool. This is because each run of the tool backs up the configuration files by appending .beforeMigration, resulting in the loss of any existing backed up configuration files.

2.3. Customize the Migration

The JBoss Server Migration Tool provides the ability to configure logging, reporting, and the execution of migration tasks. By default, when you run the JBoss Server Migration Tool in non-interactive mode, it migrates the entire server configuration. You can configure the JBoss Server Migration Tool to customize logging and reporting output. You can also configure it to skip any part of the configuration that you do not want to migrate.

For instructions on how to configure properties to control the migration process, see Configuring the JBoss Server Migration Tool.