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Appendix A. Reference Material

A.1. Example wildfly-config.xml

The wildlfly-config.xml file is one way for clients to use Elytron Client, which allows clients to use security information when making connections to JBoss EAP. For more details on using Elytron Client, see Configure Client Authentication with Elytron Client.

Example: custom-config.xml

  <authentication-client xmlns="urn:elytron:1.0.1">
      <rule use-configuration="monitor">
        <match-host name="" />
      <rule use-configuration="administrator">
        <match-host name="localhost" />
      <configuration name="monitor">
        <sasl-mechanism-selector selector="DIGEST-MD5" />
          <use-service-loader />
        <set-user-name name="monitor" />
          <clear-password password="password1!" />
        <set-mechanism-realm name="ManagementRealm" />

      <configuration name="administrator">
        <sasl-mechanism-selector selector="DIGEST-MD5" />
          <use-service-loader />
        <set-user-name name="administrator" />
          <clear-password password="password1!" />
        <set-mechanism-realm name="ManagementRealm" />


    <!-- This decides which SSL context configuration to use -->
      <rule use-ssl-context="mycorp-client">
        <match-host name=""/>
      <default-ssl-context name="mycorp-context"/>
      <ssl-context name="mycorp-context">
        <key-store-ssl-certificate key-store-name="store1" alias="mycorp-client-certificate"/>
        <!-- This is an OpenSSL-style cipher suite selection string; this example is the expanded form of DEFAULT to illustrate the format -->
        <cipher-suite selector="ALL:!EXPORT:!LOW:!aNULL:!eNULL:!SSLv2"/>
        <protocol names="TLSv1.2"/>

For more information about how to configure clients using the wildfly-config.xml file, see Client Configuration Using the wildfly-config.xml File in the Development Guide for JBoss EAP.

A.2. Reference for Single Sign-on Attributes

An SSO authentication mechanism configuration.

This is the reference for the setting=single-sign-on resource of the application-security-domain in the undertow subsystem.

A.2.1. Single Sign-on

Table A.1. single-sign-on Attributes



The cookie domain to be used.


The cookie path.


For setting cookie’s httpOnly attribute.


For setting cookie’s secure attribute.


The name of the cookie.


The reference to keystore containing a private key entry.


The alias of the private key entry used for signing and verifying back-channel logout connection.


The credential reference to decrypt the private key entry.

credential-reference has the following attributes:

  • store : The name of the credential store holding the alias to credential.
  • alias : The alias which denotes stored secret or credential in the store.
  • type : The type of credential this reference is denoting.
  • clear-text : The secret specified using clear text. Checks the credential store way of supplying credential or secrets to services.


The reference to the SSL context used to secure back-channel logout connection.

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