Chapter 7. Known Issues

See Known Issues for JBoss EAP 7.2 GA to view the list of known issues for this release.

Additionally, be aware of the following:

  • If you try to start an embedded server from a management CLI instance that was started using the jboss-cli-client.jar file on JDK 11, you will get an error: WFLYEMB0014: Cannot load module. To avoid this error, you must add --add-modules when starting the management CLI:

    $ java --add-modules -jar jboss-cli-client.jar
  • By default, JBoss EAP allows duplicate XA resources to return XAER_PROTO for duplicate xa_end calls, as opposed to the expected JTA 1.2 behavior of allowing each resource to perform an xa_end call. This is because JBoss EAP ships with Artemis, which does not currently support the JTA 1.2 behavior for duplicate xa_end calls, as described in JBEAP-12671. You can enable this strict behavior for JBoss EAP to be fully JTA 1.2 compliant by passing in the flag -DJTAEnvironmentBean.strictJTA12DuplicateXAENDPROTOErr=true. However, this will result in errors when using Artemis, and transactions that include duplicate Artemis resources will not be able to commit.
  • If a client application directly depends on Artemis client JARs, for example, artemis-jms-client, artemis-commons, artemis-core-client, or artemis-selector, then you must add a dependency in your pom.xml file for wildfly-client-properties:


    This is to avoid a JMSRuntimeException when calling message.getJMSReplyTo() from an older JBoss EAP 7 client as described in JBEAP-15889.

  • If you install the JBoss EAP 7.2 RPM packages on RHEL 7 and it only includes the default RHEL JDK 11 package, due to the dependencies currently defined in the packages, the RPM will also install JDK 1.8. This will result in JDK 1.8 being set as the default JDK. For this reason, you must use alternatives to configure the system to use JDK 11.

    alternatives --config java

    Enter the number that corresponds to JDK 11.

  • Prior to JBoss EAP 7.2, services defined in global modules were accessible from external dependencies, even if they were not configured to be exposed externally. In JBoss EAP 7.2, this behavior was corrected. Since JBoss EAP 7.2, if you want to make a service in a global module available externally, you must correctly configure them. Services that are not explicitly configured are not exposed. For details about how to configure a service to be exposed externally, see Define Global Modules in the Configuration Guide for JBoss EAP.

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