Chapter 6. Troubleshooting

6.1. About Troubleshooting Amazon EC2

EC2 provides an Alarm Status for each instance, indicating severe instance malfunction but the absence of such an alarm is no guarantee that the instance has started correctly and services are running properly. It is possible to use Amazon CloudWatch with its custom metric functionality to monitor instance services' health but use of an enterprise management solution is recommended.

6.2. Diagnostic Information

In case of a problem being detected by the JBoss Operations Network, Amazon CloudWatch or manual inspection, common sources of diagnostic information are:

  • /var/log also contains all the logs collected from machine startup, JBoss EAP, httpd and most other services.

JBoss EAP log files can be found in /opt/rh/eap7/root/usr/share/wildfly/.

Access to these files is only available using an SSH session.

See Getting Started with Amazon EC2 Linux Instances for more information about how to configure and establish an SSH session with an Amazon EC2 instance.