Chapter 8. Known Issues

See Known Issues for JBoss EAP 7.1.0 to view the list of known issues for this release.

Additionally, be aware of the following:

  • The jboss-jaxrpc-api_1.1_spec package lists an incorrect license in the JBoss EAP licenses.xml file. The correct license information is CDDL or GPLv2 with the Classpath Exception.
  • There are some discrepancies in the artifact licenses between the RPM and the ZIP installation. The license information from the ZIP installation is valid, except for the jboss-jaxrpc-api_1.1_spec package license information mentioned in the previous bullet.
  • There is an issue when attempting to use a credential store of type PKCS12 with the IBM JDK or HP JDK. The workaround is to use a JCEKS credential store. For more information, see JBEAP-13586.
  • The following JIRAs are caused by JDK bugs and fixing them is out of scope for JBoss EAP:

    • JBEAP-8207: Elytron, IBM java, SPNEGO continuation required situation
    • JBEAP-10483: HTTP2 via JSSE and wildfly ALPN hack ssl engine is broken on Solaris 11

      JBoss EAP works around this issue by disabling the OracleUcrypto provider in the default JBoss EAP configuration. However, this might cause issues on a Solaris 10 platform with HTTP over TLS. If you encounter issues, either enable the OracleUcrypto provider or update your Solaris 10 machine with the 150401-52 patch or newer.

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